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Our mindsets determine the way we see the world, as well as, the way we behave and who we are as people. It’s very easy and normal to stay stuck in fixed mindsets - limiting beliefs about our abilities and skills that prevents us to learn new thing...Show More
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042: Blindspots, First Impressions & People Skills (with Jordan Harbinger)

35:34 | Jul 17th, 2015

When I was preparing to interview Jordan Harbinger, host of The Art of Charm podcast, I planned to focus this episode on overcoming blindspots. In fact, I begin by telling the story about my big blindspot in relation to the Top 50 iTunes podcast The ...Show More
041: The Independence Continuum

11:29 | Jul 5th, 2015

I recorded this MINDSET ZONE episode, on the Fourth of July, Independence Day, in the US. We commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. This was when the American colonies declared themselves as a new nation, the U...Show More
040:  Mindset Shifts in Productivity, Balance and Entrepreneurship (with Monique Y. Wells)

34:39 | Jun 27th, 2015

In this episode, I had the pleasure to interview Monique Y. Wells. Monique is a productivity expert, and loves to coach women entrepreneurs who want their businesses to support their ideal lifestyles. Monique writes regularly for the Huffington Post....Show More
039: Transitions–The Eagle and The Mouse

12:38 | Jun 19th, 2015

In episode 26 of the MINDSET ZONE podcast where the topic was “Do People Really Change?”, I spoke about a Greek philosopher called Heraclitus who said: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man....Show More
038: Essentialism by Greg McKeown

36:56 | Jun 13th, 2015

To conclude my series of podcast episodes about the importance of “Focusing”, I was honored to interview Greg McKeown, author of the New York Times Best Seller Book – Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Greg has taught at companies that in...Show More
037: Unfocus To Focus

12:36 | Jun 4th, 2015

I can’t stop focusing on focus 🙂 First it was the interview with Omar Zenhom – episode 35 of this podcast titled “Focus To Succeed” Then, it was last show – episode 36 – about “Focus Without Focus.” Today, I decided to speak about “Unfocus to Focus....Show More
036: Focus Without Focus

11:45 | May 28th, 2015

Last episode I interviewed Omar Zenhom about how to “Focus To Succeed.”  Afterwards, several ideas emerged for me that led to the topic “Focus Without Focus.” “Focus to Succeed” only works when we are focused on the essential projects that help us mo...Show More
035: Focus To Succeed (with Omar Zenhom)

35:54 | May 22nd, 2015

In this episode, I interviewed a fellow podcaster – Omar Zenhom. Omar is the Co-Founder of Business Republic, where he, and his partner Nicole Baldinu, started an alternative business education program called The $100 MBA – a culmination  of his year...Show More
034: A Conversation with Viktor Frankl’s Grandson – Alexander Vesely

44:09 | May 14th, 2015

– Listen to this interview to find out how to win a copy of the documentary “Viktor & I”– Movie Trailer: Viktor & I, An Alexander Vesely In this episode, I spoke with Alexander Vesely about his grandfather, Viktor Frankl. Viktor Emil Frankl, M.D., Ph...Show More
033: Your Body of Work (with Pam Slim)

29:47 | May 7th, 2015

In this episode, you will listen to an interview with Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and the Body of Work. Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker and business consultant who has been an entrepreneur for eighteen years. Pam...Show More
032: Invisibilia – The Blind Can See

10:51 | Apr 30th, 2015

Today’s episode goal is to invite you to go and listen to a different podcast – really 🙂 This is one of the things I love about the podcasting world. Like authors and professionals speakers, we know that people who read a book, listen to a speaker, ...Show More
031: Non-Obvious: How to Think Different with Rohit Bhargava

25:00 | Apr 24th, 2015

In this episode, I have the pleasure to interview Rohit Bhargava, author of five best selling business books including Likeonomics and his most recent one called Non-Obvious: How to think Different, Curate Ideas and Predict the Future. He had me at “...Show More
030: Misattributions – Good Or Bad?

15:42 | Apr 18th, 2015

Today, I want to focus on misattributions, that is, situations where we attribute an idea to the wrong source. I was listening to news recently and they were speaking about the beautiful new US stamp, produced as an homage to the life and work of May...Show More
029: The Second Arrow – Stories We Tell Ourselves (with Eric Zimmer)

31:12 | Apr 11th, 2015

In this Episode, I interviewed Eric Zimmer the host of the podcast “The One You Feed.” “The One You Feed” podcast was named Best of 2014 by iTunes, and it’s an amazing collection of open minded discussions of habits, wisdom, psychology, philosophy, a...Show More
028: Do You Have A Sandbox?

09:52 | Apr 4th, 2015

For many of you, last week’s episode was very conceptual with no practical application. I want to celebrate that 🙂 It’s essential to have activities that don’t seem to have practical applications, or use business language, with no tangible Return Of...Show More
027: Paradoxes – Give Your Mindsets a Workout

19:37 | Mar 28th, 2015

To provide a mindset workout is my goal for every episode of my podcast. I want to create a space where you come to exercise your mind, such as when you go to the health club to keep yourself healthy and in shape. In the last episode – 26: Do People ...Show More
026: Do People Really Change?

14:16 | Mar 20th, 2015

I’m fascinated by change – if you listen regularly to this podcast you may have noticed that. Change has been the focus of my professional life. When I started as a psychotherapist, I helped people overcome problems in ways that changed how they live...Show More
025: Learning and Change

13:11 | Mar 12th, 2015

The topic of this episode is Learning and Change  – and how can we learn from our relapses, and missteps. First of all, I want to correct a mistake I did in Episode 23: Understanding Change – and Why Is So Difficult to Change, where I spoke about a s...Show More
024: Stop Changing – Start Shifting (with Whitney Hutten)

25:19 | Mar 6th, 2015

Last episode I spoke about why it’s so difficult to change, and I knew then that I had to bring Whitney Hutten to this podcast. Whitney believes that to stop changing and start shifting, is the best strategy to make what you want happen. Her mission ...Show More
023: Understanding Change – and Why Is It So Difficult to Change

21:48 | Feb 27th, 2015

A quarter of 2015 has already past. I’m wondering if this year you did any New Year’s Resolutions that implied a big change in your life. The reality is that for most people, even if they honestly intended to change some important aspect of their liv...Show More
022: Getting a NO can be your best goal (with Andrea Waltz)

26:08 | Feb 20th, 2015

In this episode, I interviewed Andrea Waltz about the book she co-authored with Richard Fenton: Go for NO! YES is the destination NO is how you get there I spoke about this book in Episode 3 – Failure and The Way to Success. I was thrilled with this ...Show More
021: The Four Agreements – Always Do Your Best

12:03 | Feb 13th, 2015

This is the last episode around the book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz To summarize, The Four Agreements are: First Agreement: Be impeccable with your word Second Agreement: Don’t take anything personally Third Agreement: Don’t make assumpt...Show More
020: The Four Agreements – The Assumptions We Make

16:22 | Feb 6th, 2015

On the last episode, I spoke about “Don’t take anything personally” – the second agreement from the book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. In this episode, I focus on the Third Agreement – Don’t make assumptions. Don Miguel Ruiz summarizes thi...Show More
019: The Four Agreements – It’s Not About You

21:18 | Jan 30th, 2015

On the last episode, I focused on the the first agreement from the book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I spoke about “Be impeccable with your word” and reflected on the Power of Words. I even shared some insights from recent psychological r...Show More
018: The Four Agreements – Words Are Powerful

19:51 | Jan 22nd, 2015

On the last episode I spoke about the book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I explored what Ruiz calls Self-Limiting Beliefs. I call them Mindset Blind-Spots because we are not aware that we hold them, and yet we filter our experiences throug...Show More
017: The Four Agreements and Mindset Blind-Spots

14:45 | Jan 16th, 2015

At the beginning of the year, I like to re-read books that impacted me in the past. This year, I decided to read again The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s a beautifully written short book that calls our attention to the many self-limiting be...Show More
016: Courage To Be Imperfect

24:06 | Jan 9th, 2015

Perfection – I strive for perfection. I always did, and I still do. I like to do things as well as possible. I’m always looking for ways to improve. I know that perfection is an illusion. It’s impossible to produce something totally flawless, but why...Show More
015: Think BIG MindSet (with Michael Port)

42:38 | Jan 2nd, 2015

During this episode, I interviewed my mentor Michael Port about the Think BIG MindSet. Michael Port has been called an “uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, and a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal. He has written 5 bestselling boo...Show More
014: The Power of YET – A Growth Mindset Secret

16:25 | Dec 26th, 2014

The idea behind this podcast is that our mindsets determine the way we see the world. And, because it’s so easy to stay stuck in Fixed Mindsets, that prevents us from learning new things, it’s vital to intentionally cultivate Growth Mindsets. These c...Show More
013: How to Overcome the Fear of Running Out of Money (with Sarah Thompson)

39:58 | Dec 19th, 2014

I had a thought provoking conversation with Sarah Thompson, a financial expert, on how to overcome the fear of running out of money. I invited Sarah, because she has a well of experiences, from working on the corporate world, to her own personal stru...Show More
012: Age is an Advantage

15:24 | Dec 12th, 2014

If you are trying to make a difference – with whatever you are doing at this moment in your life – do you see age as an advantage or a disadvantage? Today, in our western society, a common belief is that as we age, our opportunities to make a differe...Show More
011: How to Increase Your Positivity

19:04 | Nov 28th, 2014

Take a minute to do this awareness exercise: Look around the room and count how many red objects you see. Write that number down. Now that you know how many red objects you saw, do you have any idea how many blue objects were there? If you are like m...Show More
010: What’s In a Name

09:29 | Nov 28th, 2014

Why do we spend so long to decide about a name? The name of our children, the name of our pets, the name of our business. I spent a long time thinking about how to name this podcast. If you followed me from the inception of this show, you know that I...Show More
009: The Power of Gratitude

16:59 | Nov 22nd, 2014

Most people agree how important it is to be grateful. Research in Psychology also supports the power of gratitude. In her book–The How of Happiness–Sonja Lyubomirsky, dedicates a full chapter to this topic. She uses a definition from a world’s leadin...Show More
008: React or Create – Your Choice

21:01 | Nov 14th, 2014

Think about a time when you lost your car keys, and you are already running late. You know that they have to be somewhere in your house, and you almost sure that you left them in the kitchen, but you can’t see them anywhere. You feel the stress build...Show More
007: Searching for Meaning – Are You Aiming High Enough?

26:30 | Nov 7th, 2014

One of my favorite books is Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning.” It’s a powerful book, divided into two parts.   Part One is an account of Frankl’s experiences as a prisoner in several concentration camps during the Second Word War. His recoll...Show More
006: Blind Spots – We All Have Them

19:45 | Oct 30th, 2014

I received touching comments from Episode 4 where I focused on Carol Dweck’s book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” Here are a few: “If you ever wanted to make a difference in the world, you certainly did change my world with this podcast.” ...Show More
005: Follow Your Passion – Worst Advice Ever?

25:50 | Oct 22nd, 2014

Not long ago, I read a book entitled: So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love The author, Cal Newport, argues that “follow your passion” is bad advice. So often, we hear this advice “follow your passion”...Show More
004: Growth Mindset – Yes, We Can Learn It

27:11 | Oct 17th, 2014

The secret of success for self-employed professionals is developing a growth mindset. What does that mean? Let me define the opposite – fixed mindset. In a fixed mindset, we believe our basic qualities, such as intelligence or talents are set. We bel...Show More
003: Failure and The Way To Success

20:15 | Oct 10th, 2014

Last week I spoke about the Art of Repurposing and a new perspective from the Icarus Myth I learned from one of my favorite authors: Seth Godin. During that episode I said: If we want to succeed, we may fail many times. Now, I want to correct myself:...Show More
002: Repurposing & The Icarus Myth Learned from Seth Godin

20:20 | Oct 3rd, 2014

As Self-Employed Professionals, we have to wear many hats. When we start our business, we soon realize that we also have to be our own marketing director, bookkeeper, sales person, webmaster, editor, and admin. Of course, we can bring people on board...Show More
001: MINDSET ZONE intro

09:58 | Sep 26th, 2014

I decided to record Episode 1 again, to give you a feeling of what  MINDSET ZONE is all about. This way, you can choose to subscribe and follow the MINDSET ZONE podcast.