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French Your Way Podcast: Learn French with Jessica | French Grammar | French Vocabulary | French Expressions

Jessica: Native French teacher, founder of French Your Way

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I’m Jessica, a native French teacher from the Champagne region here to help you learn French and discover the French language. You may know me from the French Voices Podcast (a series of interviews in French for the more advanced learners). If you a...Show More


07:49 | Jun 26th, 2019

What’s wrong with saying "Yum, this is very delicious!" or "Wow, this is very beautiful!" English. However, a literal translation of these expressions -along with a few others- doesn't wo...Show More

12:28 | May 1st, 2019

Do you know to use the expression "I miss you" in French? Students often find it quite tricky – the construction of the sentence is very different from English. After my explanation, you should be abl...Show More
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14:14 | Jul 30th

Many episodes ago, I recorded a series of lessons about the use of the various French pronouns. I think it’s time for a quick brush-up! Here’s the question I received from a Joanna, a listener of Fren...Show More

32:41 | Jul 20th

Listen to a real French lesson that I recorded with John, a student from the USA! John wanted to focus on a general conversation. I interrupted him here and there to correct or point out a few grammat...Show More

27:15 | Jul 10th

What is the difference between "Bonne chance" and "Bon courage" in French? Can they be used interchangeably? Find out in this episode and learn a few more common French expressions to wish someone wel...Show More
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