The Psychology In Seattle Podcast

The Psychology In Seattle Podcast

A podcast about psychology and psychotherapy that tackles tough topics while still retaining a sense of humor.

1:44:52 | Nov 20th

Can a human fall in love with the Eiffel Tower or the Berlin Wall? Is it a mental disorder? Dr. Kirk Honda and Humberto talk about this rare phenomenon in which people have long-term romantic and sexual feelings for objects. Also, was Hustlers (2019)...Show More

2:13:57 | Nov 18th

What’s the evidence that Michael Jackson is innocent? Dr. Kirk Honda and Humberto review the evidence on both sides and decide for themselves: is Michael Jackson innocent or guilty? Also, why do people get so upset about this debate?Become a patron o...Show More
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05:38 | Nov 17th

Why do people self-harm and cut? How do they stop? How can we help? Dr. Kirk Honda does a deep dive on non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI).Become a patron of our podcast by going to https://psychologyinse...Show More

1:46:33 | Nov 15th

What is the psychology of the characters on the TV show Fleabag (Amazon)? Dr. Kirk Honda analyzes one of his favorite shows. Why does she self-sabotage? What’s up with her sexuality?Become a patron of our podcast by going to More

1:19:26 | Nov 13th

Has civilization ruined our lives? Should we be living as hunter-gatherers? Is it against our evolution to have houses and cellphones? Dr. Kirk Honda talks with Dr. Christopher Ryan (author of Sex at Dawn) who answers these questions in his new book,...Show More
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