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Adela (Podcast Brunch Club)


The founder of Podcast Brunch Club, which is like book club but for podcasts. We have 60+ chapters on 6 continents.

podcastbrunch echoed The Breakdown: The Legacy Of 'Dora The Explorer'Sep 4th

I’m really enjoying this episode about how Dora The Explorer came about.

The Breakdown: The Legacy Of 'Dora The Explorer'

Latino USA

podcastbrunch echoed The warehouse of forgotten evidenceAug 22nd

Great episode but I’m fuming now. This episode is so revealing in terms of how police view and investigate rape cases. I am completely furious. It is unacceptable.

The warehouse of forgotten evidence

Today, Explained

podcastbrunch echoed G: The World's Smartest Animal Aug 6th

I loved this format! I think they should do a spin off and use this exact format for a new podcast about animal intelligence.

G: The World's Smartest Animal


podcastbrunch echoed I Want the Fairy TaleJul 17th

Amazing episode with a big reveal at the end. Teared up a few times.

I Want the Fairy Tale

Ear Hustle

podcastbrunch echoed #134 The Year of the WallopJan 31st

I couldn’t stop laughing at the way Alex pronounced “hitherto.”

#134 The Year of the Wallop

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