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Business Management & Marketing

Labor Pains - the exquisite agony of work

Larry Buhl

How Americans work today, how they might work tomorrow, and how to avoid getting screwed while bringing home the daily bread.

23:44 | Sep 9th, 2015

Futurist and scholar Wendell Wallach discusses tech unemployment and how tech is destroying more jobs than it's creating. And we discuss how we need to manage tech and think about its societal and policy implications so it doesn't control us.

15:51 | May 10th, 2015

Professor James Green, a historian of labor movements, gives the history of May Day and how the tumultuous Haymarket affair nearly derailed the movement for the eight-hour day. And he explains why Americans celebrate Labor Day but have largely forgot...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

33:18 | Apr 1st, 2015

Why are so many professionals quitting their day jobs to fly solo? Steve King of Emergent Research explains, and highlights the joys and pitfalls of freelancing.

36:47 | Mar 10th, 2015

Some experts say we've entered an age where technology will destroy more jobs than it creates. So, what do we do? And who will pay us? I speak with sociologist and futurist James Hughes, a professor at Trinity College in Connecticut about a guarantee...Show More

27:16 | Feb 18th, 2015

Ever wanted to ditch your job and be an artist? My guest, Canadian playwright, performance artist and director Darren O'Donnell says you might want to keep your day job if you want to something really creative.

29:46 | Feb 12th, 2015

Is Uber putting taxi drivers out of business? And will the so-called Uber Economy put you out of business? I spoke with a taxi driver turned labor advocate who has some opinions about how upstart companies like Uber are not just creating services peo...Show More

20:01 | Jan 28th, 2015

2014 was a spectacular year on the job front. That means 2015 is a good year to ask for a raise. I spoke with business consultant and author Holly Green, who explains how to ask for a raise the right way.

31:16 | Dec 16th, 2014

Holiday office parties are supposed to be fun. Fun, we say! So why do so many people approach them with dread? Maybe because there are so many pitfalls. Etiquette coach and author Barbara Pachter gives the do's and don'ts for making the most out of ...Show More

28:38 | Dec 10th, 2014

The clock is ticking on 2014. Not enough time to get everything done? Spinning your wheels at work? Do you feel like you're letting the big things slip? Career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine offers some common sense tips for managing your time.

26:54 | Nov 26th, 2014

Raising the minimum wage is overwhelmingly popular. So why can't lawmakers in Congress make it happen? What's the controversy? I talk with an analyst from the Economic Policy Institute who debunks some of the myths around the minimum wage.

19:44 | Nov 12th, 2014

Are you getting paid what you're owed? In many companies employers are stealing wages to the tune of millions per year. I spoke with Rebecca Smith of the National Employment Law Project about what's being done, and what you can do.

21:48 | Oct 31st, 2014

The push to increase the minimum wage has stalled at the federal level. But it's moving forward in the states - as long as lawmakers are not involved. I speak with leaders in grassroots movements to bring living wages to all workers in Wisconsin and ...Show More

27:10 | Oct 21st, 2014

It's tough to find the job you want, and keep it, even if you do everything right. It's even harder when you keep making the same mistakes. Career consultant and management expert David Couper points out a few beliefs and actions that can sabotage yo...Show More

35:30 | Oct 7th, 2014

Author Jacob Morgan describes how technology, demographics and even societal shifts will change the way we work over the next ten (or so) years.

27:56 | Sep 23rd, 2014

William Deresiewicz, author of the controversial new book, "Excellent Sheep," talks about how elite universities are miseducating high achievers, creating stressed-out, hoop-jumping sheep instead of well-rounded adults.

24:26 | Sep 9th, 2014

How important is a college major? Career consultant Barbara Safani and others explain why you probably don't need to panic about whether your major is worthless... as long as you follow a few rules.

32:18 | Sep 4th, 2014

The founder and executive director of the Workplace Bullying Institute, Gary Namie, talks with me about how to tell if you or a co-worker have been targeted by a bully on the job. He explains what can be done if and when a boss or colleague is making...Show More

31:18 | Sep 4th, 2014

Is there a spiritual dimension to careers? Bestselling author David Howitt joins me to discuss his new book:"Heed Your Call: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality and Business." He tells us that you can find your path to abundance and joy in your c...Show More

28:23 | Sep 4th, 2014

Why are Americans afraid to take their meager vacation time? Why can't they stop working? Why are they always running scared? Cognitive psychologist Denise Dellarosa Cummins explains why the American culture of overwork is getting worse and how it's ...Show More