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49:24 | Nov 1st

Tim reviews Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”, Apple’s “For All Mankind”, Showtime’s “Back to Life”, and is in the midst of watching Netflix’s surprising second season of “The End of the Fxxxing World.” Plus Apple TV+ launches, HBO Max clarifies, we talk Bay Area...Show More

41:39 | Oct 31st

We discuss: Nia dealing with Brainy being too-much; Lena doing evil to stop evil, but needing Lex’s help; Kara & Kelly both failing to say NO to their needy friends; Malefic getting more powerful and being pissed off about the wrong things; J’onn f...Show More
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1:08:17 | Oct 31st

Our team of assassins turned heroes returns this week with episode 3 of Arrow’s swan song season. We talk about when an Indiana Jones homage doesn’t quite land, the characters that we wish were around this week, confusing motives from an inscrutable ...Show More

53:02 | Oct 30th

The end of Shocktober 2019 is in sight, but rather than taking on the evil Lord Seyvoth directly, our adventurers have chosen to mop up a bunch of side quests, with the help of speed, steroids, and other questionable substances. IT ALL ENDS HERE! UNT...Show More

1:21:19 | Oct 30th

We return to Fiasco, featuring a visit to Space Station 119, generally considerd the bus station of space stations. From there, a complicated web of intrigue is spun, involving alpacas, poison gas, a hammer, and a very elusive piece of paperwork. Spa...Show More
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