Cities and Memory - remixing the sounds of the world

Cities and Memory

Cities and Memory is a global collaborative sound project that presents field recordings of the world, but also reimagined, recomposed versions of those recordings - remixing the world, one sound at a time. What you'll hear in the podcast are our lat...Show More

04:00 | Feb 6th

The title and inspiration come from a signpost in the rail yard (courtesy of Google Earth). The sign reads “Remote control locomotives operate in this area; Locomotive cabs may be unoccupied.” The fut...Show More

03:43 | Feb 6th

Industrial ambience from inside the railyard in Denver, Colorado, recorded by Marcel Gnauk. You can hear train engines, air pressure release, background traffic and general industrial soundscape noise...Show More
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05:05 | Feb 6th

London's Golden Hinde reimagined by Ian Haygreen. "I used very little effects (reverb etc) for the track. I used Audacity to separate the individual sounds which interested me. Using Audacity and LMMS...Show More

03:12 | Feb 6th

The Golden Hinde was a galleon best known for being the first English ship to sail around the entire world from 1577 to 1580. A replica of the ship sits in central London as a tourist attraction, and ...Show More

05:20 | Feb 4th

Rain in Boston reimagined by Stefan Klaverdal. Rain have always been a source for inspiration, this particular rain was kind-of-rhythmical and that inspired me to compose this short piece for (slightl...Show More
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