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Yvonne Hopkins


I’m all about a good story and an interesting fact.

yveehops echoed The CIA's Secret Search For Mind ControlSep 13th

Woah. This episode blew my mind. Talks about the CIAs search for mind control and the crazy torture and lsd trips subjects underwent in the search for answers.

The CIA's Secret Search For Mind Control

Fresh Air

yveehops echoed 205: Plan BSep 13th

An oldie but a goodie. Hear about an actor’s plan b gig as Cuervo Man. You’ll have some giggles.

205: Plan B

This American Life

yveehops echoed Episode 5: Dropping Like FliesSep 5th

This is the episode that made me fall in love with Criminal and is still one of my faves. The secret world of flytraps and the thieves that steal them.

Episode 5: Dropping Like Flies