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Women get bombarded with all sorts of advice on maternity: a lot of it unsolicited, and often outdated or just plain incorrect. In the Birthful Podcast, Adriana Lozada talks with pregnancy, birth and postpartum experts to distill that information dow...Show More


1:28:50 | Jan 23rd, 2019

It’s common for pushing stages to be managed, with laboring people reclining on their backs and being told to grab behind their knees and pull them open towards their ears, while tucking their chins, ...Show More
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A super valuable episode for anybody preparing to give birth vaginally.

1:17:47 | Jan 29th

The first latch brought excruciating pain and instant damage to Melissa's nipples. Her confidence drained, she was informed her baby would have to meet certain sugar level requirements during the firs...Show More
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1:19:09 | Jan 22nd

Do you have a need for control and certainty? Are you a perfectionist? Do you highly value knowledge and technology? Do you resist things getting wild? Do you strive to do it all? If any of these reso...Show More

1:19:28 | Jan 15th

Krista Thompson shares her progression from a prodromal labor and her baby being taken to the NICU, to a precipitous hospital birth with Fetal Ejection Reflex, and finally an unassisted-like homebirt...Show More

1:03:15 | Jan 8th

When you’re expecting, anxiety and worrying seem to take center stage, especially if you are categorized as high-risk. What can you do with these feelings? Can they affect your and your baby’s health?...Show More
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