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Johnny Tsunami - Episode 10

Great episode! Trying to get caught up on all the others!


Sam Elick is the Founder & Consciousness Exploration Officer at Brain Juice.

Sam Elick hits (my) home with this episode with his guidance on creating a consumer product and his encouragement to stay the course on your entrepreneurship journey and not to give up, despite the so called Seth Godin “dips” throughout the journey.


A rocket maker turned journalist: Lijia Zhang tells the stories of everyday people

Incredible story of resilience by journalist & author Lijia Zhang who went from being a rocket factory worker in China, to being part of Tiananmen protest, to writing for NYTimes, and a novel on sex workers in China inspired by her grandmother’s life


Episode 60: They Call Us Canadians

Yayyyyy for Asian Canadian content!!!


Part 1: The Private Eye

A great story well-told. Starts slow in the first episode but it’s worth sticking with it. I was hooked by the end of the second episode.


Maggie Rogers - Alaska

Love hearing from Maggie Rogers about how Alaska came to life prior to Pharrell's Masterclass video. I love this song!


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