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Jessica: Native French teacher, founder of French Your Way

I’m Jessica, a native French teacher from the Champagne region here to help you learn French and discover the French language. You may know me from the French Voices Podcast (a series of interviews in French for the more advanced learners). If you a...Show More

24:20 | Aug 7th

To celebrate summer I’ve prepared for you a series of 3 episodes with my best travel tips for your stay in France! In this episode I’ll cover: how to plan your itinerary and avoid being stuck in traffic, how many "bises" (kisses) you should smack on ...Show More

11:50 | Jul 31st

How to tell the date in French: a bit of French grammar and a poetic bonus as I’ll be reading a famous poem by Verlaine for you: "Chanson d’Automne"... Vocabulary and Spelling of the French Words mentioned in this episode Le 30 mars, le 4 avril, le 7...Show More
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21:50 | Jul 10th

Learn about the different names given to the French accent circonflexe. I will run you through its different uses and functions. Listen to see if you knew them all…you may well also learn a heap of French vocabulary on the way! Vocabulary and Spellin...Show More

21:17 | Jul 3rd

This is a totally different episode where I reply to John, a student and listener who struggles to keep up the motivation to keep learning. John asks for my input and raises many interesting questions which I’m sure many of you have been experiencing...Show More

07:49 | Jun 26th

What’s wrong with saying "Yum, this is very delicious!" or "Wow, this is very beautiful!" English. However, a literal translation of these expressions -along with a few others- doesn't work in French. Here’s why. Vocabulary and Spelling ...Show More
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