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Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan is a best-selling author, speaker, and futurist who explores what the future of work is going to look like. The goal of the show is to future-proof your career and your organization by giving you the insights you need to adapt to how the...Show More

09:19 | Feb 5th

Annual performance reviews are standard in many organizations, but the way they’ve always been done can be incredibly detrimental to the overall morale, productivity, and engagement at a company. Ther...Show More

1:07:50 | Feb 3rd

My guest today is David Marquet, bestselling author of Turn the Ship Around and his newest book, Leadership is Language, which comes out February 4th. Today we are talking about Leadership is Language...Show More
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10:03 | Jan 29th

Motivation is key to your success at work. Your boss can try to motivate you, but in most cases, you can’t rely on anyone else and have to find your own internal motivation. No matter if you work in a...Show More

1:08:57 | Jan 27th

This week I am joined by Bruce Daisley, former Twitter VP of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and bestselling author of the upcoming book, Eat Sleep Work Repeat: 30 Hacks for Bringing Joy to Your Jo...Show More

02:51 | Jan 22nd

For decades, most people believed there was just one path to career success: climbing the corporate ladder. Everyone was expected to start in an entry-level role, pay their dues, and get promoted as t...Show More
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