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Not Playing With Lex and Dan

Lex Friedman keyboard_arrow_right


A podcast where two guys fill the gaps in their pop-culture knowledge by watching classic movies that they haven't seen before.


31:16 | Aug 13th

Do we want your life? That’s what second-string high school quarterback Dan Moren is trying to figure out with the help of his buddy, offensive linebacker Lex Friedman in 1999’s Varsity Blues. Hot top...Show More

22:04 | Jul 30th

It’s play by the rules, lose by the rules as straight arrow coach Lex Friedman tries to teach mid-thirties freshman quarterback Dan Moren while they watch 1991’s Necessary Roughness. Hot topics includ...Show More
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29:58 | Jul 16th

They say anything can happen, and that’s what strident coach Lex Friedman tries to drill into brash young quarterback Dan Moren as they watch the 1999 film Any Given Sunday. Hot topics include making ...Show More

24:54 | Jul 2nd

They said he was too small to ever make it, but Dan Moren gets encouragement from kindly old janitor Lex Friedman as they sit down to watch 1993’s Rudy. Hot topics include why Rudy would make a good s...Show More

25:29 | Jun 18th

Get your mojo on with tough but fair coach Lex Friedman as he encourages serious quarterback Dan Moren to watch the 2004 film Friday Night Lights, but not the following TV show of the same name. Hot t...Show More
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