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Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff

NBI Studios

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The Truth & Justice Podcast is listener driven show, devoted to the pursuit of truth and justice. Host, Bob Ruff, investigates potential wrongful conviction and cold cases using a unique crowdsourcing approach. Bob invites listeners to participate in...Show More

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20:35 | Apr 29th, 2015

In Episode 1, Bob explains what the Serial Dynasty Podcast is all about, and calls Serial / UNDISCLOSED fans to action. Bob is asking fans to email their thoughts and theories to him to be discussed ...Show More

51:45 | Sep 7th, 2018

In this episode, Mike asks Bob questions from social media revolving around the crime scene that was the Melgar home.  Topics of discussion range from Liz's backpack, to how an intruder could have unl...Show More
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1:27:24 | Jul 5th

This week NBI studios brings you a special bonus episode from Bob & Zaq's other show, "Bob and Weave." They are joined in the studio by Black Lives Matter Organizer, Jordan Giger. Jordan is an Organiz...Show More

44:43 | Jul 3rd

Bob and Zaq have a discussion over their thoughts on the Pieringer case so far, and Mike asks questions from listeners.

48:29 | Jun 28th

Bob continues to dig into Detective Hardy's investigation into Deb Pieringer. Stunning revelations lead to an emotional conclusion. Today's Sponsor: - Get 30% off your first ...Show More
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