Podyssey is the online gathering place for podcast listeners and creators

How Podyssey works

Podyssey is the online community where podcast lovers discover and discuss their favorite podcasts with each other and creators regardless of what podcast players they use.

  • exploreDiscover
    Discover great podcasts from friends and a community of podcast lovers.
  • thumb_upRecommend
    Community members recommend podcasts and curate podcast playlists for each other.
  • peopleConnect
    Connect and chat with like-minded listeners about favorite podcasts. Participate in curated AMAs and discussions with creators.
  • peopleListen & Track
    Listen to podcasts on Podyssey or any podcast player. Members can also track what they've listened to on Podyssey.

Listeners love Podyssey

See what community members are saying about Podyssey.

  • A delightful app!


    I can honestly say Podyssey scratches an itch I’ve had for some time — an app-agnostic community where I can review my newest obsessions and my longtime favourites alike; a platform for discovering new shows and kindred spirits; and my own little nook to collect and curate my own podcast personality.

    Fabiola Melendez Carletti @fiercefab

  • The Goodreads/Letterboxd for Podcasts


    Great concept - meeting a need for avid podcast enthusiasts. A team that is clearly in it to make this a welcoming, fun community! Love it.

    Stephanie Linquist @sjlinquist

Community Episode Recommendations

Podyssey members share their favorite podcasts with each other.

Podcast creators value Podyssey

Podyssey is where podcast creators can reach new listeners, engage with fans, and get meaningful audience feedback on their content.

  • "Podyssey helps me discover shows that I can reach out to for cross promotion and find podcast listeners who will love our content — two essential elements of growing an independent podcast."

    Jenna Spinelle of Democracy Works from Penn State McCourtney Institute for Democracy

  • "Participants were all super thoughtful and knowledgeable about AI and had clearly listened to the episodes. This was way more meaningful engagement than Twitter or Instagram. It was both validating and gave an indication of storylines and themes that are especially resonant."

    Oz Woloshyn of Sleepwalkers from iHeartRadio

  • "It was great to see that our episode was showing another aspect to the conversation and getting people to think about that. That was quite fulfilling. We definitely think Podyssey is a great app."

    Maisha Bahdon of That's What They Said

  • "It was really nice to have such an engaged audience asking specific questions about the story. Usually we just get generic feedback like 'Nice job! Love what you’re doing!' but it’s fun to be quizzed further, also helped me identify a few gaps that we could’ve addressed in the episode."

    Alex Atack of Kerning Cultures

Community-Curated Playlists

Find themed podcast playlist thoughtfully curated by community members, educators, and influencers.

Podyssey Founders

Podyssey was co-founded by Danny Mathews and Melody Ma.

  • Danny Mathews


    Danny was an early employee at Hootsuite where helped build the user base from 100k to 6 million users in 2.5 years. He is a serial app developer in the community space and was a head instructor at Canada's largest coding bootcamp, Lighthouse Labs. He founded the Vancouver chapter of the Podcast Brunch Club.

  • Melody Ma


    Melody was a product marketing manager and product manager of loyalty membership software for businesses across Canada. She was also a software developer who redeveloped Mountain Equipment Co-op's (Canada's REI) website for 5.4 million members nationally. She leads the Vancouver chapter of the Podcast Brunch Club.

Contact: info@podyssey.fm