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The original true crime review podcast that looks at other podcasts, TV, and pop culture. True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture round table with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investi...Show More

1:03:50 | Feb 10th

Greetings from New Hampshire, where the Crime Writers will be among those casting their First in the Nation primary ballots. Hear them discuss the new text technology campaigns will be using to get yo...Show More

1:01:44 | Feb 17th

After casting their votes in the New Hampshire Primary, the panel is ready to vote on two new true crime titles. First, the crime writers discuss the new season of Uncover: Satanic Panic. Host Lisa...Show More
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1:03:47 | Feb 3rd

Mixed reviews this week from the crime writers. First, they explore "The Officer's Wife" from Vault Studios. Just as you think the story will be a typical by-the-numbers true crime offers a ...Show More

1:04:47 | Jan 20th

In an episode that seems to go off the rails at times, the panel discusses season two of “The Dream.” Host Jane Marie tackles the wellness industry, covering everything from healing crystals and medic...Show More
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