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Episode 205: Sohui Kim

44:52 | Feb 20th, 2019

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Sohui Kim is the chef of The Good Fork and Insa in Brooklyn. This week, she and associate editor Christina Chaey talk about re-embracing the Korean comfort food of their childhoods.Get the recipes fro...Show More


rosaguac recommended:Apr 13th

so when can i apply to be christina chaey's intern? really been trying to focus on podcasts that stray away from c*vid-10, all because i feel myself getting increasingly despondent and hopeless. this was a beautiful homage to korean food and the basic elements and flavor profiles that comprise k...Show More

rosaguacApr 13th

mmApr 13th

@rosaguac Such a lovely episode! I listened to it while cooking, but cooking nothing as delicious though. Sohui reminds me a of real life Sasha Tran.

mmApr 13th

@rosaguac I also made a playlist with all the episodes about Korean food

mm recommended:Apr 13th

For Asian Americans and Canadians, there usually comes a time in your life when you start craving comfort food from home after pushing it away in your adolescence. Chef Sohui Kim and Bon Appétit editor Christina Chaey talk about their rediscovery and reclamation of Korean food. Also, I'm so mad at t...Show More


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