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Press Release

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You can find a link to Podyssey on the iOS App Store here

iOS Screenshots

You can find a link to Podyssey on the Google Play Store here

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Explainer Video

Brand Assets

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Daniel Mathews is the founder of Podyssey. He built the iOS, Android apps, and Web Server for Podyssey. He’s an avid podcast fan, a coder, and an instructor at Lighthouse Labs, a bootcamp that teaches students to build iOS apps. Fueled by his passion for community enrichment, Dan has taught over 120 students how to code over the past 3 years. He’s built over 10 iOS apps (from a social network for pick-up sports, to a baby registry powered by Amazon, to a bitcoin wallet). He is also an alumni of Hootsuite, one of Vancouver’s tech unicorns.

Douglas Vandelay joined Jan 2018, as Podyssey’s first employee. He reached out to Dan after he used the app and has help shaped the product since then. A self styled ‘UX Architect,’ Doug professionally transitioned into UX and graphic design after graduating from traditional architecture. Doug fell in love with podcasts as a concentration tool during long hours in architecture school and practice and reached out to Dan to help in this passion project. After signing off on the design of his first and last lead residential project in 2017, he moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in the tech industry. He has worked in graphic and UX design in other apps such as Streamlabs and SafeBet before settling into Podyssey this year.


We are headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. 🇨🇦

If you would like to reach us:


Twitter: @podysseyapp

Facebook: podysseyapp