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susanle echoed Episode 1: At A Loss For WordsAug 16th

If you want to listen to a cute love story that will brighten your day, this is the episode!

Episode 1: At A Loss For Words

Love Me

susanle echoed Lulu Wang: The filmmaker on bringing her family's lie to life in The FarewellAug 15th

Thank goodness Lulu Wang was able to keep the script so real and didn't have to change it to the typical Hollywood film. This movie was truly beautiful.

Lulu Wang: The filmmaker on bringing her family's lie to life in The Farewell

q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

susanle echoed When Good Intentions Go BadAug 15th

Is the rise in depression, anxiety and suicide amongst our kids really just because we are talking more about it? This episode lays it out so well. It's hard to admit it but it's partly us. Us as society have forgotten to give kids free range and are increasingly coddling them unintentionally. This episode made me take a good look at how I am as a caregiver and someone that works closely with kids.

When Good Intentions Go Bad

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

susanle echoed Best Lifesaving LessonsAug 15th

This sent chills down my spine because it honestly is my worse nightmare. The tips from this is SO useful. Knowledge is power and when someone is in an unfortunate incident like this, it is so important to be able to tap into this knowledge and survive. I loved how they talked about how we are the only creatures who don't run when we sense fear. Such a great reminder to listen to your instincts.

Best Lifesaving Lessons

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

susanle echoed The Moth Radio Hour: Food, Glorious FoodJul 31st

The first presenter made me laugh, wonder and tear up. I'm still getting over the first part and will move on to the other glorious food buffet stories this episode has. I'm excited to hear the rest.

The Moth Radio Hour: Food, Glorious Food

The Moth

susanle echoed #04: You Become the Sum of Your ThoughtsJul 31st

Thanks for the recommendation @aliceko! What a great reminder of how our thoughts become our beliefs, our consciousness, and our unconsciousness. And this becomes our behaviour and how we carry ourselves in the external world. Loved this, "Manage your mind like it's the most important job you have." I loved this because it serves as such a great reminder: "Some of the people that achieve the most are the ones that struggle with negativity or struggle with extraordinary challenges. Extraordinary challenges happen to those meant for an extraordinary destiny. " Because like she says, some of the most successful people who we remember in the world today like Gandhi and Oprah have gone through extraordinary challenges. Now, I need to start at episode #1!

#04: You Become the Sum of Your Thoughts

How We Rise Leadership Podcast

susanle echoed 249 - Why Some People Never ApologizeJul 27th

Wow. The takeaway: both apologizing and not apologizing is good for self-esteem. People who don't apologize take it as a form of shame and humiliating rather than restoration or repair. Listen to hear her tips on how to make a sincere apology.

249 - Why Some People Never Apologize

The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health

susanle echoed Facts Aren't EnoughJul 24th

This episode was captivating from the beginning and how it referred to the anti-vax debate. It was really great to hear all sides of the debate on facts and why they can't always change minds. One takeaway: When using emotion, fear doesn't always work because it actually stops people from doing the action desired. I loved the hospital example the interviewee used. Also, the example at the end with stomach ulcers and how the doctor experimented on himself. Pretty cool that he went against science and what the physicians believed. Great example of how social groups play a HUGE role in what we believe as true.

Facts Aren't Enough

Hidden Brain

susanle echoed Acarology (TICKS) with Neeta Pardanani ConnallyJul 4th

Cool new podcast where the host interviews a different professional “-ologist” in each episode.

Acarology (TICKS) with Neeta Pardanani Connally


susanle echoed Guns, Corporations & The Constitution w/ Adam Winkler Jul 4th

Good first episode of the series. Looking forward to listening to more from Adam Conover and learning more facts.

Guns, Corporations & The Constitution w/ Adam Winkler 

Factually! with Adam Conover

susanle echoed A Brief History Of American BarbecueJul 4th

Fascinating episode with snippets from 'The Cooking Gene' book - that also won the James Beard Award for Book Of The Year!

A Brief History Of American Barbecue

The Sporkful

susanle echoed Magic Lessons Ep. 209: “Show Up Before You’re Ready” featuring Glennon Doyle MeltonJun 29th

Such an inspirational episode with two amazing souls. There's so many great takeaways in this episode like being shamelessly truthful.

Magic Lessons Ep. 209: “Show Up Before You’re Ready” featuring Glennon Doyle Melton

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert