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What ISIS can teach us about fighting far-right violence online

Great podcast episode & insights by Taylor Owen on the difference between having the freedom to say my mind and having the right to get my message amplified.


The Cranberries - All Over Now

I love The Cranberries & it was pretty emotional for me when Dolores O'Riordan died last year. This is a fantastic episode about how they put together the song "All Over Now". It is very Cure-like but it's a classic Cranberries song. A fitting end.


#913: Counting The Homeless

I didn't know NYC has a law requiring homeless people to be sheltered. This episode argues that shelters are more expensive than more permanent housing, and that housing is an easier problem to solve than imagined.


Contrapoints on taking the trolls seriously

Interesting discussion of the lineage between Richard Dawkins/Christopher Hutchins and Jordan Peterson/Sam Harris. I’d never thought of it that way!


352- Uptown Squirrel

If you like them or city planning, you’ll love this episode. 🐿


ACS (Part 2): Robbie Knievel and Dennis Miller

Interesting interview with Evil Knievel’s son.


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