Blank Check with Griffin & David

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Not just another bad movie podcast, Blank Check reviews directors' complete filmographies episode to episode. Specifically, the auteurs whose early successes afforded them the rare ‘blank check’ from Hollywood to produce passion projects. Each new mi...Show More


2:01:27 | Mar 29th

Witness Blank Check because this week, Griffin and David ride towards Valhalla and into a new mini series on the films of George Miller! Together they examine Miller’s medical background, the early ca...Show More

2:27:48 | Mar 22nd

Griffin, David, Ben and Ang each from their own apartments celebrated Blank Check’s anniversary with a look back at some favorite moments and reflect upon these past five years. Plus, messages from pa...Show More
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1:08:14 | Mar 19th

B-b-b-bonus Jonas, David and Griffin do a Jonathan Demme wrap-up with his last full-length music documentary. What is David's extensive background with Timberlake concerts? How much does Griffin disli...Show More

2:05:25 | Mar 15th

Who? Weekly hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber talk about Demme's last film, written by Diablo Cody. But they really just want to talk about Tully. It's a film about dead beat [get it? BEAT??] Moms ...Show More

2:15:12 | Mar 8th

David, Griffin, and self-made man of letters John Hodgman ( have to deal with Ragnar in this weird weird weird adaptation of a Henrik Ibsen play - and by adaptation, we mea...Show More
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