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Travel the world with Flight Attendant Betty!!! This is a airline and travel podcast with funny stories from the airplane and around the world!! I actually have a book coming out...if go to my website you can find out more abo...Show More

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160 African Dream

48:24 | Dec 7th, 2018

This month's show features stories from my recent trip to Namibia. We hear about scorpions, flat tires, dinosaurs, big breasted women, donkey water and how I almost killed Herman.

159 Smock on Smock off

38:26 | Nov 7th, 2018

This show has funny airline stories about chickens, crabs, germs, buns and capes.

158 Rockstar Sloth

35:26 | Oct 8th, 2018

This show features stories from my recent trip to Ecuador, we hear stories about bobbys, a fattybelt, panties, frogs, sloths, turtles, fires and honks.

157 Apple Wings

33:14 | Sep 7th, 2018

Hello, this show has funny stories about wings, pilot hats, hell, turtles, big gals, and missing bras.

156 Airport Security

34:28 | Aug 7th, 2018

This month's podcast of funny airline stories are about a crazy guy in his undies, a fire, ice cream, swinging, a suction cup turtle, camels and monkey balls.

155 Snorts are Genuine

37:50 | Jul 7th, 2018

Hello, this show features stories about snorts, wigs, poop, a lock out, Eskimos and bank robbers. You know, just a normal day on the airplane.

154 Traveling Fool

44:38 | Jun 7th, 2018

This episode of funny tales from the sky about accordions, Kotex, preists, naked gals, one armed men, jets and Lederhosen.

153 Chicken in the Sky

35:20 | May 7th, 2018

This show has stories about boobs, baby Jesus, cats, donkeys, porno music, poop and bloopers.

152 I Stink

36:13 | Apr 7th, 2018

My show is full of funny airline and travel stories, this episode has stories about a turtle, a lost bear,a mad dog, bad smells, a dead guy and a dirty butt.

151 A Spew and a Smile

36:45 | Mar 7th, 2018

Concentrating on the funny side of air travel, this show has stories about an emergency, kisses, not one but two wieners out, puke and underpants.

150 Did Your Octopus Work?

34:20 | Feb 8th, 2018

Interesting stories from the airplane about an octopus, tarmac gambling, rocks, flight attendant grunts, boats, poop and a crevasse. The music for the episode was recorded in a subway station in Madrid Spain.

149 Black Out

40:48 | Jan 7th, 2018

This show has stories about a Russian, a cute French guy, a sports hero, a non drunk black out, a caped crusader, Ambian and the toothless.

148 Jungle Gal

38:01 | Dec 7th, 2017

This show has a lot of Laos stories along with pursers, scorpions, monks, hookers, bugs, blown slides and jungle gals.

147 British Men Running

38:21 | Nov 7th, 2017

This show features stories about Uganda, Laos sex, Marry Poppins, Air Marshals, brass knuckles, front bums, and sending British men running.

146 Gorilla Glow

54:22 | Oct 7th, 2017

I just go back from an outstanding trip to Uganda so we have lots of stories about gorillas, hippos, snake bites, hanky panky (on the airplane) poop, sticks and an update on a fan favorite.

145 BItsy

38:08 | Sep 7th, 2017

145 Bitsy If all goes well, and i don't hit any glitches I will be tracking gorillas in Uganda when this podcast comes out. I'm super excited! This show has stories about urine, crew juice, lubrication, ghosts, devils and bombs.

144 Hey, Cut That Out

39:04 | Aug 7th, 2017

Hi, this show has stories about night caps, jail birds, drunk priests and a few buck naked clips. Access your Windows Applications as you go with a virtual desktop from of the best Providers of DaaS Services You can also re...Show More

143 Special Powers

40:40 | Jul 7th, 2017

This show features stories about airplane farts, peanuts, customs, tar and butts.  It also includes a great story from a wonderful flight attendant that I have wanted to meet for ages. Check out my new book Tar (The Tar Collection Book 1) Contact... ...Show More

142 The Eye of the Polar Bear

38:36 | Jun 7th, 2017

This show features stories about overdosed doctors, pilot kings, blonde bombshells and polar bears.  Hows that for diversity? Contact... Music "Fly" by the Good Sirs Check out my new book "Tar" (The Tar Collection Book 1) This...Show More

141 Cheddar Boy

34:44 | May 7th, 2017

Episode 141 Hi there, this month we have stories about overhead bins, oxygen masks, buses, parties, balls, nuts and wipers. Check out my new book "Tar" (The Tar Collection Book 1) Contact... Check out these links Sean Morey F...Show More

140 Kangaroo Pilot

36:06 | Apr 7th, 2017

I recently flew with a flight attendant who had the best stories I've heard in a long time.  We hear about kangaroos, over head bins, uniforms, naps, princes and toothbrushes. Check out my new book "Tar" (The Tar Collection Book 1) Contact...  flywit...Show More

139 The Vomiteer

36:27 | Mar 7th, 2017

This show has stories about gators, big balls, hairy people, food cars, red wine showers and a vomit queen. Check out my new book "Tar" (The Tar Collection Book 1) Contact... Music... "Flying" by The Catch

138 Ship High In Transit

39:54 | Feb 6th, 2017

This show has stories from my recent trip to Grenada, along with tales about spiders, humpbacks, head injuries and butlers. Check out my new book "Tar" (The Tar Collection Book 1) Contact... Music: "Froken" by Fridrik Dor and ...Show More

137 She's All Soapy

35:25 | Jan 7th, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!  This show features stories about a hot pepper, an airplane crash, a fairy god mother and a great love. Contact... Music for the show is "Airplane" by the Side Street Blues

136 Ice Ice Baby!

46:00 | Dec 7th, 2016

Episode 136 This is a longer than normal show because I had so many stories to tell you about my recent trip to Iceland.  We also have stories about old flight attendants, blue juice, kosher meals and the family jewels.  Ice Ice Baby! Contact...   fl...Show More

135 The Tubes of Terror

36:14 | Nov 7th, 2016

Show 135 Hello everyone!  In this show we have stories about pee, poop and plums.  A crazy guy and an impressive man.  Quacks and geese.  Dicks and ducks, and at the end of the show we hear about the Tubes of Terror. Contact... More

134 A Tale of Three Betty"s

36:46 | Oct 7th, 2016

Episode 134 In this show we have stories about three different Betty's along with butts, babies, bras and avocados. Contact... Great article: Pan Am Baby Lift Music "Betty" by the Lascivious Biddies Good story:  Gifts From Our...Show More

133 Travel Sick Pills

38:06 | Sep 8th, 2016

Episode 133 This show has stories about falling bubbles, beef sauce, a giant misunderstanding, balls, assholes and rain hats.  Maybe I should have called the episode assholes and rain hats. Contact... Check out Air New Zealan...Show More

132 Really Bad Day

31:41 | Aug 5th, 2016

Episode 132 I hope everyone is enjoying the summer season.  In this show we hear stories about bad behavior, some smelly passengers, kids on planes, zombies and chainsaws. Contact... The music for this show is a talented stre...Show More

131 Bioluminescence and Hot Sauce

34:49 | Jul 7th, 2016

Episode 131 Hello, this show features stories from my recent trip to Puerto Rico, my run in with the cops, flirtatious passengers, bioluminescence and hot sauce. Contact... The music for the show was recorded in a restaurant ...Show More

130 Miss London Airport

34:34 | Jun 7th, 2016

In this show we have stories about relish, panties, beach boys, seeing eye dogs and a very touching military story. Contact.... Music "Fly" by The Good Sirs Cute Miss London Airport video

129 Kennywoods Open

37:22 | May 8th, 2016

Episode 129 This show has a few stories about getting caught with your pants down, an Air Marshal story and a pilot talking about landing on an aircraft carrier. Contact... Music "Flying" by The Catch Check out the cute cartoo...Show More

128 Yellow Horses

36:22 | Apr 7th, 2016

Episode 128 This show has stories about yellow horses, an airplane fire, stinky dogs, a man hole and the Pips!  Contact... Check out this video from the musical Kinky Boots

127 Driver in a Ditch

35:47 | Mar 7th, 2016

Episode 127 has some really funny stories about medical emergencies, some bad driving, crew pranks, wildlife on the airplane and some funky farts. Contact: The music for this episode is from a group of street performers in ...Show More

126 Ding Dong

34:28 | Feb 6th, 2016

Hi there, this show has stories about two cats, a couple of ding dongs, a disguise, Easter Island, Rarotonga and a bag-o-puke! The music for this show is from a group of street performers in Rome and the picture for the episode is of them. Contact....Show More

125 Plane People

34:07 | Jan 7th, 2016

This episode is sort of rough around the edges.  I had my digital recorder stolen in Madrid and didn't want to be late getting the episode posted, so about five minutes is recorded on my Cell phone which is not the best quality... but it will have to...Show More

124 The Eye of the Coconut

38:09 | Dec 6th, 2015

Kia Orana! This show is full of stories from my recent trip to Rarotonga and Aitutaki along with lots of tales from the airplane.  We hear about two in flight emergencies, guard roosters, lots of crabs and some skinny dumpster diving flight attendan...Show More

123 I'm Late Because I Had To...

33:44 | Nov 5th, 2015

Episode 123 This show features stories abut strange peeing habits on the airplane, parents behaving badly, a famous passenger and bruised private parts! Contact... Music is "Airplane" by The Sid Street Blues Illustration by...Show More

122 Deflateface

36:04 | Oct 8th, 2015

This show features a personal story from my recent trip, a pesky lougie, naked flight attendants in crew rest, some body odor and some fox talk.   Contact...

121 High Talkers

33:48 | Sep 9th, 2015

This show has stories about a six year old busines man, high talkers, ghosts, pesky overhead bins, a hero and some sezy farm animals. Contact.... Music is "Flying" by The Catch

120 Singing to a Frog

37:37 | Aug 6th, 2015

This show has funny stories about bunnies, frogs, Jersey Shore guys on the airplane, some hotel ghosts and more importantly... what to do when you have to fart while working on the beverage cart! Contact... Music "Fly" by Th...Show More

119 Thieves Don't Read

34:37 | Jul 7th, 2015

This show features stories about naked people on the plane, three thieve stories along with some buns, boobs and hooks! Contact... Music "Everything Good" by Twintwelve Check out these excellent podcasts... You Made it Wei...Show More

118 Click, Click, Click

36:31 | Jun 7th, 2015

In this 118th show we have stories about what to do when passengers annoy you, private body parts on show on the airplane, a story from my recent trip to Panama, lightening in the cabin... and a naughty pilot. Contact... The...Show More

117 Car Sick Rooster

36:34 | May 8th, 2015

This episode features stories from my fantastic trip to Panama.  We hear about crabs, frogs, roosters, pearls and puffer fish... along with the some airplane stories.   Contact...

116 No Cooking For You!

35:38 | Apr 7th, 2015

Lots of good stories in this show about running from the cops on a layover, holy water, maxi pads, fainting, life vests and an ambien fueled anxiety dream sleep walker on the airplane! Contact... Music from the fabulous Lasc...Show More

115 Schlong Story Short

35:22 | Mar 6th, 2015

This show has three stories about a certain body part along with two Doogie stories, some lost pantyhose and some crazy things people have done to get themselves fired. Contact... The music for this show was recorded in Mainz...Show More

114 Ebola Betty

35:04 | Feb 8th, 2015

This show has stories about ebola, nut jobs, a game of duck duck goose, emotional support animals, pilots taking charge and a naked passenger. Contact.... I recorded the music for this episode on the street in Munich Germany...Show More

113 You Say Albeano I Say Albino

38:30 | Jan 4th, 2015

In this show we have stories about bras in strange places, things in the toilet that... don't belong in the toilet, famous flight attendants, a baby tree, bad taxi drivers and an albino! Contact... Music "Airplane" by the Si...Show More

112 Ghosts at my Doorstep

43:13 | Dec 5th, 2014

I'm just back from a big trip to Sulawesi Indonesia so this show is chalk full of stories from Sulawesi.  We have stories about swallows, a poopy pen, a tarsier high, mohawk macques, ghosts, Tau Tau and smoke at the airport! Contact... flywithbetty@...Show More

111 Butt to Butt or Crotch to Crotch?

36:39 | Nov 7th, 2014

This show features stories about a screaming pilot, air marshals, two passengers taking matters into their own hands and the burning question of ...butt to butt or crotch to crotch? The photo is of a Tarsier that I hope to see on safari in Sulawesi ...Show More

110 Slippery Little Suckers

35:21 | Oct 8th, 2014

It's time for a new show and this month we have stories about airline hoarders, some slop in the aisle, a smart ass and some sick soup! Contact... There's a quick clip from my new favorite podcast You Made it Weird with Pete...Show More

109 Old Lady Parts

32:08 | Sep 6th, 2014

Episode 109 This show features four old lady stories, a love is in the air story and two crazy Russians! Contact... The music for this episode is "Fly Betty Fly" by Jay Dover.  You can find more about him at More

108 Sit On It!

34:28 | Aug 6th, 2014

This show has lots of farting on the airplane stories!  We also have a fast healing passenger, mood blankets, a creative use for airplane coffee... and a love story! Contact... Link to the Sit On It - Nick at Nite Happy Days...Show More

107 Where are the Air Marshals?

34:58 | Jul 6th, 2014

In this show we have stories about air marshal nurses, surfing, Fokkers, loons and butterscotch! Contact Music by Simple Plane Jet Lag Natasha Bedingfield

106 Betty the Stewardess Doll

40:02 | Jun 6th, 2014

Episode 106 This podcast has a story about a snake on the plane, something crazy falling down the toilet and an Italy story along with so much more! Contact... Music "Everything Good" by Twintwelve If you would like to hear...Show More

105 The Path of the Gods

35:46 | May 8th, 2014

This show has stories about turtles, screamers, cow planes and a a story about hiking the Path of the Gods in Positano Italy. Contact... The music for this show was recorded in a resturant in Positano called Mediterraneo in P...Show More

104 Slinging Snot

31:53 | Apr 8th, 2014

In This show has an ambian zombie story, a deported diva, a food fight on the airplane and at the end of the episode we hear my favorite story I've heard in a long time. Contact... Music "Flying" by The Catch

103 Above the Gargoyles

35:12 | Mar 7th, 2014

In this show we hear stories about breast feeding, stray wee wees, wagon trains, ghosts and gargoyles. The music was recorded in an old church in Tubingen Germany Contact... There is a clip of Louis CK on Conan that is reall...Show More

102 On A Lark

37:17 | Feb 7th, 2014

Episode 102 In this show I tell you all about my Mud Larking experience in London.  We hear about my quick trip to Belize along with stories about airplane slides, chicken poop, kitty litter, big old drunks, hell & hot sauce.  Contact... flywithbetty...Show More

101 Pot Stocks

38:33 | Jan 7th, 2014

Episode 101 We start off the new year with some funny stories from Pan Am.  We've got stories about turkieys, pot stocks and some racy airline stories. The music for the show is from a publicity stunt a few years back where a flash mob sang and dance...Show More

100th Show!

1:01:26 | Dec 7th, 2013

Episode 100 This is a 100th show extravaganza.  We have some highlights from the past 100 shows mashed up with all new stories making it an extra long show.  I tell you all about my recent trip to Greece.  I sit down with a wonderful guy named Mikey ...Show More

99 High In The Sky

34:16 | Nov 7th, 2013

Episode 99 In this show we have quite a few stories involving drugged up passengers.  We used to have to deal with angry and crazy passengers now you add sedatives and booze to the mix and these folks are out of conrol!  In addition to the  ambian zo...Show More

98 Whats in Your Baggie?

37:36 | Oct 7th, 2013

98th Episode I'm exciited about this show becuase I flew with some really interesting and funny people this month.  We have stories about pilots in makeup, a fighter pilot story, a tomato juice soaked crotch and a slinky. There is a great story by Da...Show More

97 "Once" Upon a Time in London

34:57 | Sep 8th, 2013

Episode 97 This show is full of stories about life vests, items left on the airplane, wet rag captains and soap on your feet! Contact... Music "Flying" by The Catch

96 Bender

33:58 | Aug 7th, 2013

Episode 96 This show has stories showcasing wet rags, customs trash, funny pilots. snakes, a bender, belching, and nine old ladies straight out of old lady central casting. Music is from a London Tube street performer. Contact... flywithbetty@gmail.c...Show More

95 Does Stevie Cook?

34:07 | Jul 8th, 2013

Episode 95 features some stories from my recent trip to Hawaii along with hemoroids, strange overhead bins, an up(chuck) do, London Foxes, airplane elevators and hotel hijinks. Contact... Music is from a Hawaiian  u-tube video ...Show More

94 That Was Easy

34:40 | Jun 7th, 2013

94th Show On this show we have stories about dog bowls, penquins, twister, broken carts and an interview with a pilot who is building his own..... fun is that?! Contact... Music...  "Airplane" by Sidestreet Blues

93 There Will Be Blood

32:51 | May 7th, 2013

Episode 93 This show has fun stories about penguins, shorts, drunken monkeys, honking, snakes and tug boats.  The lively music is from a local band at a beach bar called Shiggidy Shack on St Kitts.  Contact...

92 Two Puffs

35:40 | Apr 3rd, 2013

Episode 92 I know it sounds like a joke... "a fighter pilot an astronaut and a dwarf walk into a bar..."  but this show actually features stories about a fighter pilot an astronaut and a dwarf!  The mushic is from three street preformers in Brussels ...Show More

91 We Move Our Tail For You

31:27 | Mar 8th, 2013

91st Show In this show we have two dramatic emergency landings along with a bunch of light hearted stories. Contact... The music for the show is from vintage airline commercials from this Huffington Post piece... Vintage AIrlin...Show More

90 Get Out of my Drawers

33:16 | Feb 7th, 2013

90th Show In this show we have three airline X file stories, a few f bomb stories and all kinds of funny airline stuff.  Wow I can't believe i"ve recorded 90 shows! Contact... Music "Flying" by the Catch

89 Kacki Galore

31:51 | Jan 6th, 2013

Episode 89 This show features stories about bleach, horneymen, call signs, ferrets, graveyards and a 1,000 bill!  Contact: Music is a blast from the past Everything Good by Twintwelve Clip from Mark from Liverpool (he's great...Show More

88 Maki Maki Maki

51:27 | Dec 6th, 2012

Episode 88 I just got back from Madagascar so we have lots of funny stories from there along with the usuual airline story suspects. Contact... The music is a local band from Madagascar called Tsiverilaza, the song is called Ma...Show More

87 I Seen it All

37:25 | Nov 6th, 2012

Episode 87 This show has a lot of fun stories including castles, motown, naked folks on the airplane and Madagascar! The music for the show was sent to me by a listener named Lenore.  It's vintage airline commercials that are posted on Huffington Pos...Show More

86 Airport Shepherd

33:05 | Oct 8th, 2012

Episode 86 This show has all kinds of stories involving sick pilots, hatches, Bette Davis, mice and of course airport shepherds. Contact... Music was recorded on the street and in the metro in Paris. Listener Mark from Liverpo...Show More

85 You People

37:40 | Sep 7th, 2012

Episode 85 I just got back from Tortuguero Costa Rica where I got to see turtles laying their eggs on the beach and a baby turtle being born... nature is in all it's glory!  So we have some turtle stories along with the normal airline stories and som...Show More

84 Bug Paraphernalia

33:24 | Aug 6th, 2012

Episode 84 In this show we have stories from Africa, Paris, exploding engines, lightbulbs and stranger's underwear! I'm excited about my new theme song that Rich Banks recorded for me! Contact...

83rd Show Sympathy Barfer

26:23 | Jul 5th, 2012

Episode 83 In this show we hear about dogs on the airplane, bras, puke, India, Venice and alligators! Contact.... Music by a pretty young girl with a horn on Grafton Street in Ireland. Ellen video about flight attendants The ph...Show More

82nd Show Rockstar Jellyfish

33:29 | Jun 6th, 2012

Episode 82 On a recent trip to Palau I got to see the amazing Rockstar Jellyfish.  There is this lake full of millions of non stinging golden glowing pulsating see them is like looking at another should be one of the natural...Show More

81st Show Lovelocks

29:28 | May 8th, 2012

81st Episode I just got back from Palau in the South Pacific, so we have a few stories there, along with an emotional military flying story and we hear about the worldwide lovelock phenomenon.  Also pantyhose, fried Lat, Bangledesh and license plates...Show More

80th Show

30:06 | Apr 6th, 2012

Who would have ever thought I would record 80 shows?  In this episode we have two stories from Jackson Mississippi, a few from Paris and a dramatic emergency landing story!   Throw in some puke, condoms and a bomb and what have you got...a really goo...Show More

79th Show What the Pup?

26:37 | Mar 9th, 2012

Episode 79 In this episode we hear a great story about animals along with some wayward passengers and some nutjobs on the airplae! Contact... Music is from utube The Beach Boys "Airplane Song" 1969

78th Show Kootyville and Germberg

31:41 | Feb 5th, 2012

Episode 78 This show has some racy stories on the airplane, some wierdos, a dirty diaper and a drunk?! Contact... Music is from a funny airline commercial for Pacific Blue Here is a link to the Dean Martin clip My favorite pod...Show More

77th Show The Jet Set (Fixed Version)

38:39 | Jan 7th, 2012

Episode 77 I love hearing all the glamourous stories from the Pan Am Days.   So in this episode we have lots of them along with some passengers behaving badly and some crew rest situations.  What ever happened to the "jetset" or "jetsetters" anyway? ...Show More

76th Show

29:50 | Dec 7th, 2011

Episode 76 In this show we hear stories about pilots, puke and pigs?! Contact... Please support the show by clicking on my book link if you are going to buy something on Amazon ------> Music for this episode is on utube "Jet La...Show More

75th Show I Love it!

27:29 | Nov 2nd, 2011

In this show I interview a new flight attendant who actually loves the smell of the airplane, a touching air traffic controler story and a fantastic inflight concert. Contact... CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE MAT KEARNEY VIDEO CLICK ...Show More

74th Show An Embarrassment of Riches

35:57 | Oct 4th, 2011

Episode 74 In this show we have a lot of embarrassing stories, humiliating stories along with some really possitive ones.  We have puke, dolphins and batshit, good press and really really bad press. Contact... Amazon link -----...Show More

73rd Show, Another Day Another Tray

30:40 | Aug 25th, 2011

Episode 73 This epispde had stories from Dubai, Lagos Nigeria, the crazy things that flight attendant's carry in their suitcases and movie stars behaving badly on the plane! Contact... Link to Amazon  -------------------------...Show More

72nd Show (London's Calling)

31:56 | Jul 12th, 2011

In this show we have funny stories about crabs, kabobs, butt lifts, kayaks, dumpsters and of course some airline humor!  The music for the show was recorded on a 48 hour London layover. Contact...

71st Show

27:57 | Jun 21st, 2011

This show features the Cell phone police, airplane bathroom humor, uniform mishaps and a wayward crab?! Contact... Store... Music is from a funny video called "Airport Slowdown" at... More

Episode 70

29:09 | Apr 17th, 2011

Reporting from 34,000 feet we hear stories about tourettes, announcements gone wrong and some bowel and wheelchair mishaps! Contact... Store... Music by The Catch  "Flying" Check out a podcast I like ... The Ad...Show More

69 I'm Back!

34:02 | Feb 12th, 2011

Episode 69 I've been busy moving from one coast to another, and I was so swamped that I have missed a few months in the podcast world...but I'm back! One good thing about taking a break is that I have wealth of stories to work with!  In this "come ba...Show More

68 Survival

23:10 | Oct 20th, 2010

Episode 68 Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive.  We have some crazy things that have happened on the airplane like a captain falling off a catering truck and a get this...a drive by crapping!  And at the end of the episode we have...Show More

67 Buh-Bye!

29:52 | Sep 11th, 2010

Episode 67 I know it's old news now but I had to do a few Steven Slater stories beacuse it's just so funny!  We have a crashing story and some airplane lavatory mishaps plus a really funny medical emergency.  I don't say "funny medical emergency" ver...Show More

66 Jesus and the Bandits

28:32 | Aug 6th, 2010

Episode 66 Did you guys hear about the flight attendant that was recently arrested for stealing from sleeping business class passengers?  They are calling her the mile high bandit!  We hear about some other misbehaving crew members like crashing part...Show More

65 Profiling

24:47 | Jun 18th, 2010

Episode 65Now, I know the subject of racial profiling is controversial.  Some people think we should never do it, others think we are crazy not to profile.  At the end of the episode we have a whole segment on the subject.  And since profiling deals ...Show More

64 Celebrities, Donkeys and an Italian

28:09 | May 16th, 2010

Episode 64 I just got back from Bonaire so we have a misbehaving donkey story, lots of celebrities on the airplane and one fast moving Italian.  Since we are talking about famous folks, Arthur Frommer actually does the lead fun is that? Th...Show More

63 When Pigs Fly

30:26 | Apr 14th, 2010

Episode 63 I actually have two stories about pigs flying!  Along with the pigs we have bats and People Express stories.  Plus two stories that relate to the current news item where the ladies tried to board an airplane with a dead guy wearing sungla...Show More

61 Firsts

29:30 | Mar 13th, 2010

Episode 61 After a certain age your "firsts" start to dwindle.  This episode is chalk full of firsts, a instructor and student pilot first, my first tsunami delay, a passenger grabbing a flight attendant around the neck and a pilot's creative use of...Show More

60 Express Yourself

31:51 | Feb 12th, 2010

Episode 60 This episode features crazy stories for airline like People Express and Pacific East Airlines.  These airlines are no longer in business and we hear why.  Along with the wacky old airline stories we hear about people expressing themselve...Show More

59 It's Just Wrong

31:28 | Jan 15th, 2010

Episode 59 The stories in this episode involve the KKK, people peeing in the aisles, crew members almost landing in jail  and a kid stealing an airplane.  Now these things are just wrong...but sometimes wrong can be entertaining?!   Contact... fly...Show More

58 The Classy Passenger Awards

26:33 | Dec 23rd, 2009

Episode 58 Happy Holidays podcast world!  This show has a lot of stories of passengers exhibiting classy behavior along with some Flight Attendants behaving badly.  There is even a story of how you could behave badly with the contents of the surviva...Show More

57 Pets & Peeves

29:37 | Oct 15th, 2009

Episode 57 I'm Back!  Sorry but I got distracted with my fella who lives in another country! This episode has alot of short stories about animals like an alligator and a whale along with stories about things that bother Flight Attendants and Pilots...Show More

56 McGyverAir

26:29 | Aug 16th, 2009

Episode 56 Do you guys remember the TV Show from the 80's called McGyver?  It was about a guy that could make anything out of the most obscure items.  Well on the airplane sometimes we have to solve a problem with the limited items we have onboard. ...Show More

55 Love and War

25:31 | Jul 2nd, 2009

Episode 55 I am very late in posting this podcast.  Many people have e-mailed me to see if I am okay.  Well I am more than okay.  I met a man on my trip to Belize and I have been traveling back and forth to Belize to see him?! So it seems fitting t...Show More

People Say the Darndest Things?!

27:18 | May 2nd, 2009

Episode 54 I've been flying a long time and I always think I've heard all the crazy things people could say...but they still surprise me! So in this episode we hear about people saying and doing some wacky things. At the end of the episode a Pilot...Show More


27:28 | Mar 25th, 2009

Episode 53 Nobody likes a poser!  This show is all about posing.  We hear about posers and placedroppers.  And there is a few stories of Flight Crew "posing" as passengers as they commute to and from work. And at the end of the episode I tell a sto...Show More


34:01 | Feb 18th, 2009

Episode 52 This episode highlights some airline phenomenon like the "plane knocking" or "plane kissing"  people do as they enter the aircraft.  Along with some other strange phenomenon like why actors are so afraid to fly or why most people are soo...Show More

51 Conga (air)Line

23:45 | Jan 13th, 2009

Episode 51 At the end of this episode we hear a story about a Somali Conga Line.  Now those are just words you never put together...Somali Conga Line?! You have to be really silly or have a few drinks to join a Conga Line so the rest of the show is...Show More

50 Traveling Fool

24:54 | Dec 2nd, 2008

Episode 50 In September I went to Egypt and in November I traveled to Ecuador!  I have literally been a traveling fool! This episode is about pilots, flight attendants and tourists being foolish! A guide from the Galapagos talks about the silly qu...Show More

49 Back from Egypt

21:48 | Oct 21st, 2008

Episode 49 I've been getting some emails asking why it's taken me so long to post a new podcast....well it's because I was busy wandering around Egypt.  This show has some tales from Egypt along with some really funny airline stories from fellow Fl...Show More

48 Blood Sweat Puke and Tears!

26:07 | Sep 10th, 2008

Episode 48 There is a price for everything in life, what you don't pay for in money you can pay for in blood, sweat,  puke and tears! I recently had a young man faint and land head first on the galley floor...there was blood everywhere.  I started ...Show More

47 Traveling Without a Pen

27:03 | Aug 11th, 2008

Episode 47 One of the things that bugs the Flight Attendants most about passengers is that they travel without a pen.  It's basically just being unprepared. I was unprepared this month because my digital recorder broke!  So I wasn't traveling witho...Show More

46 Stewpid is as Stewpid Does

24:12 | Jul 7th, 2008

Episode 46 Remember the days when Stewardesses were dressed in fabulous uniforms and people dressed up for the event of going on an airplane? I miss the Stewardess title along with the inflight meals and printed timetables.  Basically I miss the go...Show More

45 A Priest a Archaeologist and an Appalachian!

28:46 | Jun 4th, 2008

Episode 45 A Priest, a Archaeologist and a Appalachian go into a sounds like a joke doesn't it?  Well its actually the people I have  managed to offend the most while doing this podcast. I really try not to offend people but sometimes fun...Show More

44 Strange Bedfellows

29:27 | May 2nd, 2008

Episode 44 Last week I was on the BBC world service it was such an absurd lead went something like this...A woman in the Congo was raped and forced to kill her own baby and then we hear from Betty who doesn't want to let mobile phones be use...Show More

43 Hair-raiser

30:26 | Apr 5th, 2008

Episode 43 An easy day at work is non-eventful, but those days when crazy things happen... while more stressful...make for much better stories! In this show we hear about swearing, puking, panties falling off, a burning smell on the airplane, yelli...Show More

42 Betty the Serious Slayer

25:52 | Mar 5th, 2008

Episode 42 So...I know what your thinking...Betty the Serious Slayer?  Well I was a big fan of the tv show...and Betty and Buffy are both kinda silly names.  For many years Airline employees were beaten down, sad and grumpy.  But lately things are...Show More

41 Why Fly

25:22 | Feb 4th, 2008

Episode 41 This pilot told me a funny story about why this ditsy Flight Attendant decided to fly and it was so funny that I started to ask other Flight Attendants and pilots why they decided to fly.  And sure enough I found alot of funny stories! L...Show More

40 Coffee Tea or Me?

25:25 | Jan 6th, 2008

Episode 40 Surprise surprise...this episode features funny airline stories involving coffee, tea and alittle romance! People always ask me about the mile high we have one of those stories along with some jolting coffee tales and a few fli...Show More

39 Ah Nuts!

25:42 | Dec 7th, 2007

Episode 39 For some strange reason people associate air travel with peanuts...people want their peanuts on the airplane! So this show has some funny stories about peanuts along with a bunch of nuts (crazy nutty people)! At the end of the episode I...Show More

38 Welcome Aboard!

21:13 | Nov 3rd, 2007

Episode 38 I would like to welcome you aboard episode 38 which is full of outrageous stories in the timeline of a typical flight.  We've got a sexy safety demonstration,  puke in the first class desserts and tp in the pantyhose!  So sit back rel...Show More

Airline Life is Wild

29:03 | Oct 8th, 2007

Episode 37 It's sort of an understatement to say that Airline Life is Wild as you'll see in this wild episode of Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! We have wild life stories starring leopards, gorillas, turtles and snakes.  Along with just "plane" w...Show More

Dingbats Take Flight!

21:46 | Sep 5th, 2007

Episode 36 This episode could be called Blondes Take Flight... but being a blonde I wanted a non hair color specific term to describe a moment where your alittle slow on the uptake. So this show features some outrageous stories involving lost unifo...Show More

35 Oh My Stars!

24:54 | Aug 2nd, 2007

Episode 35 Ladies and Gentlemen we would like to welcome you aboard Celebrity Express!  Hold on to your armrests as we navigate through some turbulent and funny star stories. At the end of the episode I'll tell you about the most impressive passeng...Show More

34 Airline X-files

25:52 | Jun 28th, 2007

Episode 34 In this show we hear about ghosts, angels and unexplained events on the airplane and on layovers.  It's basically Airline paranormal if you will...I'm not saying I believe in ghosts or angels...I'm just saying that you never know.  What...Show More

33 Airline Antics!

26:47 | May 29th, 2007

Episode 33 This show is jam packed full with hijinks and pranks on the airplane, from the silly to the sublime!  Lets get the party started!  Music by  Airplane by Sidestreet Blues A special thanks to  for send...Show More

32 It's a Zoo Up Here!

25:59 | May 4th, 2007

Episode 32 Who knew there are so many Airline stories starring our furry friends! In this show we hear about racoons, gorillas, dogs, monkeys, cows, birds and ferrets all flyings the friendly skys!  Hang on for a "wild" ride! Music by www.podsafem...Show More

31 Galley Talk

21:15 | Apr 10th, 2007

Episode 31 I'm just back from Tobago and something I miss when I have a break from work is the Galley Talk!  This show has alot of funny stories from the galley! We hear about the lower galley, famous people in the galley and at the end of the epis...Show More

30 Power Struggle

19:24 | Mar 10th, 2007

Episode 30 Like every work environment there are power struggles in the airline industry.  You have stand offs between the Flight Attendants and passengers, the Captains and First Officers and Flight Attendants with each other.  Now on paper that pr...Show More

Betty on NPR!

0:00 | Mar 10th, 2007

Guess who was on the Diane Rehm show last week?  I was on National Public exciting! The topic was "Femininity in Flight"  a new book by Kathleen Barry.  I was on for the full second hour of the show.  Below is a link if anyone wants to l...Show More

29 The Naked Truth

20:39 | Feb 9th, 2007

Episode 29 I record all types of stories and then I try to find a theme for an episode.  Strangely enough a common thread seemed to be stories with people in various stages of undress? So among the underwear and naked stories we hear my own most em...Show More

28 Roger That

19:43 | Jan 21st, 2007

Episode 28 Roger...or Roger what a Pilot says all day long.  It indicates that a message has been recieved. the message always understood?  Are we always on the same page?   Words can mean different things to different people wh...Show More

27 All in a Days Work

25:38 | Jan 6th, 2007

Episode 27 I'm sure each and every one of you have funny things happen when you are at work, but Flight Attendants and Pilots average day just seems to have more of them. We hear about the Flight Attendants having to open the door...inflight!  Plus...Show More

26...Big Metal Tube

27:57 | Dec 14th, 2006

Episode 26 An airplane is a "big metal tube" with hundreds of people crammed inside speeding through the sky.  Is it any wonder that now and again a passenger goes slightly crazy? We hear of passengers spitting, fighting and generally causing havoc...Show More

25 Lightning & Bombshells!

30:25 | Nov 22nd, 2006

Episode 25 This show starts off with a bombshell story and ends with a personal bombshell announcement.  The middle is chock full of dramatic and funny lightning stories. The photo is a greeting card made by a fellow Flight Attendant...if your int...Show More

Crews Behaving Badly 2

24:42 | Oct 26th, 2006

Episode 24 This episode is chock full of short stories of flight crews acting rather miscievous!  We have Flight Attendants pulling pranks on Pilots, a prisoner making a run for it, a mistaken rocket some simply zany behavior! The ph...Show More

Contrails and Hound Dogs!

32:03 | Sep 28th, 2006

Episode 23 What do contrails, hound dogs, frettless monsters, bjillionaires, low cut dresses and lisping pregnant women have in common? They are all featured in this potluck episode of Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! And the last story...all I c...Show More

Wonderfully Diverse

24:09 | Sep 2nd, 2006

Episode 22 If you've ever seen the TV show "Lost" you've seen the model perfect gorgeous passengers of TV's parallel universe. But in reality people on the aircraft are alot more diverse than that...which is actually rather wonderful. This episode...Show More

The Bellringers

25:46 | Aug 7th, 2006

Episode 21 What is a Bellringer you ask?  A Bellringer is a type of airline passenger who rings and rings the flight attendant call bell... and can't associate the the action of pushing the button and the resulting ding! We hear about alot of bellr...Show More

Off the Beaten Runway!

20:44 | Jul 11th, 2006

Episode 20! This show has great stories about crewmembers and passengers who are shall we say "colorful" or "interesting"!  At the end of the episode we actually have an ax wielding Captain! Contact... Music by www.garageba...Show More

The Witch and the Famous

30:17 | Jun 22nd, 2006

Episode 19 This show has one witch story and then it is nonstop celebrity stories.  Starring Arnold Palmer, Elvis, Russell Crowe, Little Richard, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Travolta, Andre the Giant and Robert Redford. And at the end of the episode we ...Show More

Watch Your Back!

22:24 | Jun 4th, 2006

Episode 18 Flight Attendants and Pilots spend alot of time in hotel rooms and this episode brings us stories of hotel burglars...strange things lost and found in hotel rooms...and a couple naked hotel room incidents. When your traveling... it's al...Show More

Kids on a Plane!

20:12 | May 4th, 2006

Episode 17 This episode features funny stories of kids on the plane.  The title is in reference to the upcoming movie that is getting great press..."Snakes on a Plane".  And actually one of the stories has kids and snakes on a plane! CLICK HERE TO ...Show More

It's the Bomb!

32:44 | Apr 13th, 2006

Episode 16 In this episode we hear scary stories.  Some are funny scary and others are truely scary like the captain having a heart attack inflight.  And the last's the bomb! Music by  "Bombs Away" by Toke Squal...Show More

Can't we all just get along?

24:24 | Mar 26th, 2006

Episode 15In this episode we hear funny stories about generalizations about all types of different people.. and ask...can't we all just get along? Music by "Everything Good" performed by Twintwelve (I really like their music!)

It's in the Air 2

25:35 | Feb 26th, 2006

Episode 14 This episode brings us stories from the air...we have some swearing in the air, a cat and a mouse in the air, some pilot competition and a truely embarassing moment in the air. At the end of the episode we hear the second part of the fig...Show More

It's in the Air

26:17 | Feb 12th, 2006

Episode 13 Because of the amount of time Flight Attendants and Pilots spend in flying...alot happens in the air! In this episode we about... love in the air, being lost in the air, and needing a doctor in the air. Then at the end of the episode we...Show More

People are Strange!

27:36 | Jan 17th, 2006

Episode 12 People are strange, alittle odd and crazy! We hear about some strange passengers, an odd pilot and then I tell one of my favorite travel stories. You will probably think I'm crazy after you hear this story of a camel trek in the Sahara ...Show More

Recent Media Attention...

0:00 | Jan 6th, 2006

I'm thrilled with the number of people who are listening to my little show that I produce from my apartment. I have't done anything to promote it, and the word of mouth just continues to spread! Would you believe I am even getting some media attent...Show More


27:41 | Dec 29th, 2005

Serendipity Episode 11 This episode brings us stories about moments in life that are not easily explained. We hear about a possible UFO sighting and some fateful moments on the aircraft. At the end of the episode I tell you about my date wit...Show More

Birthday Suit

21:02 | Dec 11th, 2005

Episode 10 Birthday Suit! In this episode we hear about a pilot in his birthday suit, a few passengers in the buff and a flying santa suit. At the end of the episode I share a few touching listener e-mails.CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE IN iTUNES! HA...Show More

Crews Behaving Badly!

16:16 | Nov 21st, 2005

Episode 9, Crews Behaving Badly! In this episode we hear witty responses to problem passengers along with Pilot and Flight Attendant pranks and an update on my trip to Kuwait. Music by Betty 5 0 by Automatics

Lost in Translation

13:15 | Nov 6th, 2005

Episode 8 Lost in Translation Funny stories about communication issues from the cockpit, the tower and in the cabin! At the end of the episode I'll have some exciting news! Music by Pod Safe Music Network "Crack the Sky" by Joe Campbell


25:38 | Oct 24th, 2005

Episide 7 "Security" This episode is about all types of security. We hear about some Canadian Mounted Police, a prisoner needing escorts, and delve into security post 9-11. At the end of the episode we hear an elequent statement from a retired...Show More

Airplane Safari

26:12 | Oct 17th, 2005

Episode 6..."Airplane Safari" Funny stories of animals in the cabin, celebs with their animals and my favorite animal from my african safari!! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE IN iTUNES! Music from "She" performed by Round 2

Top Guns & Blonde Moments!

25:01 | Oct 3rd, 2005

Episode 5. This eposode has fighter pilot stories mixed in with blonde moments. And at the end of the episode I tell one of my blonde moments where I jumped off a moving train in Morocco! Be sure to check out Fly With Me at th...Show More

Full Circle!!

18:52 | Sep 27th, 2005

Full Circle!! Episode 4 This episode has some very funny stories that are ever so slightly off color or politically incorrect. We hear about some bodily functions, some ethnic stereotypes, and then a story at the end that brings everything ...Show More

How's the water?

18:47 | Sep 21st, 2005

Episode 3 How's the water? In this episode we travel to Maui to hear about a pesky shark and an angry turtle. We also venture to Kenya, Israel, and then off to Egypt to hear about an amazing dolphin encounter! Music from the TV show Firefly that wil...Show More

Disaster Light!

27:28 | Sep 10th, 2005

Episode 2 DISASTER LIGHT! My own story of being smack dab in the middle of a natural disaster! Along with an explosion and 2, yes 2, wacky highjacker stories! Music by Garage Band...Hijacker by The Daybreakers and Paper Airplane by Some...Show More

Monkeys and Tigers and Ghosts..Oh My!!!

25:24 | Aug 31st, 2005

My first episode..."Monkeys and Tigers and Ghosts...oh my!!" In this episode we hear about some troublesome monkeys in Bali, some bugs and bats in Belize , a dead guy in first class, and then back to India for tigers and ghosts! Music by Garage...Show More