Gloom Lake - Weird Tales of the Frontier

Stan Davis, Robert Metcalf and Ron Speigle

Gloom Lake, Nevada Territory, 1863. Whispers of otherworldly travel, strange creatures, bizarre murders, demonic forces and the restless dead abound. Who will have the courage and grit to face the horrors? Subscribe to find out. A serial Horror/Adven...Show More

26:45 | Nov 27th, 2015

Ep. 13 Part One- Upon Him Was Death - Tensions flare over the fate of Tu'gumpa and the Marshall must face an inner demon as the group makes their way back to Gloom Lake.

22:39 | Oct 30th, 2015

Halloween Episode- Little House of Horror - A family learns of the hard work and sacrifice it takes to settle the land near Gloom Lake.
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19:48 | Sep 27th, 2015

Ep. 12 Nine-Tenths of the Law - The effect of JT's trip into the spirit world continues to wreak havoc and demons must be faced on the trail to Gloom Lake.

28:07 | Sep 6th, 2015

Ep. 11 Ronin Against the Wind - A lone Samurai has the knowledge to defeat a vengeful spirit.

21:57 | Jul 19th, 2015

Ep. 10 The Group decides to travel back to Gloom Lake, but are sidetracked by an unusual cold snap.
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