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Disrupting Japan

Tim Romero

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Japanese startups are fundamentally changing Japan's society and economy. Disrupting Japan gives you direct access to the thoughts and plans of Japan’s must successful and creative startup founders. Join us and bypass the media and corporate gatekeep...Show More


39:21 | Jun 8th

You would expect that event-focused startups would be some of the hardest hit by the global pandemic and lockdown, and for the most part, you would be right.  But Peatix is one event startup that a...Show More

12:04 | May 25th

I've never managed to find a direct road to success. My bio reads like a random walk down many different career paths, so I always feel unqualified to answer when people ask me for career advice. T...Show More
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16:36 | Apr 27th

Japanese businessmen famously fear failure. But that understanding is horribly incomplete. In fact, there is one type of failure that is admired, almost sought after, in Japan. Today we take a look...Show More

36:49 | Mar 30th

Almost all startup accelerators are going bankrupt and going away. Hiro Maeda, the founder of two of Japan's most successful, and most different startup incubators explains both the brief past and ...Show More

18:17 | Mar 16th

Innovation drives society forward, but everyday competence keeps it on the road. Over the past five years, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the importance of disruptive innovation, but today...Show More
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