Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast

Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt

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A podcast where Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt continue to watch and review WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS once a week, every week, for one year. Their previous two 'seasons' (one year of watching the Adam Sandler film Grown Ups 2 plus one year of weekly Sex and T...Show More

44:02 | Feb 5th

The frosty fellaz got themselves a camera and are testing out a new way to bring you into the zone: Crispy video. (Video available to all Patreon supporters). Enjoy garage chat, damp banter, electric ...Show More

42:09 | Feb 2nd

We end as we have begun. Just Tim and Guy. Minus about $400. As the boys round the end of this perilous journey (dressed in shabby rented cat costumes) they ponder the effect their daily watches have ...Show More
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52:09 | Feb 1st

Comedian Guy Williams aka G Dubs joins the fellas for their sixth (and his first) watch of CATS (2019). Musical fan Guy W finds himself in the incredible position of defending the movie as good and ex...Show More

46:52 | Jan 31st

Comedian and self-confessed Cats fanatic Brynley Stent did NOT join the fellas but has seen CATS (2019) separately and she has some notes on the film! Bryn educates the boys on the wafer-thin plot of ...Show More

53:03 | Jan 30th

Musical comedy superstars Two Hearts are Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore. Today they are also two-time CATS (2019) watching moviegoers. In a packed group session featuring Tim’s wife and Guy’s partner p...Show More
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