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Foreign policy, national security, tech and thinking about the future. Also into cognitive science, psychology, leadership and living the good life. English, German, French

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sari recommended:Jan 8th

Main takeaway: Feminism and feminist research improve national security. Both communities can and do work together. For example: Marginalized groups are the first to be targeted by new ways to violate their safety and freedoms. This can give a hint at the next technique to undermine national securit...Show More

Danielle Citron on Feminism and National Security

by The Lawfare Podcast

sari recommended:Jan 8th

Healing experience, questioning your approach to work and life. My main takeaway: for a knowledge worker, distinguishing what is work and what isn’t can be impossible. I like that there are 2 guests that disagree on important aspects like whether or not to blame capitalism for everything. Contrary ...Show More

Work as identity, burnout as lifestyle

by The Ezra Klein Show

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