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Someone Else's Movie

Norm Wilner


SOMEONE ELSE'S MOVIE is just what it says on the label: Each week, an actor, director, screenwriter, critic or industry observer will discuss a film that he or she admires, but had no hand in making. Hosted by Norm Wilner, senior film writer for NOW ...Show More

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46:24 | May 28th, 2019

Writer, producer, actor and podcaster Kulap Vilaysack -- whose moving personal documentary Origin Story is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video -- throws down for the retro delights of Joe Cornish's At...Show More

39:04 | May 21st, 2019

Filmmaker Robin McKenna, whose new documentary Gift is playing at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto right now, rides for the dreamy landscapes and flowing score of Jim Jarmusch's entrancing alt-Western De...Show More
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1:07:48 | May 14th, 2019

Writer and producer Ramona Barckert -- whose new film Ordinary Days is now playing in Toronto, Halifax and Edmonton -- stops by on a rainy day to discuss Marielle Heller's Can You Ever Forgive Me? and...Show More

1:14:26 | May 7th, 2019

Writer, performer and future podcast prom queen Jocelyn Geddie (The Beaverton, I Hate It But I Love It) throws down for the queasy high-school horror movie that is Brian de Palma's Carrie -- the first...Show More

51:59 | Apr 30th, 2019

Recorded in his London edit suite, filmmaker Charlie Lyne -- director of Beyond Clueless, Fear Itself and the newly released Lasting Marks -- breaks our format with The Clock, Christian Marclay's 2010...Show More
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