The Middle Class Musician

Inspiring the Intentional Musician. For fans of: The Working Songwriter, Song Exploder, DIY Musician Podcast, The Fretboard Journal, This Nashville Life, And the Writer Is... Chasing Tone, Made It In Music, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

In recent years, the music industry has been flipped on it's head due to advances in technology and a massive shift in how people consume music. This Nashville based podcast explores what it means to be an intentional musician and what it looks lik...Show More

1:06:00 | Apr 23rd, 2019

What happens when everything goes according to plan:  you get a huge record deal  build a world class team around your music  Nashville is buzzing with hype about you But then... it all turns on you...Show More

1:22:31 | Mar 27th, 2019

Our first ever repeat guest!  We were so excited to catch up with Holley Maher (from episode 1) about what she's been up to for the last 5 years.  We cover:  Her journey of creating a pop side projec...Show More
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1:21:18 | Feb 22nd, 2019

Have you ever wondered what its like to be a country artist outside the U.S.? To have a career around a genre that has its roots so firmly in American culture?    We talk all about that this week with...Show More

1:10:01 | Feb 8th, 2019

Kicking off season two with a GREAT conversation with Vian Izak - producer and founder of Vohnic Music.  -- We cover topics like -- understanding the "why" behind your own music  how to get on Spotif...Show More

1:17:20 | Nov 15th, 2018

Great chat this week that I think will be really inspiring to any songwriter and / or indie artist. This conversation covers:  why Jordy's debut album is actually his 5th album why taking control of ...Show More
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