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Audio talks and lectures by leaders of social change, co-hosted by Stanford Social Innovation Review's Managing Editor Eric Nee. http://ssir.org/podcasts

37:28 | Jul 15th

Predictive analytics can help organizations iterate rapidly, become more transparent and precise, and pinpoint opportunities to address inequities in their work. In this recording from our 2019 Data on Purpose conference, Parag Gupta, vice president...Show More

1:00:53 | Jul 1st

Blockchain can help with a variety of social and economic challenges—from securing identity for refugee or homeless populations to minimizing the presence of conflict diamonds in the industry’s supply chain. But at the end of the day, technology is j...Show More

49:13 | Jun 19th

What can help the social sector go big on data in the right ways? For one, organizations should stop underestimating their capabilities. And for another, they should build their data strategy around deeper strategic goals as opposed to funding opport...Show More

31:53 | May 29th

What responsibilities do we have as individuals, organizations, and a society for how we conduct ourselves online? In this recording from our 2019 Data on Purpose conference, Henry Timms, president and CEO of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts an...Show More

25:18 | May 7th

In a world where the pace of organizational learning is often slower than the pace of technological change, activists and nonprofit leaders must develop their “technical intuition.” Not everyone needs to become a tech expert, explains Alix Dunn, of t...Show More

38:38 | Apr 23rd

In 2016, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, launched 100&Change—a new grant competition, that would award $100 million to an organization with the best proposal to help solve a critical social problem. The foundation awarded the grant...Show More

27:54 | Apr 9th

In 2016, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, launched 100&Change—a new grant competition, to award $100 million to an organization with the best proposal to help solve a critical social problem. In 2018, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit ...Show More

1:14:17 | Mar 26th

Communication strategy can’t be an afterthought for organizations that want to fully embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. It requires a careful examination of words, images, ideas, and narrative framing. Where should you start? Using insight fr...Show More

47:49 | Mar 12th

“Community-centered” approaches to social change are nothing new. But the term has become a buzzword in the professionalized social impact world, and strategies intended to elevate the needs of grassroots movements often miss the mark. How can nonpro...Show More

1:02:58 | Feb 26th

Research shows that when talented social innovators lack “invisible capital”—the so-called right pedigree, right passport, right skin color, right gender—they may fail to get the attention and investment they need to succeed. How can leaders in phila...Show More

50:16 | Feb 11th

Black women face racial and gender stereotypes and biases that often keep success in the hands of the few—and their experiences working in the social sector are no exception. To understand the unique set of racial and gender barriers—coined “double ...Show More

09:49 | Jan 29th

Due to her father’s work as an engineer, Paula John moved around a lot in her youth. She often felt seen but not heard in the relationship with her dad. With her own family, she tried hard to listen, and she expected the same consideration from her l...Show More

1:08:53 | Dec 20th, 2018

What practices make the arts more or less inclusive? At Stanford Social Innovation Review’s 2018 Nonprofit Management Institute conference, leaders from three San Francisco Bay Area arts organizations discuss how they are shaping both their organizat...Show More

07:56 | Nov 27th, 2018

When Shannon Revels came home to Oakland after nearly 15 years in prison, he found his criminal record made it difficult to get a job. But through the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), he found a role first as a janitor then resident service...Show More

35:35 | Nov 6th, 2018

The nonprofit Color of Change was formed after Hurricane Katrina to use online resources in the fight for the rights of Black communities in America. Since then, Color of Change has grown into the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, ...Show More

53:03 | Aug 28th, 2018

Technology can magnify the power of grassroots organizing and social innovation, but it can sometimes bring about societal harm, whether intentionally or not. At SSIR’s 2018 Frontiers of Social Innovation conference, Rob Reich, a Marc and Laura Andr...Show More

37:04 | Jul 31st, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI), once a niche discipline within computer science, has blossomed over the past decade—including in the social sector. In this recording from our 2018 Frontiers of Social Innovation conference, Johanna Mair, academic editor...Show More

58:09 | Jul 17th, 2018

Emerging technologies like biotech and artificial intelligence have the potential to transform so many of the systems that make up the world around us.         At our 2018 Frontiers of Social Innovation conference, Katherine Milligan, who directs ...Show More

1:05:51 | Jul 3rd, 2018

In the mid-1990s, NGO activists began shining a spotlight on the concentrated use of slave child labor in Pakistan to produce soccer balls for the global market. The attention prompted the industry to make deep changes in its supply chain to eliminat...Show More

33:12 | Jun 19th, 2018

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 65 million people around the world have been forced from home—the highest levels of displacement on record. In her recent SSIR article, “Let Refugees Be Their Own Solution,” E...Show More

38:03 | Apr 19th, 2018

As director of the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Silicon Valley-based Center for Technology and Society, Brittan Heller oversees efforts to track cyber-hate, and works in partnership with technology companies and law enforcement agencies to reduce b...Show More

52:05 | Apr 5th, 2018

To solve “wicked problems” like deforestation and persistent poverty, we not only need better data but also better indicators to identify problems and patterns in real time. Planet Inc., a geospatial organization that has deployed the largest constel...Show More

32:58 | Mar 22nd, 2018

Good ideas and intentions are not enough to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Many early-stage organizations fail because they lack the tools they need to grow—especially when it comes to collecting data and measuring impact. Data is essentia...Show More

58:46 | Mar 8th, 2018

Social sector organizations are increasingly under pressure to better protect the privacy and security of their data. How should they examine their data governance practices to align with the demands of governments, their constituents, and their miss...Show More

45:37 | Jan 25th, 2018

Given the largely unaccountable position of power held by philanthropists, what role should they play in democratic societies? In this recording from the 2017 Philanthropy Innovation Summit, hosted by Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Socie...Show More

42:38 | Dec 28th, 2017

Nonprofit leaders can’t continue to do the same things and expect different results in their work to help move the United States toward greater equity. In this podcast from our 2017 Nonprofit Management Institute, PolicyLink President Michael McAfee...Show More

40:49 | Dec 14th, 2017

Since its founding in 1913, the ADL has fought against the defamation of Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment for all. That mission has kept Jonathan Greenblatt (@JGreenblattADL) very busy over the past two years. His tenure has c...Show More

40:34 | Dec 1st, 2017

Youth, families, and residents are the leaders of their own destinies, and yet public institutions oftentimes don’t reflect the demographics of their communities and are not guided by strategies defined community members. In this podcast from our 20...Show More

27:14 | Nov 15th, 2017

Investments in discovering and developing new solutions to address climate change are woefully low and have even been falling. Sarah Kearney and Scott Burger discuss how can philanthropists help. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/bridging_the_climate_...Show More

59:31 | Jun 26th, 2017

Valerie Threlfall of the Fund For Shared Insight, Krystle Onibukon of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, and Brad Dunning of the Center for Employment Opportunities talk about building quality feedback loops. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/...Show More

1:36:09 | Jun 5th, 2017

Many valuable datasets remain locked away or siloed across different organizations and sectors. This panel from our February data conference looks how we can collaborate better on data projects. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/unlocking_data_and_unl...Show More

59:08 | Mar 13th, 2017

Ways to avoid some all-too-common pitfalls of nonprofit technology, and organizing for success in a new political environment. Part of a partnership with Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/tony_martignetti_nonprofit_ra...Show More

57:42 | Mar 6th, 2017

How can we reach beneficiaries who don't have home access to the internet, and strategies for creating an annual grants plan. Part of a partnership with Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/tony_martignetti_nonprofit_rad...Show More

55:06 | Aug 22nd, 2016

How can a nonprofit with limited time and money maximize its chances of success? A talk from our 2015 Nonprofit Management Institute. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/lean_experimentation_for_the_social_sector_build_smart_to_learn_fast 11

1:13:40 | Aug 11th, 2016

In times of profound turmoil, how can organizations become more resilient and adaptive? A talk from our 2015 Nonprofit Management Institute. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/thriving_in_an_age_of_volatility 12

37:48 | Aug 2nd, 2016

A conversation about what's next for the social sector, from the concluding session of our Frontiers of Social Innovation forum. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_evolving_role_of_social_innovation 13

37:51 | Jul 19th, 2016

Faith Mitchell of Grantmakers In Health, Dr. Robert Ross of The California Endowment, and Nick Tilsen of the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation talk about how their organizations are addressing health gaps among different communities. ...Show More

1:08:00 | Jul 5th, 2016

Stanford's Rob Reich moderates a panel with Ford Foundation president Darren Walker and Craig Newmark of Craigslist. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_role_of_foundations_in_addressing_inequality 15

1:26:42 | Jun 20th, 2016

Three experts talk about their organizations' experiences tackling poverty, in a panel moderated by SSIR managing editor Eric Nee. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/what_have_we_learned_about_fighting_poverty 16

50:15 | Jun 6th, 2016

Trabian Shorters of BMe Community explains why, if you really want to make a positive impact, it's important to focus on the positive assets rather than the deficiencies of the people you want to serve. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/opportunities_...Show More

52:38 | May 27th, 2016

To really make a difference in tackling inequality, we need coordination on a range of policy issues, from housing and transportation to jobs and education. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_role_of_public_policy_in_alleviating_poverty 18

36:35 | May 10th, 2016

Listen to Jake Porway, founder and executive director of DataKind, talk about how to “practice safe stats”—that is, how to create data visualizations that are both accurate and inspiring. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/podcast_practice_safe_stats_...Show More

36:01 | Apr 28th, 2016

Andrew Means, cofounder of The Impact Lab, talks about how to get storytelling and data to work together, rather than against each other. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/podcast_whose_story_are_we_telling 20

40:00 | Dec 6th, 2014

What nonprofits can do to maximize their influence on Twitter and through social media in general. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/leveraging_twitter_for_nonprofit_initiatives 22

13:00 | Oct 23rd, 2014

After experience in Iraq as a part of the Marine Corps, Jake returned to business school and took on the challenge to alleviate extreme poverty. From this effort, Nuru was launched in 2008. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/from_the_marine_corps_to_k...Show More

09:00 | Oct 23rd, 2014

Give Directly offers a simpler, more personal route of donation - connecting donor to recipient. In this podcast, Paul discusses how technology, a commitment to efficiency, and dedication to improving the donation process on both ends, has made Give ...Show More

13:00 | Oct 23rd, 2014

In this podcast, Professor Sutton overviews his findings in studying methods for successfully scaling excellence and explains the importance of taking a logical and thought out approach to scaling. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/scaling_excellence_...Show More

42:00 | Oct 23rd, 2014

ENOVA was recently recognized as the winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Education category for its incredible social impact. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/bringing_technology_based_learning_to_urban_mexico1 26

33:00 | Oct 22nd, 2014

Liesolette Heederick tells us about Nazava Water Filters, winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Health category for its innovative solution to lack of clean water accessibility in Indonesia. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/a_clear_view_of_social_improv...Show More

28:00 | Oct 22nd, 2014

Kreger describes how Potential Energy, winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Economic Empowerment category, innovatively tackles social issues as a nonprofit venture. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/stoves_of_empowerment_how_a_household_item_is_saving_l...Show More

23:00 | Oct 19th, 2014

In this audio lecture, Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, discusses at Social Innovation Summit 2013 the application of design to solve social problems. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/social_enterprise_through_digital_design 29

24:00 | Oct 19th, 2014

Robert Swan, an inspirational speaker who founded 2041 and the first man to walk to both global poles, addresses his audience about the relationship between passion and reaching goals. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/lessons_learned_from_walking_to_...Show More

32:00 | Oct 19th, 2014

In this podcast, Benjamin describes TOHL’s rise to be a global industry leader in water logistics and infrastructure, and how it has been changing lives in the process. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/delivering_clean_water_using_solar_powered_pipel...Show More

0:00 | Oct 19th, 2014

This podcast, given by Chris Librie - the Senior Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at HP, describes the corporation's commitment to social responsibility. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/social_problem_solving_through_innovation 30

0:00 | Oct 6th, 2014

At the 2013 Stanford Center for Social Innovation’s 2013 Conradin Von Gugelberg Memorial Lecture, Nichols addresses CA's cap-and-trade system and what it means for our environment. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/what_california_can_teach_washington...Show More

0:00 | Jul 28th, 2014

Traditional tools for evaluation and measurement fail to take into account the complexity of an interconnected and digitized world. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/shared_measurement_and_big_data_for_good 34

0:00 | Jul 18th, 2014

In this panel discussion, experts address how the social sector must ask the right questions when developing metrics. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/implications_for_the_social_sector 36

0:00 | Jul 18th, 2014

In this audio lecture, Brenda Zimmerman suggests approaches for addressing complexity in evaluation systems of social enterprise. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/embracing_complexity_in_social_enterprise_evaluation 37

0:00 | Jun 24th, 2014

Ned Breslin and Jacob Lief discuss funding for long-term impact in the current philanthropic system. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_paradoxical_break_in_philanthropy 38

0:00 | May 21st, 2014

Technology can enable micro-contributions that allow individuals to accomplish difficult tasks in place of institutional approaches. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_nature_of_the_future_from_institutions_to_amplified_individuals 41

0:00 | May 12th, 2014

Dr. James Doty highlights our "compassion deficit" and the need to recognize the societal and individual benefits of altruism. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_science_behind_compassion 42

0:00 | May 8th, 2014

Host Ned Breslin speaks with the RYOT founders about their plans to disrupt traditional media by allowing people to “Become the News.” https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/starting_a_ryot_in_traditional_news 43

0:00 | Apr 25th, 2014

From the 2013 Nonprofit Management Institute, Kenyon explains how the intersection of mobile, social, and technology is changing nonprofits. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_whole_world_in_our_hands 44

0:00 | Apr 23rd, 2014

In his 2013 Nonprofit Management Institute talk, Doug Hattaway outlines the components of effective campaigns: an exciting goal, motivational language, and compelling call to action. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/achieve_great_things_the_art_and_...Show More

0:00 | Apr 15th, 2014

The supply chain is just as important as the product. A social entrepreneur describes his experience dealing with value-creating tools and ensuring corporate social responsibility. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/social_enterprise_enables_hazelnut_f...Show More

0:00 | Apr 15th, 2014

Innovation can exist in even the most unlikely forms. A professional skateboarder and the CEO of a social enterprise discuss the intersection of their two fields. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/rodney_mullen_innovation_doesnt_exist_in_a_vacuum 47

0:00 | Apr 7th, 2014

Social innovations in supply chains have the potential for making an impact on a large scale. Experts describe innovations that are benefiting society and delivering economic value. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/leveraging_social_innovation 48

0:00 | Apr 7th, 2014

Ma Jun, Director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, describes the positive results achieved through the China Water Pollution Map. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/environmental_sustainability_in_china_advanced_through_supply_chain...Show More

0:00 | Apr 4th, 2014

Jill Boughton, CEO of Sustainable WasteResources International, discusses environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/environmental_sustainability_through_waste_to_worth_vision 50

0:00 | Mar 10th, 2014

Lesley Marincola, CEO of Angaza Design, discusses an approach to energy poverty that helps end users afford efficient energy and lighting products. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/tackling_energy_poverty_with_pay_as_you_go_solar 51

0:00 | Mar 7th, 2014

Ned Breslin speaks with Towera Jalakasi, an innovative entrepreneur who talks about the struggles and rewards of entrepreneurship in a developing economy. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/breaking_the_glass_ceiling_in_africa 52

0:00 | Feb 28th, 2014

Arup SenGupta speaks about his project to eliminate arsenic from groundwater without the use of electricity or chemicals. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/turning_poison_into_economic_opportunity 53

0:00 | Feb 26th, 2014

Pamela Ronald, of the University of California, Davis, talks about how her laboratory, in collaboration with other scientists, developed a variety of rice with sufficient submergence tolerance to survive severe flooding. https://ssir.org/podcasts/en...Show More

0:00 | Feb 6th, 2014

John Kehoe discusses how the chocolate maker TCHO has encouraged social entrepreneurship in developing countries through innovative supply chain practices. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/quality_and_innovation_as_the_basis_for_sustainability 56

0:00 | Feb 6th, 2014

An increased demand for energy means an increased need for environmental sustainability. Where does economic development fit in? https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/why_small_does_not_equal_powerless 57

0:00 | Jan 31st, 2014

TCHO company executive John Kehoe talks about the firm's goals in producing high-end products and helping farmers in developing countries. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/social_entrepreneurship_and_cocoa_farmers 58

0:00 | Jan 21st, 2014

Marcia Stepanek provides a robust framework for building a social media strategy that fits with the organization's mission https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/social_media_strategy 59

0:00 | Oct 10th, 2013

Katrina Benjamin describes the environmental sustainability problems associated with slavery, and suggests ways that organizations can work to eliminate slavery through cooperative social responsibility. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/social_respon...Show More

0:00 | Oct 10th, 2013

Dr. Kohl Gill of LaborVoices discusses the mobile technology platform and how it can foster accountability and communication from supply chain executives to factory floors. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/laborvoices_last_mile_supply_chain_visibilit...Show More

0:00 | Sep 25th, 2013

Breaking sideways in a world that likes going straight ahead: how the punk rock ethos is the story of social entrepreneurship. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/embracing_your_inner_punk_rock_to_change_the_world 62

0:00 | Aug 16th, 2013

Employing social enterprise to improve packaging, Coca-Cola uses renewable resources and recycling projects to enhance environmental sustainability and international development. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/supply_chain_environmental_sustainab...Show More

0:00 | Jul 12th, 2013

CB Bhattacharya explains why the traditional approach to CSR should be reexamined and why a change from top-down to stakeholder-driven initiatives means higher returns. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/corporate_responsibility_through_the_stakeholder...Show More

0:00 | Jul 11th, 2013

Jake Harriman, founder and CEO of Nuru International, traces his personal path towards sustainable solutions to poverty. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/new_models_to_end_extreme_poverty 67

0:00 | Apr 30th, 2013

Human capital is the most valuable asset in the social sector. Discover how nonprofits can create a recruiting framework and demonstrate organizational value to employees. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/thinking_about_talent 68

0:00 | Apr 25th, 2013

Rockwood Leadership Institute president Akaya Windwood discusses how we can get movements and sectors to work together to advance the common good. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_art_of_collaborative_leadership 69

0:00 | Apr 23rd, 2013

Stanford Professor Tina Seelig discusses how to unlock creative genius through a set of tools and conditions we each have in our control—our “innovation engine.” https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/a_crash_course_on_creativity 70

0:00 | Apr 16th, 2013

Harvard researcher Nathalie Kylander challenges traditional branding principles and proposes a new framework for developing a more strategic brand. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_critical_role_of_the_strategic_brand 71

0:00 | Feb 22nd, 2013

A look at successful strategies of high-impact nonprofits, and how small and local nonprofits can leverage them. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/creating_forces_for_good_in_nonprofit_management 73

0:00 | Feb 6th, 2013

Social media guru Beth Kanter discusses how nonprofits can utilize their professional networks to develop a “network mindset.” https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/network_mindsets_in_nonprofit_management 74

0:00 | Nov 27th, 2012

Ridwan Djamaluddin speaks on how Indonesia is using technology to deal with climate threats and implementing early warning systems to save lives. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/connection_technology_to_save_lives 75

0:00 | Nov 27th, 2012

Stanford business professor Jennifer Aaker discusses how social media can do more than just provide entertainment—it can also prolong or save lives. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/using_social_media_for_social_good 76

0:00 | Nov 27th, 2012

Entrepreneurship concentrating on scientific collaborations and innovations is the key to fostering sustainable economic growth. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/entrepreneurship_in_service_to_economic_growth 77

0:00 | Nov 15th, 2012

Eric Dishman, director of health innovation at Intel, asserts that mobile technologies can create sustainable healthcare for all. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/mobile_technology_for_healthcare 78

0:00 | Nov 6th, 2012

Michael Jones, Google’s chief technology advocate, discusses how connection technologies are now supporting sustainable development. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/info_technology_and_sustainable_development 79

0:00 | Oct 30th, 2012

Fabien Cousteau discusses innovative solutions that address environmental problems and the realities of market economies. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/environmental_sustainability_economic_realities 80

0:00 | Oct 26th, 2012

Media expert Tim O'Reilly provides insight into how innovative technologies can be used to support sustainable development and power the future. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/technology_and_environmental_sustainability 81

0:00 | Oct 26th, 2012

USAID Chief Innovation Officer Maura O'Neill leads a discussion on how connection technologies can support sustainable development. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/technology_and_international_development 82

0:00 | Oct 9th, 2012

Katherine Perkins discusses what differentiates Physics Education Technology (PhET), and the range of students that have benefited. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/teaching_with_interactive_simulations 83

0:00 | Sep 27th, 2012

Michele Barry, Director of Global Health Programs in Medicine at Stanford leads a distinguished group of global health professionals who have created innovative programs to benefit their respective countries’ health services. https://ssir.org/podcas...Show More

0:00 | Sep 17th, 2012

Using workflow automation and tracking solutions to address the needs of the acute care hospital marketplace. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/technology_in_healthcare_delivery_redesign_2 86

0:00 | Aug 21st, 2012

In this Stanford University podcast, president Matthew Schnittman discusses the organization’s model for service delivery, and where it’s headed. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/enhancing_educational_data_systems 87

0:00 | Aug 16th, 2012

Justin Cahill talks about how his enterprise built a company called RISE, which now boasts 30,000 children learning English in more than 100 learning centers in one of the fastest-growing markets in world. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/investing_i...Show More

0:00 | Aug 8th, 2012

Organizations are finding that subtle changes in language make a difference in how people vote. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/promoting_civic_engagement_and_voting 90

0:00 | Jul 31st, 2012

Harvard business professor Leslie John reports on studies providing financial and social incentives to get people to lose weight. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/promoting_health_through_weight_loss 91

0:00 | Jul 24th, 2012

Kate White shares research about how positive and negative messages around recycling influence people’s behavior. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_science_of_getting_people_to_do_good_briefing 92

0:00 | Jul 18th, 2012

Stanford assistant professor Greg Walton examines a psychological factor that contributes to inequalities between socially marginalized and non-marginalized groups. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_science_of_getting_people_to_do_good 93

0:00 | Jul 17th, 2012

In this audio lecture, Dr. Ann Bartuska of the U.S. Department of Agriculture shares her insight on the necessary steps to sustainably feed the nine billion people that will be living on our planet by 2050. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/food_water...Show More

0:00 | Jun 27th, 2012

In this audio interview, Sheela Sethuraman speaks with one of branchless banking's greatest proponents and the co-founder of Eko India Financial Services, Abhishek Sinha. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/mobile_and_branchless_banking 95

0:00 | Jun 4th, 2012

McAdam reviews two follow-up studies of youth activists, and assesses the experiences and their long-term effects on volunteers. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_civic_impact_of_youth_volunteerism 96

0:00 | Apr 18th, 2012

In this audio interview, Sheela Sethuraman talks with Laura Stachel and Hal Aronson, co-founders of WE CARE Solar, about their effort to combat this issue worldwide. WE CARE stands for Women’s Emergency Communication and Reliable Electricity. https:...Show More

0:00 | Mar 23rd, 2012

How can a young nonprofit organization make a tangible improvement in people's health through clean water using only the power of gravity? https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/sustainable_water_treatment 98

0:00 | Mar 14th, 2012

What happens when you leverage the power of internet volunteerism in much the same way as Wikipedia, but with the intention of translating and subtitling videos? https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/leveraging_online_collaboration 99

0:00 | Mar 13th, 2012

How can partnerships help the nonprofit sector navigate legislative hurdles, new leadership, and antiquated business models? https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/partnering_for_scale_and_impact 100

0:00 | Feb 14th, 2012

Focusing on unmet needs, healthcare entrepreneurs provide their in-the-trenches perspectives on advancing medical technologies. Working to extend and enhance lives. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/medical_device_innovation_panel_discussion 101

0:00 | Jan 9th, 2012

John Capek talks about ways we can improve the potential success for technologies in order to improve the delivery of healthcare over the next decade. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/gsb_2011_healthcare_summit_future_of_the_healthcare_sector 102

0:00 | Dec 16th, 2011

Mark Kramer discusses the challenges of coordinating corporate social responsibility projects with corporations and the success of the cell phone industry in emerging (third world) markets. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/shared_value_future_of_gr...Show More

0:00 | Nov 18th, 2011

Buzz Thompson identifies models of collaboration across areas of expertise that can help us solve complex societal issues. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/cross_sector_social_innovation 104

0:00 | Oct 26th, 2011

Teachers play a key role in influencing the future not only of students, but of the country and world as a whole. What contributes to teacher effectiveness? https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/global_education_conference_how_to_cultivate_the_best_teach...Show More

0:00 | Oct 14th, 2011

Representatives from various investment firms explain the medical innovation funding landscape, and advise early stage innovators with creative ways to navigate these complexities. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/capital_for_early_stage_innovation_p...Show More

0:00 | Oct 12th, 2011

Educators, administrators, academics, business people, and politicians talk about potential solutions, what’s working, and what isn’t. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/addressing_the_k_12_crisis_panel_discussion_global_education_conference 107

0:00 | Oct 11th, 2011

Park discusses how methods of efficiency developed in industries outside of health care need to be brought in to rework the health care industry. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/todd_park_changing_behavior_and_changing_policies_panel_part_3 108

0:00 | Oct 3rd, 2011

Daniel Kreeger, Executive Director of the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO), outlines the relatively new position of Climate Change Officer. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/daniel_kreeger_edf_future_of_green_calls 109

0:00 | Sep 26th, 2011

Migliori emphasizes the need for change in the healthcare system in order for it to become more sustainable. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/the_future_of_the_healthcare_sector 111

0:00 | Sep 21st, 2011

Chris Bradford, co-founder of the African Leadership Academy, discusses the role of educational institutions in shaping the future of Africa. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/chris_bradford_education_as_social_enterprise_in_africa 112

0:00 | Sep 19th, 2011

Thomas Barry, founder of the Zephyr Management investment firm, discusses widespread opportunities for private equity investment in Africa. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/thomas_barry_investing_in_africa 113

0:00 | Sep 1st, 2011

Thomas Gibian, Chairman of Emerging Capital Partners, discusses the success of his organization in investing in companies across the African continent through seven funds. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/thomas_gibian_private_equity_in_africa 114

0:00 | Aug 26th, 2011

The CEOs of three nonprofit organizations reflect upon the speed and tact with which they must adapt their strategies and directions in a new century. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/goldberg_tisdale_gibbons_leadership_trends_of_the_21st_century 115

0:00 | Aug 24th, 2011

In this panel discussion we hear from senior government energy and technology officials on what’s up and coming with respect to environmental responsibility. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/clean_energy_dc2vc_environmental_sustainability_and_energy_...Show More

0:00 | Aug 22nd, 2011

In this panel discussion, company executives discuss how they became entrepreneurs in science and medicine, and what their work entails. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/healthcare_and_biotechnology 117

0:00 | Aug 15th, 2011

This panel discussion focuses on healthcare delivery and how experts have sustained in delivering high-quality treatment. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/service_innovation 118

0:00 | Aug 11th, 2011

Psychologist and innovator Dr. BJ Fogg discusses his model which outlines techniques to stop or decrease behaviors that are unhealthy or start or increase more healthful habits. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/b.j._fogg_2011_stanford_healthcare_sum...Show More

0:00 | Aug 10th, 2011

Jaquelin Hume Foundation Executive Director Gisele Huff talks about the foundation's investment strategy, and why innovation and technology initiatives are significant. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/gisele_huff_philanthropy_and_the_free_market_in_...Show More

0:00 | Aug 8th, 2011

Social entrepreneur Jane Chen discusses the challenges and rewards of the developing an innovative product, and shares insights on the attitudes that allow entrepreneurs to find success. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/jane_chen_solving_infant_morta...Show More

0:00 | Aug 5th, 2011

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler discusses how we define the cultural norm for food consumption and what role our government should play in regulating food companies. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/david_kessler_food_industry_and_global_healt...Show More

0:00 | Aug 4th, 2011

Jennifer Lynn Aaker discusses a repeatable method that we can follow to get people to take action, but perhaps even more important, to influence people to get others to take action as well. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/jennifer_lynn_aaker_creatin...Show More

0:00 | Jul 29th, 2011

CDC Deputy Director for Policy and Communication Donald Shriber speaks about how the agency coordinates and manages its efforts and resources to respond to emerging threats to global health. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/donald_shriber_global_heal...Show More

0:00 | Jul 28th, 2011

Dr. David Shern, CEO of Mental Health America, and Father Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities USA, discuss the potential of nonprofits as catalysts for innovation in health care reform. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/dr._david_shern_fr._l...Show More

0:00 | Jul 27th, 2011

Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite, argues that nonprofit organizations have a lot to learn from the business practices of the private sector if they wish to maximize their impact. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/jean_oelwang_leveraging_business_ass...Show More

0:00 | Jul 8th, 2011

Former Hewlett Packard VP Debra Dunn talks about the technology company’s “DNA for CSR,” and how the firm engages with stakeholders to be good citizens and help improve communities around the world. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/debra_dunn_stakeho...Show More

0:00 | Jun 29th, 2011

Stanford Professor Robert Proctor presents scholarly research and advocates for pressure against the forces of the tobacco industry. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/robert_proctor_global_health_speaker_series 128

0:00 | Jun 27th, 2011

Experts discuss why there are so few investments in water, where the opportunities lie for entrepreneurs and information technology, and what cleantech startups need to know about this sector. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/a_panel_discussion_envir...Show More

0:00 | Jun 27th, 2011

Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of Ashoka, identifies key skills of change makers and lays out a plan to teach these skills around the world. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/bill_drayton_promoting_social_entrepreneurship_among_youth 129

0:00 | Jun 21st, 2011

Founder of DonorsChoose.org, an online charity helping students in need, Charles Best talks about how he started the organization and what some of its challenges have been along the way. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/charles_best_grassroots_philan...Show More

0:00 | Jun 19th, 2011

Joe Minarik, senior vice president of the Committee for Economic Development, talks about the macroeconomic perspective on the U.S. budget deficit and its impact on the US economy. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/joe_minarik_macroeconomic_perspectiv...Show More

0:00 | Jun 19th, 2011

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark tells us about how he started CraigConnects, chose areas to support, and selected nonprofits to focus on. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/craig_newmark_connecting_nonprofits 133

0:00 | Jun 19th, 2011

Haas School professor Severin Borenstein argues that to have a significant impact in the energy market, any renewable alternative must be scalable. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/severin_borenstein_renewable_energy_and_environmental_sustainability ...Show More

0:00 | Jun 19th, 2011

EduCare founder and CEO Piyush Mangukiya discusses his commitment to helping students in developing countries and how he started the enterprise. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/piyush_mangukiya_social_entrepreneurship_in_education 135

0:00 | Jun 15th, 2011

Lenny Mendonca discusses the role the federal budget plays in helping or hindering research, development, and private innovation. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/creating_an_innovation_revolution 137

0:00 | Jun 12th, 2011

Pierre Carpentier, Jean-Michel Lecuyer, & Céline Claverie join for a panel discussion on social innovation and finance; not translated from French to English. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/saisir_les_cles_du_financement_social 138

0:00 | Jun 7th, 2011

Amandine Barthelemy et Romain Slitine nous expliquent la teneur de l'étude et en dressent une grille de lecture sur l'entrepreneur lui-même, le projet et la méthode employée. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/mode_demploi_pour_reussir_dans_lentreprene...Show More

0:00 | May 11th, 2011

COO of Bats'il Maya Alberto Irezabal talks about the social environment in Chiapas that led to the founding of the organization, and how the co-op works. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/alberto_irezabal_bringing_fair_trade_to_indigenous_farmers 141

0:00 | Apr 29th, 2011

Rajesh Shah, a 2010 Tech Award winner, shares his social entrepreneurship model that leverages technology, new media, and peer interaction to solve the water crisis. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/rajesh_shah_the_peer_water_exchange_a_platform_for_...Show More

0:00 | Apr 27th, 2011

CEO and founder of Catchafire Rachael Chong discusses how her organization started and how it conducts outreach. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/rachael_chong_pairing_nonprofits_with_professionals 143

0:00 | Apr 19th, 2011

Richard Morse, research associate at the Stanford’s Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, discusses carbon offsets as a way to engage the developing world in climate change mitigation. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/richard_morse_environm...Show More

0:00 | Apr 19th, 2011

Jocelyn Wyatt, social innovation lead at IDEO, describes her organization's efforts to use design thinking, a problem-solving system that is grounded in a client's or costumer's needs. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/jocelyn_wyatt_design_thinking_fo...Show More

0:00 | Apr 18th, 2011

Cyril Jacque et Lisbeth Shepherd invités sont des précurseurs en matière d'entrepreneuriat vert https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/entrepreneurs_sociaux_roles_et_enjeux 146

0:00 | Apr 14th, 2011

Alexis Belonio has accomplished the seemingly impossible and developed a clean burning cooking stove and continuous-flow industrial flow burner. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/alexis_belonio_local_clean_energy_for_all 147

0:00 | Apr 14th, 2011

Professor Frank Wolak considers how different utility rate structures might accelerate or delay the vision of an intelligent energy supply/demand nexus in the home. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/environmental_sustainability_in_electricity 148

0:00 | Apr 14th, 2011

Founder of Taproot Aaron Hurst discusses how the organization started and how it creates its cross-sector collaboration. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/aaron_hurst_promoting_philanthropy_through_collaboration 149

0:00 | Apr 5th, 2011

Harvard professor Robert Stavins lays out two instruments for carbon pricing: taxing CO2 emissions and issuing tradable carbon permits. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/robert_stavins_carbon_pricing_for_environmental_sustainability 150

0:00 | Mar 31st, 2011

A Single Drop for Safe Water Executive Director Kevin Lee, a 2010 Tech Award winner, describes ASDSW's work in the Philippines and beyond. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/kevin_lee_safe_water_in_communities 151

0:00 | Mar 30th, 2011

United States Secretary of Energy Steven Chu talks about the green technology revolution and why America needs it. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/steven_chu_environmental_sustainability_and_clean_energy 152

0:00 | Mar 29th, 2011

Sara Chamberlain, the recipient of the 2010 Microsoft Tech Award, discusses BBC Janala, the project harnessing the power of mobile phones in Bangladesh to spread affordable language learning. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/sara_chamberlain_developi...Show More

0:00 | Mar 26th, 2011

Eric Lesueur relate le lancement et la stratégie de l’entreprise sociale Grameen Veolia Water Ltd dont l’objectif est d’approvisionner le maximum d’habitants des zones rurales en eau potable. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/lentreprenariat_social_au...Show More

0:00 | Mar 14th, 2011

Habitat for Humanity's Jonathan Reckford talks about what makes an exceptional leader, his career journey, sources of inspiration, and the principles behind managing organizations well. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/jonathan_reckford_the_power_of_...Show More

0:00 | Mar 8th, 2011

Nike’s director of global logistics, Dawn Vance, talks about the company’s journey to integrate sustainability into the supply chain from design through delivery to the retail marketplace. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/dawn_vance_corporate_social...Show More

0:00 | Mar 4th, 2011

Joao Paulo Ferreira, VP of operations of Natura Cosmetics Brasil, discusses the specifics of managing the supply chain, research, and collaborations with communities, NGOs, universities, other industries, and governments. https://ssir.org/podcasts/e...Show More

0:00 | Mar 3rd, 2011

Venkatesh Mannar, 2010 Tech Award winner in Health, discusses the large-scale social impact double fortified salt has brought to improving health and nutrition. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/venkatesh_mannar_innovations_in_global_health 158

0:00 | Mar 1st, 2011

Jerry Michalski, Andrew Hutson and Gary Gereffi have a conversation about the broad trends in global supply chains and their ongoing work with sustainable development. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/andrew_hutson_gary_gereffi_sustainability_opport...Show More

0:00 | Feb 24th, 2011

Abhijit Upadhye, an executive with McDonald’s Indian enterprise, discusses meeting the corporation’s quality standards while also appealing to the mostly vegetarian population. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/abhijit_upadhye_when_corporate_respons...Show More

0:00 | Feb 23rd, 2011

Founders Robin Chase (Zipcar) and Adam Lowry (Method) discuss how they brought new, greener ideas to market with successful return for their businesses. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/robin_chase_and_adam_lowry_-_the_future_of_green_open_call_seri...Show More

0:00 | Feb 18th, 2011

Leaders in sustainability, like Levi’s and Diversey, maintain a heritage of environmental consciousness in their business operations. In this audio interview, host Neal Gorenflo publisher of Sharable.net is joined by Maurice Bechard, director of Glob...Show More

0:00 | Feb 17th, 2011

Panelists talk about how two organizations have turned the “buy local” motto into an evolving partnership that is making NGO and corporate cooperation in the supply chain arena work for both parties. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/social_enterprise...Show More

0:00 | Feb 15th, 2011

Conversations Network Executive Direct Doug Kaye share the story of his trip to Egypt as the country began its possible revolution https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/doug_kaye_-_a_witness_to_the_egyptian_revolution 164

0:00 | Feb 10th, 2011

Les Fusions et acquisitions se justifient-elles dans l'economie sociale ou sont elles le privilege de l'economie capitaliste? https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/fusions_et_acquisitions_dans_leconomie_sociale 165

0:00 | Feb 8th, 2011

Microsoft founder Bill Gates challenges Stanford MBA students to take on the world’s difficult problems as a focus of their career or life mission. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/bill_gates_education_for_the_real_world 166

0:00 | Jan 25th, 2011

Jeannie Stamberger discuss how to write retweetable messages, how to separate legitimate helpers from posers and how to use social media to prevent loss of life. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/jeannie_stamberger_crowd-sourcing_disaster_relief 16...Show More

0:00 | Jan 20th, 2011

Nicolas Shea, the innovation and entrepreneurship advisor to the Chilean minister of economy, discusses the Start-Up Chile program. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/nicolas_shea_international_development_and_entrepreneurship 168

0:00 | Jan 4th, 2011

UCLA Professor Noah Goldstein discusses how the power of social norms can been used to promote energy conservation and other prosocial outcomes. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/noah_j._goldstein_the_role_of_social_norms_in_energy_and_water_conservat...Show More

0:00 | Dec 20th, 2010

Why are so many nonprofits in a perpetual starvation cycle? How capacity building and systems are crucial nonprofit building points. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/ending_the_nonprofit_starvation_cycle 171

0:00 | Dec 16th, 2010

Challenges nonprofit professionals face in an increasingly fast-paced, demanding world. https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/leadership_in_an_uncertain_world 172

0:00 | Dec 15th, 2010

Annually, more than a trillion dollars are spent on millions of American nonprofit and government institutions. And 15 nonprofits are started each day. But there is still not significant progress on social issues in the United States. In this audio l...Show More

0:00 | Dec 7th, 2010

CEO Joel Sadler about the company’s initial product,an artificial knee joint that is dramatically changing the lives of amputees in developing countries https://ssir.org/podcasts/entry/applying_design_thinking_to_healthcare 176