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Welcome to psychology for the rest of us. Host Dr. Ellen Hendriksen takes the science of psychology and makes it both entertaining and relatable. Using a sympathetic ear and evidence-based research, she explains the ‘why’ behind emotions like joy, an...Show More
249 - Why Some People Never Apologize

10:21 | Jun 27th

Do you hate apologies that are mostly just defensive arguing? I’m sorry you feel that way. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen explains why so many people are resistant to apologizing and offers 5 ways to give a heartfelt (and effectiv...Show More
090 SP How to Stop Caring What Other People Think

10:15 | Feb 2nd, 2018

They say you stay up too late and got nothing in your brain? It’s normal to care what important people in your life think of you. But if caring too much makes you stressed or you live your life by others’ expectations, it may be time to push back. ...Show More
217 - How to Deal with Entitled People in 4 Steps

12:24 | Oct 12th, 2018

From a child who needs a bribe to make it through an errand to the colleague who expects you to rescue him from his poor planning, entitled individuals are more demanding than The Rock’s workout schedule. Sometimes entitlement sparks national convers...Show More
171 - 6 Signs You Were Raised by a Narcissist

10:28 | Sep 29th, 2017

Narcissists are like the sun—they make everyone orbit around them. But what happens when someone pathologically vain and egotistical also happens to be your mom or dad? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen unpacks 6 signs you were raise...Show More
170 - How to Handle a Toxic Family Member

10:24 | Sep 22nd, 2017

Toxic co-worker? Steer clear. Toxic friend? Time for a breakup. But what if the toxic person in question is perched firmly in your family tree? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 5 ways to put a little (or a lot) of space betwe...Show More
254 - Why Negative Emotions Aren’t All Bad

16:25 | Aug 9th

Wouldn’t it be nice if our brains let us be happy and calm all the time? The science of emotions tells us that negative emotions like fear, anger, and sadness are actually healthy and useful. Read the full transcript at health-fitness/mental-health/...Show More
253 - How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

14:46 | Aug 2nd

Do you really need eight hours of sleep each night to thrive? Savvy Psychologist Dr. Jade Wu breaks down the eight-hour sleep rule and offers three ways to find the best sleep for you. Read the full transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/health...Show More
252 - The Best-Kept Psychological Secrets

26:22 | Jul 25th

Ta-da! At long last, meet your new Savvy Psychologist, Dr. Jade Wu, and say farewell to your founding host, Dr. Ellen Hendriksen. This week, the two hosts exchange thoughts on the biggest challenges and best-kept secrets in psychology today (and thro...Show More
251 - Savvy Psychologist’s Top 5 Psychological Takeaways

11:33 | Jul 19th

Dun-dun-dun-DUN! After 5 years, 250 episodes, 14 million downloads, one book, and lots of corny jokes, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen presents her top 5 takeaways from researching, writing, and hosting the show. Read the full transcript at ...Show More
108 SP Can Love Actually Last?

10:38 | Jul 11th

Can love last? Or does love inevitably settle in, hang around in a stained t-shirt, and get a little too comfortable? Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen looks at the many permutations of love, including everlasting love, which, it turns out, doe...Show More
250 - Special Episode 250: The Science Behind the Wisdom of the Ages

13:15 | Jul 5th

Ta-da! It’s episode 250! In celebration, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers a deep dive into the science behind three of our most common truisms. Also, be sure to listen to the end for an important announcement! Read the full transcript ...Show More
114 SP How to Conquer Your Fear of Driving

11:42 | Jun 20th

It’s summer! Time for beach trips and mountain escapes, most of which involve the great open road. But for many of us, heading out on the highway feels like an ordeal, not an escape. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen covers fear of d...Show More
248 - How to Quit Opioids: A Conversation with Podcast Host Eric Zimmer

29:50 | Jun 14th

Dr. Ellen Hendriksen dives into the history of the opioid abuse epidemic and asks former addict turned podcast host and behavior coach Eric Zimmer for his most vital advice on addiction recovery. Read the full transcript at https://quickanddirtytips...Show More
126 SP How to Give Up: 7 Tips to Challenge the Sunk Cost Fallacy

09:40 | Jun 6th

Perseverance, especially in the face of adversity, is praised so highly and so often that sometimes we forget there’s another option. This week, by request from listener Sari in Melbourne, Australia, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen reminds us...Show More
247 - 5 Ways to Challenge Your Perfectionism

11:49 | May 31st

A little perfectionism can get you a long way, but too much holds you back like a 300-pound bouncer trying to break up a bar fight. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen covers 5 ways to challenge the mindset of perfectionism. Read the ...Show More
246 - How to Stop Worrying

13:01 | May 24th

Worrying doesn't prevent things from happening, it just means you suffer twice if they do. Here are three strategies to help you stop worrying. Read the full transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/mental-health/stop-worrying Ch...Show More
244 - 5 Unofficial Types of Depression

12:55 | May 10th

Depression is like a salad. Just like dishes as varied as tuna nicoise, egg salad, and molded Jell-O studded with canned fruit cocktail are all legit salads, the hundreds of possible symptom profiles of depression are all legit depression. This week,...Show More
243 - How to Fight Toxic Masculinity

12:37 | May 3rd

The code of toxic masculinity requires that men are dominant over everyone else, have no needs, show no emotion, and are always #winning. It’s an impossible order that stifles and hurts everyone. The Savvy Psychologist offers 4 ways to chip away at t...Show More
242 - 5 Psychological Secrets of Adulting

14:14 | Apr 26th

Whether your graduation is coming up this spring or twenty years behind you, we all have moments when we wonder if we’re cut out for this adulthood thing. This week, based on the questions of many college seniors over many graduations, Savvy Psycholo...Show More
103 SP How to Say No (Without Feeling Guilty)

10:55 | Apr 19th

It’s one of the smallest, shortest words in the English language, but one of the hardest to say. This week, Savvy Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen offers 7 ways to say no (and maybe not even feel guilty!) Read the full transcript here: http://bit.ly/1TM...Show More
241 - What Your Therapist Really Thinks: A Conversation With Lori Gottlieb

22:05 | Apr 12th

Ever wondered what your therapist really thinks? Curious to know if your therapist likes you? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen and bestselling author Lori Gottlieb pull back the curtain on both sides of the couch. Read the full tra...Show More
240 - The Mindset of Eating Disorders

12:11 | Apr 4th

Eating disorders can be a mystery to outsiders. It's difficult to empathize with throwing up, starving, or bingeing until it hurts. But there's a reason for every eating disorder. The Savvy Psychologist reveals 4 psychological drivers behind anorexia...Show More
239 - Failure to Launch Syndrome

16:42 | Mar 29th

Call it failure to launch, Peter Pan syndrome, or hikikomori, it’s the phenomenon of adult children not making the transition to adulthood. The Savvy Psychologist, Dr. Ellen Hendriksen, explores why Peter Pans stay on the launchpad—plus, 3 ways to en...Show More
238 - How to Fix Dissatisfaction at Work: A Conversation with Adam Grant

27:22 | Mar 22nd

Disgruntlement isn’t limited to postal workers. We’ve all felt disillusioned or dissatisfied at work at one time or another. Luckily, there are ways to fix it (besides fantasizing about quitting in a blaze of glory). This week, the Savvy Psychologist...Show More
141 SP 5 Ways Money May Be Costing Your Humanity

12:05 | Mar 15th

With the widest wealth gap on record between America’s wealthiest families and, well, everyone else, economic inequality is making headlines. History teaches us that concentrated wealth isn’t good for nations, but emerging science is teaching us it’s...Show More
237- 5 Reasons to Talk About Trauma

11:43 | Mar 8th

Trauma, once thought to be a rare occurrence, is actually quite common. And something else is becoming common: people are talking about it. From feeling less alone to getting support to making meaning, talking about trauma can help you make sense of ...Show More
236 - 5 Surprising Causes of Burnout

10:11 | Feb 26th

Are you stuck in a job so demoralizing or stressful, you look at Sisyphus and think, “That doesn’t look so bad.” The Savvy Psychologist explains 5 surprising causes of burnout (aka, why you want to quit in a blaze of glory). Read the full transcript ...Show More
235 - How to Know If You've Met The One

11:14 | Feb 22nd

Do birds suddenly appear every time your beloved is near? Do stars fall from the sky every time they walk by? The Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen, shares 6 ways to know if you’ve met the love of your life. Read the full transcript at https://...Show More
234 - Getting the Love You Want: Interview with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

16:41 | Feb 15th

The the Savvy Psychologist talks to Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, authors of the classic bestseller for couples, 'Getting the Love You Want,' now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Read the full transcript at https://www.quickanddirtyt...Show More
233 - Awe: The Most Incredible Emotion and Its Spectacular Effects

14:19 | Feb 8th

What do the Aurora Borealis, the view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower, and Roger Bannister’s sub-four-minute mile have in common? They elicit a feeling of "awe." This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen explores 4 grand effects of this uniqu...Show More
232 - What to Do When Nothing Feels Good

11:53 | Feb 1st

Imagine feeling blah, but on steroids. Or unmotivated, but supersized. Feeling like nothing is enjoyable (and that nothing matters anyway) is a serious symptom called anhedonia. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers two science-ba...Show More
231 - 7 Strategies to Maximize a Break Without Losing Focus

11:52 | Jan 25th

Too many of us try to power through the day in the name of productivity. We skip lunch but then burn out by 3:00pm. Or we reward a productive stretch with a “quick break” that morphs into a two-hour social media sinkhole. The Savvy Psychologist Dr. E...Show More
230 - How to Disclose a Mental Health Issue

12:52 | Jan 18th

Mental health and illness is largely invisible. But whether or not to disclose your struggles puts a huge decision on your shoulders. Should you tell your best friend? Your date? Your impatient boss? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen...Show More
229 - 7 Secrets to a Long-Lasting Relationship

13:30 | Jan 11th

Whether you’re just starting a committed relationship or you’ve got 50 years under your belt, whether your song is "Thinking Out Loud" or "Love Me Tender," whether your next anniversary is paper or diamond, we all need to tend to our relationships. T...Show More
228 - How to Be Happy When the World Makes You Depressed

09:33 | Jan 4th

Hold on to your handbasket! Every day, the headlines push our buttons of alarm, despair, and fury all at once. What’s a thinking, feeling human to do, besides invest in a Hunger Games-style bow and arrow? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendr...Show More
175 - 7 Beliefs of Emotionally Healthy People

14:35 | Dec 28th, 2018

What does it take to be healthy? Exercise, sleep, and perhaps not letting hours per week playing World of Warcraft stretch into the triple digits--we know those. But what about the beliefs we hold? How does our outlook on life, the world, and the fut...Show More
227 - 5 Facts About 'Hangxiety,' or Hangover-Induced Anxiety

11:22 | Dec 21st, 2018

Hangovers are bad enough. Mustering the willpower to get a glass of water, let alone make an egg sandwich, can take multiple hours. But now there’s a new symptom in the news: hangxiety, which is exactly what it sounds like—feeling anxious while hungo...Show More
226 - Will Cosmetic Surgery Make Me Happier?

12:14 | Dec 14th, 2018

Individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery expect to look better or younger, of course, but they also want to feel different—happier or more confident. But does it work? Whether you think peels are just for bananas or you’ve been under the knife more t...Show More
225 - How to Deal With People Who Talk Too Much

14:51 | Dec 7th, 2018

Is your cubicle the unofficial office water cooler? Are you tempted to set up shop in the handicapped stall just to close a door and get some work done? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 5 tips for when Jeff from accounting st...Show More
224 - How to Stop Feeling Overly Responsible

12:28 | Nov 30th, 2018

Forward-thinking companies strive to be socially responsible. Beer commercials exhort us to drink responsibly. And every parent wants their kid to be more responsible. All in all, responsibility is a good thing, right? It is, until it’s not. What to ...Show More
223 - 6 Ways to Deal with Nosy Questions

10:54 | Nov 23rd, 2018

The holidays mean gathering around the table with friends and family. But along with the turkey, you’ll probably also get served a nosy question or two. Therefore, when grandma demands to know why you’re not married yet, cousin Fred asks how much mon...Show More
222 - Freaked About Climate Change? 7 Ways to Cope

13:54 | Nov 16th, 2018

With the release of the UN scientific panel’s report, climate change is looking less like an inconvenient truth and more like a inescapable crisis. Wildfires, superstorms, and typhoons are the first guests to arrive, with food insecurity and vanishin...Show More
221 - How to Have Great Sex in a Committed Relationship

32:13 | Nov 9th, 2018

Is your love language unintelligible? Is the spark in your committed relationship more like a dying ember? Sex advice abounds, but it’s either vague (“Stay curious,” “Grow together”) or just plain weird (“Eat ice cream in bed with the lights off,” “T...Show More
220 - 3 Tips to Starting a Conversation (and Defusing Awkwardness)

12:15 | Nov 2nd, 2018

It’s the eternal question: how to start a conversation in a way that’s not creepy (“You have such beautiful lips,”) an overshare (“Ugh, this thong is way too tight,”) or weird (“Do you like ham?”) This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen wa...Show More
219 - How to Overcome Feelings of Shame

22:21 | Oct 26th, 2018

What do challenges as diverse as addiction, perfectionism, narcissism, and masochism have in common? They’re driven by a family of emotions that share “a painful awareness of self,” otherwise known as shame. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen He...Show More
218 - 5 Signs You're Too Self-Critical

10:50 | Oct 19th, 2018

Are you harder on yourself than 40-grit sandpaper? Do you feel like you’re falling short, no matter how high you’ve climbed? Are you tough as nails on yourself, but soft as mashed potatoes with others? Welcome to the esteemed yet insecure club of the...Show More
153 SP 3 Toxic Thinking Habits That Feed Your Insecurity

12:44 | Oct 5th, 2018

What makes you feel insecure (besides trying on swimwear under fluorescent lighting?) Surprise! The culprit is your very own mind. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen reveals three toxic thinking habits that keep you feeling insecure, ...Show More
216 - Why 'Getting Away' in Nature Is Good for Your Mental Health

11:34 | Sep 28th, 2018

It’s intuitive that getting out in nature is rejuvenating, but why? What is it about going over the river and through the woods that helps us clear our heads? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen dives into why our minds love to go gree...Show More
215 - What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

15:20 | Sep 21st, 2018

Like forms of procrastination—binge-watching GLOW, shopping for dog raincoats online, or stalking your middle school friends on social media—procrastinators themselves come in many shapes and sizes. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen ...Show More
214 - Self-Improvement vs. Self-Compassion: Finding the Balance

08:28 | Sep 14th, 2018

When should you stick to your high standards? And when should you accept yourself as “enough”? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen tackles whether self-improvement and self-compassion can be two great tastes that taste great together, ...Show More
213 - Why Do Victims Go Back to Their Abusers?

12:42 | Sep 7th, 2018

Anyone who’s ever tried to help a friend in an abusive relationship has likely uttered the following two words: “Just leave.” But what seems so simple from the outside is much more complicated from the inside. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen ...Show More
212 - The 5 Biggest Myths of Mindfulness

09:11 | Aug 31st, 2018

Mindfulness is the biggest thing since indoor plumbing. But as the mindfulness movement rolls on, myths and misinformation have popped up, like sweets in your grocery cart when shopping with a toddler. Therefore, this week Savvy Psychologist Dr. Elle...Show More
083 SP How to Deal with Sarcastic People

10:06 | Aug 24th, 2018

Sarcastic people can be hilarious, but when their barbs are pointed at you, they can be annoying or even hurtful. Read the full transcript here: http://bit.ly/1gSwloB
211 - How to Talk to (and Even Live With) Your Political Opposite

26:27 | Aug 17th, 2018

Are your political views getting you unfriended on Facebook? Do you find yourself retreating to your particular bubble, even at the expense of relationships? Well, imagine being married to your political opposite. Now, imagine it actually working. To...Show More
210 - Should I Keep Pushing Myself or Rest? 4 Simple Solutions

10:16 | Aug 10th, 2018

It happens to everyone. You’re supposed to go out, work out, or otherwise be active, but your energy is lower than a three-watt bulb. Are you actually tired? Or just being lazy or avoidant? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 4 ...Show More
209 - Shake It Off: 7 Ways to Let Go of Guilt

11:11 | Aug 3rd, 2018

Sometimes guilt is appropriate: it links us to our moral compass and spurs us to right our wrongs. But too often, guilt crosses the line into inappropriate. It keeps us stuck, ruminating about the past, and, unchecked, can lead to depression. So what...Show More
208 - Does Revenge Work? Our Minds on Vengeance

11:39 | Jul 27th, 2018

Inequality, privilege, and injustice blare from the headlines. When faced with an unjust world, how do you cope? Do you dwell on unfairness? Or do you stay out of the fray? This week, by request from Melissa in San Francisco, Savvy Psychologist Dr. E...Show More
207 - 5 Ways to Handle Life's Disappointments

10:35 | Jul 20th, 2018

We all find our soulmate, are successful in our chosen field, fulfill our dreams, and live happily ever after, right? No so much. Occasionally life is a bed of roses, but often it’s a briar patch. What to do when life inevitably lets you down? Savvy ...Show More
206 - The Hidden Epidemic of Childhood Sexual Abuse of Boys

30:54 | Jul 13th, 2018

The #metoo movement has shed much-needed light on sexual assault and harassment. But sexual abuse of another kind remains hidden even today. In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in 6 men was sexually abused as a child, which means that in the...Show More
205 - Stop Comparing Yourself to Others with These 5 Tips

11:29 | Jul 6th, 2018

Comparing yourself to others inevitably leads you to feel bad about yourself. Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 5 ways to stop pining for that greener grass. Read the full transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/mental-health/stop-co...Show More
204 - How To Make Friends as an Adult

42:12 | Jun 29th, 2018

Almost everybody struggles with it. But no one talks about it. What is it? How to discreetly sniff your own armpits in public? How not to buy the free sample after you just ate three of them? Not quite; it’s the mysterious process of making friends a...Show More
203 - How to Embrace Awkwardness

22:53 | Jun 22nd, 2018

Usually, awkwardness gets thrown around as a personality trait,as in, "I hate parties because I'm so awkward." Or, "I have a hard time meeting new people because I'm awkward." But this week, This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen discover...Show More
034 SP 7 Myths About Suicide

11:03 | Jun 14th, 2018

The recent tragedy of Robin Williams's suicide—and the ensuing media storm—raised awareness of suicide as a mental health issue, but also generated a lot of misinformation. This week, the Savvy Psychologist cleans up after the headlines. Read the tra...Show More
128 SP Are Emotional Support Animals Necessary or Just Glorified Pets?

10:11 | Jun 8th, 2018

They may not be lions and tigers and bears, but they are dogs and cats and bunnies, not to mention all sorts of other critters. Who are they? Emotional Support Animals, and they’re becoming more and more common on planes, in college dorms, in restaur...Show More
202 - 4 Ways to Heal Your Broken Heart

10:59 | Jun 1st, 2018

Heartbreak hurts, plus it affects our judgment. Suddenly, driving by our ex’s house “just to see,” posting overwrought poetry on our blog, and a six-pack nightcap all seem like good ideas. Is there a quicker and healthier way to make it through the h...Show More
201 - 4 Myths About Extroversion We're Guilty of Believing

08:56 | May 25th, 2018

The introvert revolution has revolutionized how we view our personalities. But lifting up introverts has had unintentional side effects for extroverts, too often painting them as mouth-breathing party animals dancing on the bar. Is it true that extro...Show More
200 - The Science Behind 5 Classic Happiness Clichés

12:21 | May 18th, 2018

To celebrate our 200th episode, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen gives a much needed makeover to 5 pieces of classic happiness advice. Read the full transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/mental-health/the-science-behi...Show More
199 - Busting 3 Persistent Myths About Introverts

11:30 | May 11th, 2018

Some myths about introverts and extroverts stick around longer than gum on a city sidewalk: introverts are people-haters. Extroverts won’t shut up. Introverts are neurotic. Extroverts are shallow. Therefore, in this two-part series, Savvy Psychologis...Show More
198 - Why We Procrastinate and 5 Ways to Stop

12:32 | May 4th, 2018

“I should probably get back to work,” we say, as we scroll through our Facebook page from 2012 or plan our wedding while still single. We all procrastinate, even at times we know better. How to stop? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen...Show More
197 - How to Hold Back Tears (Plus Two Big Myths About Crying)

12:09 | Apr 27th, 2018

From a wet diaper to a skinned knee to a broken heart, our reasons for crying evolve as we grow. But as adults, sometimes the waterworks start for no apparent reason, or in an inconvenient place (during a work meeting, anyone?) This week, Savvy Psych...Show More
196 - How to Help a Loved One Suffering from Mental Illness

20:04 | Apr 20th, 2018

As a family member, encouraging a loved one to seek mental health treatment is one of the thinnest tightropes we can walk. The stakes are high, the subject is touchy, and years of stressful family dynamics inevitably come into play. What to do? This ...Show More
195 - 5 Ways to Forgive People (Even Those Who Don’t Apologize)

15:58 | Apr 13th, 2018

Studies show people who forgive have less depression, use less medicine, have more energy, and are more satisfied with life. All that sounds appealing, but forgiveness can be hard, especially when a transgressor doesn’t apologize. This week, Savvy Ps...Show More
136 Is Your Gut Making You Depressed or Anxious?

13:53 | Apr 6th, 2018

Turns out “gut feeling” is more than just a fancy name for intuition. Our small and large intestine, and the trillions of bacteria that call it home, are more important than ever imagined for influencing our mood, our anxiety, our choices, and even o...Show More
194 - 5 Graceful Ways to Stop Getting Defensive

13:52 | Mar 30th, 2018

What do a medieval fortress, a balled-up porcupine, and a lymphocyte have in common? They’re all pros at getting defensive. If your defensiveness gives a linebacker a run for his money, you’re in luck. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriks...Show More
193 - The Flip Side of Social Awkwardness (It's OK to Cringe!)

18:59 | Mar 22nd, 2018

Sometimes it feels like the awkwardness of middle school just never wears off. But maybe there’s a silver lining? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen talks with psychologist Dr. Ty Tashiro about the flip side of social awkwardness, plu...Show More
192 - What to Do (and Not Do) When You Feel Insecure

13:41 | Mar 16th, 2018

Whatever you call it—self-doubt, insecurity, inadequacy—it’s a universal phenomenon. We can all relate to feeling as insecure as a newly-launched cryptocurrency. Luckily, there is lots we can do. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen cov...Show More
191 - 5 Ways Technology is Making Us Anxious

13:18 | Mar 9th, 2018

Some is vital, but too much and it can take over your life. What am I talking about? Carbs? Money? Tupperware? (Not that last one? Okay, maybe that’s just me.) How about technology? Technology is essential, but it’s also making us—especially younger ...Show More
190 - The Best Social Anxiety Hacks for Any Occasion

14:29 | Mar 1st, 2018

Socially anxious moments are universal: we’ve all felt that self-conscious urge to hide. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen shares her top 3 social anxiety hacks to help you feel comfortable and confident. Read the transcript at https...Show More
189 - How We're Doing Introversion Wrong with Sophia Dembling

16:26 | Feb 23rd, 2018

There’s never been a better time to be an introvert. But sometimes introverts miss the mark, push introversion too far, and end up feeling isolated. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen talks with acclaimed author and self-described pro...Show More
188 - How to Beat Stage Fright with Dr. Noa Kageyama

22:22 | Feb 16th, 2018

Leave stage fright, jitters, and nerves behind! Learn how to get focused, keep your cool, and perform at your best. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen talks performance hacks at their best with Juilliard performance psychologist Dr. N...Show More
187 - Why We Choose Ill-Matched Romantic Partners (And How to Stop)

14:48 | Feb 9th, 2018

Why do we choose people who are so wrong for us? And more importantly, how can we stop? This week, we're exploring what to do when your 'partner picker' is broken. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/relationships/romance/why-we-...Show More
186 - How to Stop Feeling Inadequate

10:19 | Jan 26th, 2018

Feeling insecure is part of being human. Whether the whispers of “You’re not good enough” come from someone in your life or from inside your own head, here are six tips to quiet the voices and feel more self-assured. Read the transcript at https:/...Show More
185 - How to Recognize 5 Tactics of Gaslighting

11:55 | Jan 19th, 2018

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that goes beyond invalidation to make you question your sanity. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen reveals 5 tactics of gaslighters. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-...Show More
184 - How to Stop Abandoning Projects and Follow Through

11:43 | Jan 12th, 2018

From the half-built skateboard halfpipe in the backyard to the plate full of bacon despite our vegetarianism, we’ve all abandoned projects. But why? And how can we follow through? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers five ways to...Show More
183 - Busting the Myths of Meditation with Dan Harris

41:35 | Jan 4th, 2018

This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen talks to award-winning journalist and news anchor Dan Harris to bust the myths that stop you from meditating, plus gets a little coaching along the way. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirt...Show More
127 SP 5 Ways to Get Motivated When You're in a Funk

09:22 | Dec 29th, 2017

When your motivation is lower than a gravedigger at the end of his shift, it can be hard to turn things around. YouTube beckons, your fridge somehow develops a tractor beam, and gravity becomes particularly strong in the vicinity of your couch. What ...Show More
182 - 4 Simple Reasons Resolutions Fail (and Why Yours Won't)

10:27 | Dec 22nd, 2017

The start of a new year is a time of optimism and ambition, with gung-ho promises to make this year the best, healthiest, or happiest ever. But after a few weeks, most of us are using that new bosu ball to help reach the donuts at the back of the kit...Show More
181 - 5 Body Hacks to Instantly Calm Overwhelming Emotion

11:09 | Dec 15th, 2017

No one walks through life with a perpetual Peaceful Easy Feeling. Some days, you feel less like Sweet Emotion and more like Everybody Hurts at maximum volume. Let's breaks the glass on 5 body hacks that pull the plug on overwhelming emotion. Read the...Show More
180 - Embracing Masculine Vulnerability: A Q&A with Lewis Howes

20:18 | Dec 8th, 2017

Savvy Psychologist and author Lewis Howes discuss masculine vulnerability: why it can be both terrifying but necessary. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/mental-health/masculine-vulnerability-with-lewis-howes Chec...Show More
179 - 5 Tricks to Handle Passive Aggressive People

09:34 | Dec 1st, 2017

Tired of being on the receiving end of insults followed with “jk!”? Sick of finding ostensibly polite but obviously angry notes from your roommate? This week, by request from Steve in Boston, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen helps you deal wit...Show More
047 SP How to Deal With Difficult Family on Thanksgiving

07:44 | Nov 24th, 2017

Would you like a thinly disguised insult with your turkey? An exasperating political discussion with your pumpkin pie? Family gatherings are hard enough without the Rockwellian pressure of Thanksgiving. Have no fear. Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen ...Show More
178 - How to (Try to) Not Take Things Personally

13:04 | Nov 17th, 2017

Are you hypersensitive? Do you take things personally? Do you overreact like a high school chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong? By request from listener Kris from Utah, this week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen helps us all be less sens...Show More
177 - 6 Ways to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person

14:00 | Nov 10th, 2017

Google “introversion” and you’ll come up with an alphabet soup of acronyms: INTJ, INFP, ISTJ, and many more. But another acronym went mainstream way before the interweb was littered with “16 Personality Type” quizzes: HSP. Fifteen to twenty percent o...Show More
176 - Why We Fall for Con Artists (and How to Be Con-Proof)

18:34 | Nov 3rd, 2017

Maria Konnikova joins Savvy Psychologist to discuss the psychology of the con, how to make yourself less vulnerable, and why there's a perfect con out there for each of us. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/mental...Show More
175 - 7 Beliefs of Emotionally Healthy People

14:37 | Oct 27th, 2017

What does it take to be healthy? Exercise, sleep, and perhaps not letting hours per week playing World of Warcraft stretch into the triple digits--we know those. But what about the beliefs we hold? How does our outlook on life, the world, and the fut...Show More
174 - Sexual Harassment: 4 Psychological Traits of Perpetrators

15:35 | Oct 20th, 2017

From Clarence Thomas to basically all of Uber to Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment is as rampant as it is repugnant. We wonder, what are they thinking? How could anyone do that? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen examines the psycho...Show More
173 - 5 Unique Ways to Be More Patient and Less Annoyed

11:30 | Oct 13th, 2017

They say patience is a virtue. But sometimes we wish leaving us alone would be a bigger virtue. Or not asking stupid questions. Or paying attention the first time we explain things. You get the point. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendrikse...Show More
172 - How to Trust People Again: 8 Easy Steps

12:38 | Oct 6th, 2017

Are you tired of feeling lonely because you can’t trust anyone? Are you trying to keep yourself safe but just end up feeling isolated? Rebuilding your faith in humanity is a long road, but it can be done. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendr...Show More
169 - Screen Time for Kids: 3 Questions You Should Be Asking

11:49 | Sep 15th, 2017

The headlines scream: Screens are like crack! Screens turn your kid’s brain to mush! But are tablets, smartphones, and laptops—not to mention TV—really so bad? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen delves into the research to screen (ha-...Show More
168 SP 5 Easy Ways to Help Your Anxious Child (and Your Anxious Self)

12:14 | Sep 8th, 2017

From bullies to math tests to things that go bump in the night, life is full of things for kids to worry about. And especially at stressful transition times--back to school, the holidays, heading to summer camp--worry can eat away at kids’ comfort an...Show More
118 SP What Is Mindfulness, and Should You Try It?

11:52 | Aug 31st, 2017

Mindfulness is all the rage, and with a promise to improve concentration, mood, and energy, reduce stress, improve immune function, and even fight obesity, it should be. But to outsiders, sometimes mindfulness can be intimidating, with the newly mind...Show More
167 SP Facing Your 4 Most Common Fears of Death

10:37 | Aug 25th, 2017

Apropos to solar eclipse mania comes a quote from a 17th century French nobleman: “Neither the sun, nor death, can be looked at steadily.” Four hundred years later, his words still hold. With that in mind, this week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hend...Show More
166 SP The 2 Biggest Questions You Have About Death

09:52 | Aug 18th, 2017

It’s been said that only two things are certain in this world. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen talks about one of them, and it’s not taxes.
165 SP How to Have Great Luck

09:33 | Aug 11th, 2017

Were you born under a lucky star? Or maybe you’re having a Friday the 13th kind of life. It turns out having good luck isn’t just a matter of, well, luck. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen examines the science of getting lucky (no, n...Show More
164 SP How to Listen to Your Gut and Make the Right Decision Every Time

09:49 | Aug 4th, 2017

We’ve all been told to follow our heart. Go with our gut. Trust our intuition. But how, exactly? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen explains the “what” and the “how” of going with your gut.
163 SP How to Be an Amazing Listener

08:38 | Jul 28th, 2017

A conversation with a good listener is like a good meal—we walk away feeling satisfied, happy, and nourished. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 5 ways to be an amazing listener. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirty...Show More
162 SP Why Can't I Focus?

11:45 | Jul 21st, 2017

Concentration, focus, attention. Whatever you call it, it’s quickly becoming the rarest of national resources. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen reveals 9 reasons your focus might be fizzling and 5 ways to fight the distraction of ra...Show More
161 SP How to Deal with Judgment and Haters

09:45 | Jul 14th, 2017

Shaking off the judgment of haters is harder than mega-hit pop songs would have you believe. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 6 ways to, whatever they say, be the rubber to your haters’ glue.
067 SP 4 Tips to Face Your Fears

07:10 | Jul 7th, 2017

Sick of running scared? Tired of the butterflies in your stomach getting the last word? Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 4 tips to face fear head on.
160 SP How to Ease Travel Anxiety

11:40 | Jun 30th, 2017

Ah, summer: the crash of waves, the crackling of a bonfire, the sand between your toes...and, well, between everything else, too. But is a vacation truly a break if you’re anxious about getting there, getting back, and everything in the middle? As yo...Show More
159 SP 9 Hidden Signs of Perfectionism

12:56 | Jun 23rd, 2017

Are you a perfectionist? Most perfectionists don’t identify with the label. But Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 9 signs that might make you come out of the (perfectly organized) perfectionist closet.
158 SP Kid Fears in Adults: The Dark and Other Phobias

10:53 | Jun 16th, 2017

As kids, most of us were afraid of dogs, clowns, or things that go bump in the night. But for a lot of us, childhood fears never wore off. And that isn’t just inconvenient, it’s potentially embarrassing. Thankfully, phobias are some of the easiest fe...Show More
157 SP Kid Fears in Adults: Separation Anxiety

13:41 | Jun 9th, 2017

The term “separation anxiety” usually conjures the image of a tearful toddler, or worse, a whimpering dog, but millions of grown-ups live with separation anxiety, too. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen begins a two-part series on kid...Show More
156 SP Why We Choke Under Pressure—Plus How to Stop

12:54 | Jun 2nd, 2017

Choking under pressure happens to everyone from professional athletes to ten-year-olds taking a math test. Even socially awkward moments have their roots in choking, recent research shows. This week on the Savvy Psychologist, Dr. Ellen Hendriksen rev...Show More
155 SP 5 Ways to Rebuild Broken Trust

11:33 | May 26th, 2017

Trust is easy to break, hard to rebuild. By request from listener Kate, this week Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 5 steps to put the pieces together again.
154 SP 4 Ways to Deal with Entitled People

11:02 | May 19th, 2017

Entitlement isn’t just Social Security and other government programs—more insidiously, it’s a mindset that the world owes you. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen discusses four signs of entitlement, plus how to deal with people whose ...Show More
153 SP 3 Toxic Thinking Habits That Feed Your Insecurity

11:52 | May 12th, 2017

What makes you feel insecure (besides trying on swimwear under fluorescent lighting?) Surprise! The culprit is your very own mind. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen reveals three toxic thinking habits that keep you feeling insecure, ...Show More
077 SP How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

08:36 | May 5th, 2017

“Your message must have gone to my spam folder.” “No, those pants are totally cute on you.” “The check’s in the mail.” White lies may be a necessary social lubricant, but big whoppers cost us time and trust. How to tell if you’re being taken for a...Show More
152 SP 6 Effective Ways to Prepare for Your Big Moment

09:26 | Apr 28th, 2017

You’ve got a big moment ahead of you, whether it’s a presentation, a performance, or a pitch. You want to own it, but your jitters are threatening to own you. What to do? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 6 things to do before...Show More
151 SP 7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Control

10:42 | Apr 21st, 2017

Self-control (or lack of it) plays a role in choosing a salad or a soda, working out or staying on the couch, and moderating alcohol or getting trashed on a Tuesday. There are times we all wish we had a little (or a lot) more of it. Therefore, this w...Show More
150 SP Feeling Overwhelmed? Here Are 7 Remedies

11:08 | Apr 14th, 2017

What to do when your inbox reaches architectural proportions? Likely, you’ve been told to breathe, to go for a short walk, or to embrace the mess. And those tips are right on. But what if that’s not what you’re looking for? This week, Savvy Psycholog...Show More
149 SP 6 Ways to Survive Survivor Guilt

12:57 | Apr 7th, 2017

When tragedy befalls those around us but leaves us unscathed, some of us thank our lucky stars, but some of us feel guilty. “Why not me?” we ask, or, “What could I have done to prevent this?” These statements are the hallmarks of an unofficial but ve...Show More
148 SP 7 Signs It's Time to Let Go of a Friendship

12:17 | Mar 31st, 2017

What happens when your BFF’s behavior makes you say WTF? When do you stay loyal and when do you call it quits? By request from listener Alyssa, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen tackles when to stick it out in a troubled friendship and when to ...Show More
147 SP How to Achieve More by Doing Less: A Conversation with Tiffany Dufu

29:49 | Mar 23rd, 2017

Whether working, mothering, or operating as the head of the house, women everywhere understand the anxiety surrounding the phrase "dropping the ball." Author and activist Tiffany Dufu explains why "dropping the ball" and rewriting expectations actual...Show More
146 SP Is Complaining Good or Bad For You?

11:45 | Mar 17th, 2017

Pop psychology tells us that complaining is a sort of catharsis—that by getting our feelings out rather than bottling them up, we’ll feel better. But it turns out this is largely a myth. This week on the Savvy Psychologist, Dr. Ellen Hendriksen revea...Show More
145 The Link Between Disorder and Genius: An Interview with Dr. Gail Saltz

15:22 | Mar 10th, 2017

What's the flip side of psychological disorder? Is there a link between illness and genius? This week on the podcast, psychiatrist and author Dr. Gail Saltz shares how many diagnoses--from ADHD to depression to anxiety--come as a package deal with a ...Show More
144 SP 5 Self-Care Tips for Today's Political Climate

06:58 | Mar 3rd, 2017

Scrolling through the news these days is like walking through a Halloween haunted house: scary, horrifying things pop out at you from every angle. Last week on the show, we talked about how to handle the sheer volume of bad news. This week, Savvy Psy...Show More
143 SP How to Deal with News Overload

09:57 | Feb 24th, 2017

These days breaking news threatens to break all of us. No matter your political leanings, the volume (in terms of both quantity and loudness) of news these days is unprecedented. How to deal? This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen explain...Show More
048 SP 6 Ways to Deal with Panic Attacks

09:07 | Feb 16th, 2017

Your heart races, you feel lightheaded, your sweat glands work overtime - is this the end? Nope, it's a panic attack. The Savvy Psychologist has 6 ways to fight this disabling disorder. Visit the website: http://bit.ly/1vFA0ej
142 SP Why Money Doesn't Equal Happiness: An Interview with Jean Chatzky

12:42 | Feb 10th, 2017

Life is full of stressors, and for most, money is right a the top of the list. On this week's podcast, author and financial expert Jean Chatzky shares how taking small steps to reduce financial stress increases the wellbeing of ourselves and our rela...Show More