13 Best IE Business School Podcasts

A list of the most popular IE Business School podcasts on Podyssey Podcasts.

13 Best IE Business School Podcasts

  • This is a particularly dynamic area, the result of the state of constant evolution of technology and its key role in the survival of traditional firms and innovation in the way they do business. This obliges professors to subject their theoretical t...Show More

  • Conscientes de que las personas constituyen el factor decisivo para la consecución de los objetivos de cualquier organización, esta área académica está dedicada al estudio del comportamiento humano en las organizaciones así como las políticas y siste...Show More

  • Fully aware that people constitute the decisive factor when it comes to reaching objectives in any organisation, this academic area is dedicated to the study of human behaviour in organisations, along with the policies and systems of human resource m...Show More

  • This area comprises applied economics and a more practical part where students analyse all aspects of economic environment. The main objectives are to provide participants with a better understanding of the economy from a corporate point of view, and...Show More

  • The main aim of this area is to familiarise students with all the processes employed by firms to commercialise their products or services in the most efficient manner possible. It introduces students to the latest management tools, providing a globa...Show More

  • Con el objetivo de maximizar el valor de la empresa, en esta área el alumno aprende a analizar en términos cualitativos y cuantitativos aspectos fundamentales como la inversión, financiación, retribución y riesgos. Esto se logra a través de un temari...Show More

  • Esta área inculca en los alumnos una cultura emprendedora que es fundamental para comprender el entorno y aprovechar las oportunidades que éste brinda. La idea es que las iniciativas empresariales se realicen alcanzando una rentabilidad adecuada.

  • The overriding objective of this area is to equip current and future directors with a capacity to analyse accounting information. This is achieved through both theoretical and practical studies designed to enhance strategic and operative decisionmaki...Show More

  • Con objeto de formar a los directivos presentes y futuros en el análisis de la información que se deriva de la contabilidad de la empresa, se desarrollan estudios teóricos y prácticos que les capacitan para la toma de decisiones, tanto de carácter es...Show More

  • Pioneering, approachable, adaptable, flexible, human-imperfect, independent, global, technological, demanding and ahead of its time. It ventures on an in-depth and genuine academic concept for communicators, both theoretical and practical. It shines ...Show More

  • IE University biologists receive a focused and differential education to prepare them to effectively manage, design, and control the procedures for industrial transformation. This practical vision is designed to provide solutions to the most pressing...Show More


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