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designer & writer • she/they • 9w1 • demibisexual / queer • hopepunk • always learning • #blacklivesmatter favorite podcast topics: therapy, faith deconstruction, transportation, d&d / longform audio dramas, relationships, queer / feminist / bipoc

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sjlinquist recommended:Feb 16th

I cried through this episode probably more than any past Liturgists episode 💛 It brought up so many things in me and was so healing. I really love being single and this episode reminded me of that truth.

Does Single = Unlovable?

The Liturgists Podcast

sjlinquist recommended:Jan 15th

Can’t believe I haven’t recommended this episode yet. A classic. One of the all-time greatest episodes of a podcast that is, in my opinion, the best-made one out there. We love and support a sneaky, trickster Alex who scams the scammers.

#102 Long Distance

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