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Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk


​Presented by ​Andrew Mueller, Monocle 24’s flagship global-affairs show features​ expert guests ​and in-depth analysis of the big issues of the week. Winner in the ‘best current affairs’ category of the 2018 British Podcast awards.


06:33 | May 6th

Earlier this week, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro survived a coup attempt, which appears to have been organised by a former US Green Beret (who has also worked as a bouncer for Donald Trump). And...Show More

30:00 | Feb 23rd, 2019

As Brexit draws nearer, British politics is facing another shake-up. This week, several members of both the Conservative and Labour parties left the government and opposition benches to form a new Ind...Show More
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This was an interesting discussion on the viability of “centrism” and the Independents group in the UK as a response to populism.

Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

07:03 | May 20th

Afghanistan’s president Ashraf Ghani and his rival Abdullah Abdullah have signed a power-sharing deal that ends months of political uncertainty. Andrew Mueller wonders if this really will bring the ki...Show More

30:00 | May 16th

How do you hold elections during a pandemic? What impact does it have on voters? And what effect might it have on the result? Andrew Mueller is joined by Lukasz Lipiński, Ryan Williams and Victoria Ki...Show More

06:34 | May 13th

After Chinese and Indian troops stage a cross-border fistfight (and not for the first time), Andrew Mueller explains how the dispute began and asks whether this is likely to escalate further, or if it...Show More
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