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Yvonne Hopkins


I’m all about a good story and an interesting fact.

Episode Recommendations (72)

yveehops recommended:Feb 14th

Have a distinguishing feature like red hair? Live nearby a murder scene? You could wrongfully be accused of murder and go to jail for 12 years. A crazy story of one man’s fight against being wrongfully convicted of murder.

Episode 133: Red Hair, Gold Car


yveehops recommended:Feb 14th

We need to change the way we label the bus as “lower class”. In countries like Japan, it’s the average citizen’s regular means of transportation. There is no shame for those who take the bus.

388- Missing the Bus

99% Invisible

yveehops recommended:Feb 14th

Loved this episode. Really shed some light onto the situation in Guantanamo Bay and how innocent people could potentially be behind bars under Trump’s government. Or are they innocent? Can’t wait for the next episode.

The Other Latif: Episode 1