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Abbey Jackson


iOS Developer

Episode Recommendations (7)

abbeyjackson recommended:Nov 3rd, 2019

Heartfelt honest and somewhat vulnerable discussion about my journey from injury induced poverty to floathouse owning senior developer. My greatest fear, who I look up to, what it’s like living in a floathouse, the toxic environment that made me quit Air Traffic Control, and the challenges I faced q...Show More

141. Abbey Jackson

by Roundabout: Creative Chaos

abbeyjackson recommended:Oct 18th, 2019

One more, slightly related to my last echo (they talk about privacy in the previous one), some great points about how difficult it is to make ethical decisions while running their businesses. Particularly around data collection, analytics, and making features that “hook” users. How do you balance tr...Show More

63: Ethical Businesses

by Independence

abbeyjackson recommended:Oct 18th, 2019

I love this podcast because it’s normal ppl, not employees of big companies, talking about topics from an independent’s point view. This one is about privacy. Every app needs some data from their users. When you’re an independent these decisions are hard to make.

62: Data Privacy

by Independence