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The MakingChips Podcast For Manufacturing Leaders

Jason Zenger, Jim Carr


As featured in Modern Machine Shop Magazine, Crains Business, Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine - since 2014 MakingChips has EQUIPPED and INSPIRED MANUFACTURING LEADERS. We discuss the business of machining, engineering, design, tooling, best practic...Show More


46:31 | Jul 7th

Times are changing and as manufacturing leaders, we need to adjust with these times. "In business, if we don't change, we don't grow and we don't survive." - Robin Johnson, a change agent, with a pass...Show More

35:38 | Jun 30th

In business and in life we all experience pain we can’t control. Jim Carr reflects on the recent death of his parents and gives practical advice on how business leaders can prepare for personal loss a...Show More
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31:32 | Jun 2nd

Co-hosts Jim Carr, Nick Goellner and Jason Zenger talk about their past experiences with fear in business, including navigating recession, unemployment, and the current pandemic, then offer seven step...Show More

33:25 | May 27th

When it comes to your cutting tools, how do you know when it's time to resharpen or recycle? This week on the MakingChips podcast, hosts Jim Carr, Jason Zenger, and Nick Goellner discuss when and why ...Show More

42:09 | May 12th

It’s tempting, in rapid response, to abandon procedures or suspend protocols in order to solve immediate crisis situations. This week’s guest, Noah Goellner, lean manufacturing expert and COO of Henni...Show More
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