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Cities and Memory - remixing the sounds of the world

Cities and Memory


Cities and Memory is a global collaborative sound project that presents field recordings of the world, but also reimagined, recomposed versions of those recordings - remixing the world, one sound at a time. What you'll hear in the podcast are our lat...Show More


06:30 | Mar 1st, 2019

Recorded by National Park Service. Yellowstone's most famous geyser, Old Faithful. Enjoy this late-fall recording made without crowds. Headphones recommended: the rumble you hear isn't wind, it's a n...Show More

03:36 | Nov 26th, 2019

In the middle of the famous Brooklyn Bridge, we can hear the sound of hundreds of tourists both on foot and on bicycles, with the background roar of thousands of vehicles passing through. In the foreg...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

05:44 | Jun 27th

Spring in Tehran reimagined by Alan Bleay. "The birds of dawn are the starting point of another day for which I have tried to reflect in the journey through that time musically which ultimately will ...Show More

15:00 | Jun 24th

Marseilles lockdown sound reimagined by Ian McArthur.  "My composition consists of digitally processed layers of the original file augmented with synths and guitar plus the original file." Part of t...Show More

10:31 | Jun 23rd

Rome's Pantheon reimagined by Dave Webb. "The Pantheon is such an enormous space with a huge reverb. I timestretched the sample and layered it with a slowed down version. I isolated a couple of percu...Show More
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