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Can't Lit

Dina Del Bucchia and Jen Sookfong Lee

A podcast on all things Canadian and Literature and then some.
080- Can't Lit - Dina & Jen - Being in Public

30:51 | Jun 24th

Why hello there. Dina and Jen are back to talk about being in public, from readings, to being online. This shortie of an episode covers a little of what writers sometimes have to do a lot. Also, Rosie is adorable.
079 - Can't Lit - Andrea MacPherson

59:12 | Jun 17th

It's not official, but it's basically summer. So we talk to novelist, poet, creative writing instructor, festival director, and summer aficionado, Andrea MacPherson. In this episode we discuss productivity, writing poetry and fiction sort of simultan...Show More
078 - Can't Lit - Dina & Jen - Self-loathing

35:17 | May 31st

Writers! We feel bad about ourselves. About our work, about the way we think others think about us, about the way we present ourselves out in the world. In this episode Dina and Jen get into self-loathing, and how it affects writing and life. Rosie d...Show More
077 - Can't Lit - Laura Matwichuk

1:05:37 | May 13th

Poetry Month is over, but at Can't Lit we love to talk to poets all year long. In this episode we talk to the tremendous Laura Matwichuk about her debut poetry collection, Near Miss (Nightwood Editions), natural disasters, dreams, Armageddon (yes, th...Show More
076 - Can't Lit - Dina & Jen - Revision

34:16 | Apr 29th

No guest, but lots of chatting. Dina & Jen talk about revision, editing, working with an editor, feedback, writing groups and workshops. And more! And find out what Dina and Jen think of books about writing. You probably already know in your heart.
075 - Can't Lit - Andrea Warner

1:16:52 | Apr 15th

We talk to one delight about a book she wrote about another delight! Wonderful person and brilliant writer Andrea Warner is on this episode. We talk about her new book, Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Authorized Biography, why Buffy Sainte-Marie is totally a...Show More
074 - Can't Lit - Dina & Jen - Jealousy

38:27 | Mar 25th

They're just jealous! And here to talk about. In this episode Dina and Jen talk about professional literary jealousy and what it looks like for them, how they talk about it and how they deal.
073 - Can't Lit - Lindsay Wong

52:06 | Mar 11th

Why hello there! In this episode we get to talk to amazing writer and lovely person, Lindsay Wong. We discuss her memoir, The Woo-Woo, manuscript rejection, writing about mental illness, family, eyelash extensions, and listening to music (and not lis...Show More
072 - Can't Lit - Dina & Jen - Baby Writers

32:21 | Feb 25th

Dina and Jen talk about their experiences of being baby writers. Learn about how their careers began, about their youthful writing lives and how they each found literary community.
071 - Can't Lit - jaye simpson & Jessica Johns

1:20:02 | Feb 11th

Our first guests of the year are fire! Talented and delightful writers jaye simpson and Jessica Johns join us to talk about the Indigenous Brilliance reading series, Room Magazine, writing and performance, the ethics of care, making space, fashion, a...Show More
070 - Can't Lit - Dina & Jen

1:10:19 | Jan 28th

It's 2019! Dina and Jen are back in the recording studio (find out where we record in the episode) without a guest and are answering questions from you, the listeners (a.k.a. friends of the podcast) that you sent us on Twitter. We talk about when the...Show More
069 - Can't Lit - Shazia Hafiz Ramji

50:37 | Dec 21st, 2018

The year's almost over, but there's one episode left with completely outstanding guest, writer, editor, and beautiful human Shazia Hafiz Ramji! We talk about her poetry collection, Port of Being, talking and not talking about craft, literary tours, w...Show More
068 - Can't Lit - BONUS Daniel Zomparelli

38:42 | Dec 10th, 2018

Dina travelled to LA for a little blast from podcast past with Daniel Zomparelli as guest and host. We talk about Daniel's new podcast, I'm Afraid That, books we loved this year, lawsuits we didn't, articles we didn't read and so much more. Recorded ...Show More
067 - Can’t Lit - Keith Maillard

1:04:54 | Nov 26th, 2018

The days get drearier but the podcast gets more delightful with top drawer guest, writer, teacher, mentor, Keith Maillard! We talk about his new novel Twin Studies, writing research, relationships, Bakhtin, Refuse: CanLit in Ruins and some very enjoy...Show More
066 - Can't Lit - Waubgeshig Rice

1:16:32 | Nov 12th, 2018

The days are getting darker but Can't Lit is here to brighten your day with a wonderful talk with talented writer and sweetheart Waubgeshig Rice. We talk about his new novel, Moon of the Crusted Snow as well as dystopia, masculinity, character develo...Show More
065 - Can't Lit - Vivek Shraya

58:45 | Oct 29th, 2018

Boo! Don't be scared. It's just a podcast. And this episode has the beyond delightful, smart, talented and hilarious, Vivek Shraya. We discuss her new book, I'm Afraid of Men, masculinity, being a multi-disciplinary artist, readers and audiences, fas...Show More
064 - Can't Lit - Kim Fu

59:39 | Oct 15th, 2018

Fresh from the Fraser Valley Literary Festival Dina and Jen talk with novelist, poet, and great dog parent, Kim Fu! We talk about new latest novel, The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore, character, structure, poetry and fiction and of course dogs. Thank...Show More
063 - Can't Lit - Andrew Wilmot

1:21:25 | Sep 24th, 2018

Yes, it's fall, but in the world of this Can't Lit we're in a wildfire smoke summer haze with the truly lovely Andrew Wilmot. We discuss his debut novel The Death Scene Artist, writing genre, first book feelings, bodies, and Angelina Jolie's dating l...Show More
062- Can't Lit - Amanda Leduc

1:12:23 | Aug 27th, 2018

Late summer is here! But don't be sad, because the amazing Amanda Leduc is also here to talk about her upcoming novel, The Centaur's Wife, muppets, accessibility, world building, the FOLD, and of course many other things.  Jen has summer emotions, an...Show More
061- Can't Lit - andrea bennett

1:09:42 | Jul 30th, 2018

Summer is here and Dina and Jen bask in the glow of talented writer, editor, artist and all around lovely human andrea bennett! We talk about definitive hot takes, poetry, drawing, editing, bikes, and dogs and babies. This episode has it all.
060 - Can't Lit - Samantha Marie Nock

57:04 | Jun 25th, 2018

Summer has arrived and this new episode with amazing writer and delightful person Samantha Marie Nock is a great sunny or rainy day companion. Discussed in this episode: the vulnerability of writing, putting together a first poetry manuscript, friend...Show More
059 - Can't Lit - Hannah McGregor

1:28:51 | May 28th, 2018

Jen and Dina have the best time with podcaster, scholar, writer and truly wonderful human Hannah McGregor! We talk scholarly podcasting, publishing, lipstick and bodies (don't comment on them, okay?) and of course there is rage and emotions and, yes,...Show More
058 - Thank You For Being a Friend

1:23:09 | Apr 30th, 2018

Marita Dachsel, Charlotte Gill, Jennica Harper, Nancy Lee and Laisha Rosnau are extraordinary writers who've also been friends for twenty years! Jen and Din are lucky to talk to them about their super-friendship origin story, how they help each other...Show More
057 - Can't Lit - BONUS Sharon Bala

35:32 | Apr 20th, 2018

Get excited for this bonus episode with super delight and excellent writer, Sharon Bala. We talk about her new novel, Boat People, writing refugees and immigrants, displacement, unlikeable characters, female relationships and gross politicians. And o...Show More
056 - Can't Lit - Alicia Elliott

1:19:55 | Mar 26th, 2018

Hello friends! This month we have another truly exciting guest: the amazingly talented and charming, Alicia Elliott. We talk about writing non-fiction (and other genres), privilege, how we have to interrogate to be good and responsible writers, lipst...Show More
055 - Can't Lit - Katherena Vermette

1:28:44 | Feb 26th, 2018

Winter is bleak but this episode will warm you up. Jen and Dina get to talk to the multi-hyphenate, multi-talented, multi-award-winning, novelist, poet, filmmaker (and more) Katherena Vermette! They talk with her about her novel, The Break, poetry an...Show More
054 - Can't Lit - Rahila's Ghost

1:42:56 | Jan 29th, 2018

Way back in November Jen and Dina interviewed part of the amazing team behind Rahila's Ghost Press, a new chapbook press that will knock your stockings off. And we sure did have a fun time, talked about a lot of poetry and yes, there were emotions. N...Show More
053 - Can't Lit - XXXmas

1:28:55 | Dec 18th, 2017

Happy holidays from your original Can't Lit hosting team! Dina welcomes Daniel back into the "studio" in this guest-less episode that goes on too many tangents to name just one. There's a special gift at the end of the episode: a delightfully boozy p...Show More
052 - Can't Lit - David Chariandy

1:31:27 | Nov 27th, 2017

This episode is full of fun, friendship and lots of love. Dina and Jen talk to the recent winner of the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize, novelist, and truly lovely person, David Chariandy. We talk about his new novel, Brother, Jen and David's ear...Show More
051 - Can't Lit - Gurjinder Basran

1:23:39 | Oct 30th, 2017

Recorded in September but here now for your ears is an episode with lovely writer Gurjinder Basran! Jen and I talk to her about her new novel, Someone You Love is Gone, which features ghosts and sadness and some laughs too. We also discuss representa...Show More
050 - Can't Lit - 50th Episode Litacular

1:47:16 | Sep 25th, 2017

We made it to 50 episodes! And to celebrate Dina and Jen got a lot of snacks together and welcomed Adèle Barclay, Juliane Okot Bitek, Raoul Fernandes , Leah Horlick, Nancy Lee, Ben Rawluk and Beni Xiao back to the podcast. With a very special speaker...Show More
049 - Can't Lit - Bianca Spence & Paul Vermeersch

1:44:04 | Aug 28th, 2017

Don't lament summer ending because we have the two most lovely guests: Paul Vermeersch and Bianca Spence! While visiting Vancouver from Toronto they made time to talk to Jen and me about karaoke, Degrassi, diversity panels, friendliness in literary c...Show More
048 - Can't Lit - Michael V. Smith

1:04:00 | Jul 31st, 2017

This episode with writer Michael V. Smith is a joyful summer treat! He writes great poems, prose and tweets. Jen and Dina talk to him about his new poetry book, Bad Ideas, dreams, why we write, navigating the exclusion and power imbalances of the lit...Show More
047 Can't Lit - Kai Cheng Thom and Ali Blythe and Leah Horlick

1:29:50 | Jun 26th, 2017

Three amazing guests in one super episode! Finalists Kai Cheng Thom and Ali Blythe along with event MC Leah Horlick join Dina and Jen the day after the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ Emerging Writers ceremony. We talk poetry (a lot, in so many ways), ...Show More
046 Can't Lit — Tenille Campbell

1:24:34 | May 29th, 2017

Things get spicy in this episode because Dina and Daniel get to talk to poet, photographer and general delight Tenille Campbell! We talk about that writing life, surprise yoga, and culture, sex, desire in her wonderful debut poetry collection #Indian...Show More
BONUS - Deborah WIllis

19:24 | May 22nd, 2017

A short bonus episode! Jen and Dina wished they'd had more time with Deborah Willis, but we all still had a fun time and great a conversation about Deborah's amazing new short story collection, The Dark and Other Love Stories, hypochondria, Riverdale...Show More
045 Can't Lit — Carleigh Baker and Daniel Zomparelli

1:33:49 | Apr 26th, 2017

It may be Poetry Month, but we pull a short story switcheroo! Daniel is the guest, along with Carleigh Baker. Jen Sookfong Lee is your guest host. Dina is up to the same old tricks. In this whopper of an episode we talk about Daniel's book of short s...Show More
044 Can't Lit — Juliane Okot Bitek and Leah Horlick

1:14:32 | Mar 28th, 2017

Live from Growing Room: A Feminist Literary Festival we have two mega-talented and wonderful guests, Juliane Okot Bitek and Leah Horlick! In our second live outing we talk about rejection, free labour, jumpsuit anxiety, book award red carpet fashion,...Show More
043 - Eden Robinson

39:14 | Feb 27th, 2017

When Daniel's away Dina gets to co-host with podcast guest host superstar Jen Sookfong Lee! They talk to complete talent and delight Eden Robinson. Be prepared for so much boisterous laughter. Their conversation touches on her new novel, Son of a Tri...Show More
042- Regis and Kelly

1:03:10 | Feb 20th, 2017

No guest? No problem. It's just Dina and Daniel! They went to Kelowna and lived to tell the tale. This episode has so much: spring books we're excited about, a literary festival/winery recap, so much singing, and a very special CanLit Feud featuring ...Show More
041 Can't Lit — Beni Xiao & Mariah Devcic

1:25:39 | Jan 30th, 2017

Happy New Year, listeners! Daniel has a post-vacation glow and Dina beams from an amazing otter encounter. Our smart and talented guests are writers Beni Xiao & Mariah Devcic. These sharp young ones talk about writing, university, periods, the cultur...Show More
040 Can't Lit — It's a Wonderful Can't Lit

1:49:10 | Dec 20th, 2016

Happy holidays, listeners! This episode has singing, laughing, shouting, seasonal stories, book recommendations, suggestions for places to donate this holiday season from many guests from Can't Lit past: Jen Sookfong Lee, Ben Rawluk, Adèle Barclay, S...Show More
039 Can't Lit — Zoe Whittall

1:06:01 | Nov 28th, 2016

Oh wow! On this episode we have the amazing novelist, poet, TV writer and enjoyable person, Zoe Whittall! Her great novel, The Best Kind of People, was shortlisted for the Giller Prize and Dina and Daniel praise it like dorks. We talk about that nove...Show More
BONUS — For Leonard Cohen

38:46 | Nov 17th, 2016

In a special bonus episode of Can't Lit, Daniel interviews Dina about late Canadian icon and her hero, Leonard Cohen. She talks about his influence, why he's amazing and the time she met him at a chain bookstore basement. We also just look at the pas...Show More
038 Can't Lit — Adèle Barclay

1:05:15 | Oct 26th, 2016

Hooray for Halloween candy and our supes special guest, secret matriarch and poetry witch, Adèle Barclay. As we munch on so many fun-sized chocolate bars we talk about her new poetry collection, If I Were in a Cage I'd Reach Out for You, her new posi...Show More
037 Can't Lit — Jen Sookfong Lee and Anakana Schofield

1:20:42 | Sep 27th, 2016

Dina and Daniel invited Jen Sookfong Lee and Anakana Schofield into a literary pop-up shop and recorded Can't Lit Live! In our first live episode we talk about their books, The Conjoined and Martin John, Lionel Shriver, shirts, and of course go on so...Show More
036 Can't Lit — Anthony Casey

1:25:55 | Aug 29th, 2016

This episode is jam-packed! Our smart and talented guest is all-year-round fun time, Anthony Casey! We talk about writing TV recaps and drag comedy (shout out to Shanda Leer), and his new personal project, One Hour Writer, Pretty Little Liars, Daniel...Show More
035 Can't Lit — Chelene Knight

1:17:25 | Jul 18th, 2016

Join us for a podcast brunch with our fantastic guest, Chelene Knight. We talk with her about her excellent poetry collection, Braided Skin, and her new manuscript, Dear Current Occupant. We also talk about good and bad cocktails, not having the answ...Show More
034 Can't Lit — Vivek Shraya

1:14:56 | Jun 27th, 2016

Summer is here and your hosts get to bask in the talented glow of multi-hyphenate and human delight, Vivek Shraya! We talk about her new book, even this page is white, new photography project, Trisha, and her band with her brother, Too Attached. We a...Show More
033 Can't Lit — Elee Kraljii Gardiner

52:48 | May 29th, 2016

Strap on your skates, Can't Lit listeners! Wonderful writer and human Elee Kraljii Gardiner joins Dina and Daniel to talk about her debut poetry collection, Serpentine Loop (Anvil Press, 2016). Also discussed: figure skating, Boston, statues, book to...Show More
032 Can't Lit — Rosé

55:43 | May 14th, 2016

The sun is shining and our guest is our dear friend, rosé. Daniel talks about his fun adventures and new home. Dina's Rage Minute makes its first appearance and she introduces a new game: Race Horse or Poetry Book? CanLit Feuds is here for you, along...Show More
031 Can't Lit — Ben Rawluk

56:56 | Apr 1st, 2016

Kick off Poetry Month with a new episode from your loving Can't Lit duo! This month superhero braniac and literary heartthrob Ben Rawluk joins us to talk about so many great and mind-tingling things, but especially the action-packed upcoming issue of...Show More
030 Can't Lit — Charles Demers

1:15:24 | Mar 2nd, 2016

Oh boy! This episode is a real champ because we talk to Charles Demers, a.k.a Charlie, formerly a.k.a Chuck. We get into some serious topics like: chunky guacamole, last name pronunciation, t-ball, his new book, "The Horrors", being a homeowner in Va...Show More
029 Can't Lit — Carleigh Baker

51:47 | Feb 15th, 2016

It's the Can't Lit Bowl! Over bowls of snacks we ignore Super Bowl Sunday and talk to the delightful writer Carleigh Baker! We discuss chapbooks, including hers, The Closest We'll Get to Neon, The Peel Project documentary, poetry, her upcoming short ...Show More
028 Can't Lit — Sheryda Warrener

50:13 | Jan 26th, 2016

Happy 2016! Poet, chum and repeat guest Sheryda Warrener helps us ring in the first Can't Lit of the new year. We talk about January sads, Neko Atsume as winter saviour, explicit content, butts, BIONICLEs, and her new book, Floating Is Everything. We...Show More
027 Can't Lit — A Very Merry Can't Lit

1:47:26 | Dec 16th, 2015

To celebrate this festive season Dina and Daniel rented a snowy chalet and invited past Can’t Lit guests to join them by the fire to chat, eat and drink. A lot. Jen Sookfong Lee, Jordan Abel, Sean Cranbury, Billeh Nickerson and Aaron Chapman discuss ...Show More
026 Can't Lit — Evan Munday

50:17 | Nov 11th, 2015

It's the second Toronto episode and super delight Evan Munday joins the hosts to talk about Archie comics and his new podcast, Radio Free Riverdale, his books series for kids, The Dead Kid Detective Agency and The Golden Girls. Dina and Daniel have m...Show More
025 Can't Lit — Jacqueline Valencia

50:40 | Oct 26th, 2015

Dina and Daniel head to Toronto, a.k.a. Hotline Bling central, and Jacqueline Valencia is there to talk with them about Toronto Poetry Talks, her upcoming poetry collection, There is No Escape Out of Time, diversity and race in poetry, teens, chocola...Show More
024 Can't Lit — Bükem Reitmayer and Mike Spry

44:20 | Oct 14th, 2015

Dina and Daniel visit Montreal and invite the delightful duo of Bükem Reitmayer and Mike Spry into their hotel room for a wholesome literary chat. We talk about all the important things: movies, TV, shopping, and even poetry, like how a poem can chan...Show More
023 Can't Lit — Jillian Christmas

54:55 | Sep 28th, 2015

It's always a special occasion when Jillian Christmas is around. Dina and Daniel invite the talented writer, musician and Artistic Director of Verses Festival of Words to talk about writing, but also how miserable fall is, love songs and protest song...Show More
022 Can't Lit — Alicia Tobin

51:18 | Sep 15th, 2015

It's September and NBD we've got smart, funny dreambabe Alicia Tobin on the podcast chatting with Daniel and Dina about her new, wonderful podcast, Retail Nightmares and her new, wonderful cookbook, Keto-Genesis. To keep things wonderful we also we a...Show More
021 Can't Lit — Jen Sookfong Lee

1:41:43 | Aug 31st, 2015

Can't Lit's endless summer of great guests continues. Dina and Daniel invite Jen Sookfong Lee over for bourbon and book talk. We get into Jen's two novels and Dina's rage, plus we tell tales from bad literary events and share terrible things people h...Show More
020 Can't Lit — Kayla Czaga and Raoul Fernandes

1:27:08 | Jul 27th, 2015

Double your poetry pleasure with our guests Kayla Czaga and Raoul Fernandes. We talk with them about their new books of poetry, ageism, having kids and not having kids and accidental marriage proposals. We also invent a Can('t) Lit cocktail, Dina get...Show More
019 Can't Lit — Aaron Chapman

1:30:35 | Jun 29th, 2015

Happy summer, listeners! This episode D&D talk to the charming Aaron Chapman about his books, Live at the Commodore and Liquor, Lust and the Law (both Arsenal Pulp Press) Vancouver and its history, what our summer reads are and we even throw in a Can...Show More
BONUS — Jordan Abel plays some literary games

18:06 | Jun 1st, 2015

Finally! A Can't Lit games only episode. Dina, Daniel and Jordan play three literary games cut from Episode 18: Craigslist or Poem, Broetry or Noetry, and Jordan brings his own version of Literary Never Have I Ever: Vancouver edition. Play along at h...Show More
018 Can't Lit — Jordan Abel

42:21 | May 25th, 2015

Spring has sprung and Dina and Daniel bring in beautiful flower and great writer, Jordan Abel. We talk about Jordan's books, Un/Inhabited and The Place of Scraps, skim reading, sex positions, colonialism, visual and sound poetry, Mother's Day sadness...Show More
017 Can't Lit — David McGimpsey

1:05:45 | May 13th, 2015

Dreams come true when DDB & DZ get to talk to the wonderful poet, David McGimpsey. Dreams come even more true when talk turns to shopping malls (!!) his new book, Asbestos Heights (!!!), Tropical Bill Murray, a baby Dina hates on Facebook, Beyoncé (o...Show More
016 Can't Lit — Sachiko Murakami

57:48 | Apr 27th, 2015

Poetry Month is still here! So, these podcast hosts invited the super charming and smart Sachiko Murakami to talk about poems, airports, crying poets and of course her new book. Get Me Out Of Here (Talonbooks) which also became a new Can't Lit game t...Show More
015 Can't Lit — Wine and Pizza

29:52 | Apr 7th, 2015

For poetry month Dina and Daniel invite two special guests to share the mics with them: wine and pizza. With their help D&D talk about what they think is so boring (lots of things, like, ugh, bacon) and debut a new segment, Poetry Books That Got Us S...Show More
014 Can't Lit — Marita Dachsel and Matt Rader

49:53 | Mar 30th, 2015

Two road trips in a row? Yup. That's Can't Lit in March. D&D head to Victoria and invite Marita Dachsel and Matt Rader to a hotel business centre. We discuss Marita's many wives, from her poetry collection, Glossolalia (Anvil Press, 2013), and Matt's...Show More
013 Can't Lit — Michael Christie

56:41 | Mar 16th, 2015

Can't Lit is on the road! The duo head to Galiano Island to meet with author Michael Christie. We talk about his new book, If I Fall, If I Die, (McClelland & Stewart, 2015), weird island names, flashbacks and otters. By request we bring back fan favo...Show More
012 Can't Lit — Chelsea Rooney

51:36 | Feb 23rd, 2015

Chelsea Rooney joins Can't Lit to talk about her debut novel, Pedal (Caitlin Press, 2014), but also to go down great paths discussing the movies Scream and The Craft, along with our favourite topic, Can Lit fueds. We also get into meta narratives, an...Show More
011 Can't Lit — Adam Lewis Schroeder

58:05 | Feb 18th, 2015

On this episode Dina and Daniel invite writer, and entertaining gentlemen, Adam Lewis Schroeder from the wilds of Vernon to talk about Beyonce, the Super Bowl, zombies, his new book, All Day Breakfast (Douglas & McIntyre, March 2015) and the apocalyp...Show More
010 Can't Lit — Sean Cranbury

1:20:22 | Jan 26th, 2015

Happy New Year! The first Can't Lit in 2015 opens with the multi-faceted man with many plans, Sean Cranbury. We talk about the word "emerging", Real Vancouver Writers' Series, #95books, Sean's podcasts "Books on the Radio" and "The Interruption," Can...Show More
009 Can't Lit — Sara Bynoe

1:30:49 | Dec 22nd, 2014

So, this is Can't Lit Christmas, and what have you done? In this episode Dina and Daniel welcome Sara Bynoe with a lot of eggnog and bourbon. We get emotionally invested in Christmas movies, holidays past, present and future and of course we rehash f...Show More
008 Can't Lit — George Bowering and Jean Baird

1:21:09 | Nov 24th, 2014

In this episode we're invited into the home of George Bowering and Jean Baird to talk about the recent release of Bowering's Books by The Capilano Review. We edited down hours of conversation and we're still left with many pressing topics, including:...Show More
007 Can't Lit — Amber Dawn

1:10:17 | Oct 27th, 2014

This month on Can't Lit we have Amber Dawn and talk about all of the tasks of being a writer. From book launches, to fan nudies, to readings, to book reviews, to television watching.
006 Can't Lit — Wayde Compton

59:15 | Sep 29th, 2014

Well, it's Can't Lit time again, friends. This month we host the magnificent Wayde Compton, author of the newly released, The Outer Harbour (Arsenal Pulp Press), which we talk about in this very episode! We also recap our summers, talk writing for se...Show More
005 Can't Lit — Cynara Geissler and Sheryda Warrener

57:39 | Aug 26th, 2014

It's the fifth episode and we brought in Cynara Geissler and Sheryda Warrener for a very special pop-culture saturated podcast to celebrate Dina Del Bucchia's second book Blind Items. We talk about Robyn's mullet, ABBA's hits, urine therapy, poetry (...Show More
004 Can't Lit — Nancy Lee

1:14:06 | Jul 28th, 2014

For our fourth episode of Can't Lit, we talk to author Nancy Lee about her most-recent novel The Age. We also talk about tooth aches, gay weddings, and play a literary round of "Would You Rather?" Find out if Nancy Lee would rather Joey, or Ross.
003 Can't Lit — Doretta Lau

1:10:39 | Jun 30th, 2014

Do you like it long? Then this episode will satisfy. Doretta Lau joins the dynamic double Ds to talk about her debut short story collection, How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? (Nightwood, 2014) Bullying, ramen, writing about pop culture ...Show More
002 Can't Lit — Billeh Nickerson

54:01 | Jun 2nd, 2014

D&D bring Billeh Nickerson to an undisclosed location that may or may not be a bath house to talk about his cheeky sweet new book, Artificial Cherry (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2014), retro CanLit feuds, and of course, Judge Judy. Also making an appearance:...Show More
001 Can't Lit — Nikki Reimer

47:08 | May 21st, 2014

It's the first episode! Our hosts, Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli, chat with author Nikki Reimer about her new book Downverse (Talonbooks, 2014). Talk also turns to Calgary, hashtags and the new as-yet unrecorded podcast of the future, Maximu...Show More