Brendon Burchard

Go behind the scenes with Brendon, the world's leading high performance coach and one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures in the world, as he speaks to 20,000 people in arenas, coaches celebrities, helps his students, and reaches millions of ...Show More

16:34 | Feb 20th

How do you truly master leadership? How do you lead a team? How do you lead a crowd? How do you lead a movement? In this episode, learn what great leaders actually do. Get your High Performance Pla...Show More

28:16 | Feb 18th

How do you build high performing teams? How do you hire new employees? When do you hire? What should you look for in an applicant? In this episode, learn how to hire an awesome team that helps you ach...Show More
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25:34 | Feb 13th

How do you position yourself as a leader in your space? How do you move your family, your community, your industry to higher levels of service? In this episode, learn the specific messaging that will ...Show More

16:57 | Feb 12th

What can you do when you feel like crap? We all get in a funk, we all feel terrible from time to time. What can you do when you have a bad day? In this episode, learn 3 reasons why you feel like crap ...Show More

18:20 | Feb 12th

How do you destroy the obstacles that inevitably come up on your march toward greatness and personal freedom? You can have all the plans in the world, you can have your purpose and values figured out,...Show More
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