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Cesar Moncada

Podcast fan since 2006. Scientist. Comedy fan. Chapter Leader of Podcast Brunch Club Milwaukee. I easily listen to about 100 episodes a week so I’m always looking for new stuff. Also, I curate themed playlists, so check them out.

Podcast interests:

Audio Drama

Fabiola Melendez Carletti

Co-ordinating/Digital Producer for CBC Podcasts. Salvadoreña. Interested in the beauty, tragedy and absurdity of life.

Podcast interests:

News and Politics
Social Science

michelle ✨

podcast evangelist 🥰 san francisco born n raised mostly into non-fiction longform narrative. always looking for things that move me. i listen to way too many podcasts, so please recommend me more. learning and unlearning.

Podcast interests:

Relationships & Love
Social Science
Philosophy & Other Big Ideas
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