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1:12:23 | May 29th

As we near the the final stretch, the boys wonder what might be happening to this season. Moze casts doubts, and shines a light of criticism over episode 10. These two episodes have a ton of narrativ...Show More

30:53 | May 29th

Marisa McClellan, canner, podcaster, and spouse to Scott, joins Scott to discuss “Tattoo)” (VOYS2E9). Topics include how tired Scott and Marisa were, the fact that they watched the episode over a week...Show More
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1:12:15 | May 28th

This week, it’s a superhero time-travel science-fiction double feature as we’re trapped in a TV show, but even more than usual, on the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, then take a jaunt back to ...Show More

27:10 | May 28th

Tiff and Stephen nobly give blood. But really, they were just in it for the cookies. While they snack away, the two discuss “Blood Drive”. This episode of “The Office” originally aired on March 5, 200...Show More
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