The Barbell Life

The Barbell Life

We are bringing a new light to the “fitness podcast world.” It is a podcast based on Fitness, Family, Faith, & F-ilospohy.


1:00:39 | Mar 11th

On this episode, we talk to Jena Ready about all that she's learned coaching large groups of athletes in all sports and now a smaller group of athletes in one sport. And we also open a can of worms as...Show More

1:02:09 | Mar 5th

On this episode, we talk with the historian and data nerd of weightlifting - Seb Ostrowicz of Weightlifting House. He believes that the next few weeks of weightlifting will be some of the most excitin...Show More
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1:00:11 | Feb 26th

On this episode, we talk with Paul Oneid. Paul is an elite level powerlifter, a former D1 strength coach, and now works as a functional rehab specialist. So we had so much to talk about in this podcas...Show More

59:13 | Feb 20th

On this episode, we talk with Mash Mafia athlete Sarah Johnson - about her athletic background, her hypermobility issues, training to be a firefighter... and now her love of Super Total training.

49:40 | Feb 12th

On this episode, Coach Travis Mash drops knowledge on post activation potentiation (AKA the Mash Method) and some new ways we're using it for our lifters.
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