S01 Episode 12: What We Know

56:00 | Dec 18th, 2014

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On January 13, 1999, Adnan Syed was a hurt and vengeful ex-boyfriend who carried out a premeditated murder. Or he was a bewildered bystander, framed for a crime he could never have committed. After 15...Show More


alishiamarie recommended:Feb 19th, 2018

After listening to this entire season, I can’t say I know what happened, what I can say is I don’t think this is the whole story and want to look into it more.

podplace recommended:Feb 16th, 2019

hello? someone tell me who to believe

dannyFeb 23rd, 2019

@katzemoos I've felt he's been innocent but fyi HBO is coming up with a series that seems to suggest they are taking the procecutors side. Comes out March 10th.

podplaceMar 18th, 2019

@danny no way! ah I wish i had HBO. have you seen it by now?

dannyMar 18th, 2019

@katzemoos not yet! waiting a bit for the series to end before I binge it 🤓