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Crime Junkie is a weekly podcast dedicated to giving you a true crime fix. Every Monday, Ashley Flowers will tell you about whatever crime she’s been obsessing over that week in a way that sounds like you're sitting around talking crime with your bes...Show More
3: MURDERED: Laci Peterson - Part Two

36:36 | Dec 25th, 2017

The story everyone thinks they know... but do you really? In part two, we discuss the continued focus on Scott as a suspect in the disappearance and murder of his wife, Laci.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
2: MURDERED: Laci Peterson

49:08 | Dec 18th, 2017

The story everyone thinks they know... but do you really? In part one we cover Laci’s disappearance and the suspicion that fell on her husband Scott Peterson.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
68: CAPTURED: Dr. No

09:43 | Feb 17th

We just found out the man we know as Dr. No has been captured. His name is Samuel Legg III and Brit and Ashley tell you everything we know in the early days of his arrest. You can also get more information on another case he has been connected to, th...Show More

45:28 | Jan 21st

During the 80's and 90's, a serial killer was operating out of Ohio, killing sex workers and leaving their bodies along interstates. Could their killer be a truck driver who called himself Dr. No? And could his crimes extend beyond the Ohio state lin...Show More
56: MISSING: Alissa Turney

33:20 | Nov 26th, 2018

In 2001 Mike Turney reported to Phoenix, Arizona police that his 17 year old step-daughter, Alissa, had run away to California. But 7 years later, a serial killer comes forward with a story that would launch and investigation in to her disappearance ...Show More
27: MISSING: Misty Copsey

47:32 | May 21st, 2018

In September of 1992, a young teenager named Misty Copsey went missing after visiting the local fair in Puyallup, Washington with her best friend. Almost 26 years have passed and all we have are a handful of suspicious suspects, a pair of jeans found...Show More
26: CAPTURED: Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible's Killer

38:34 | May 14th, 2018

 In April of 2018, we were all talking about the capture of the Gold State Killer but did you know another long-time cold case was solved that same week? On December 29,1999, best friends Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were having a sleepover at Ash...Show More
25: MURDERED: Amber Tuccaro // Henry McCabe

30:49 | May 14th, 2018

 This week we tell you not one but two stories that have been underreported despite the terrifying audio capture shortly before each of their deaths.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
24: MISSING: Bethany Decker

41:45 | Apr 30th, 2018

In 2011, Bethany Decker's life was far from easy. As a young wife and mother with a husband overseas in the military, things were strained. When her husband comes back for a short leave, Bethany shares some shocking news and then disappears, never to...Show More
23: CAPTURED: The Golden State Killer

45:22 | Apr 26th, 2018

On April 25th, 2018, a decades-long search for the man believed to be the Visalia Ransacker, the East Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker, and the Golden State Killer was identified and apprehended by authorities. We spoke with Criminology Podcas...Show More

56:54 | Apr 16th, 2018

When a young escort goes missing after an outcall on Long Island in 2010, no one bothers to search for her. No one except a single detective and his dog who while looking, stumble upon the burial ground of a serial killer... or... killers? What unfol...Show More
20: ADNAN: What Serial Didn't Tell You

45:00 | Apr 9th, 2018

Hundreds of millions of people tuned into Serial season one back in 2014. Sarah Koenig told us all about the story of 18 year old high school senior Hae Min Lee who disappeared on January 13th, 1999. Hae's body was later found in Leakin Park, and not...Show More
18: WANTED: Monster in Fort Wayne, Indiana

1:01:59 | Apr 2nd, 2018

Thirty years ago this week, a little girl in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was abducted, sexually assaulted, murdered and now, forgotten by everyone. It is one of the most horrific crimes we've ever researched, and yet when we ask people if they know about Ap...Show More
17: MISSING: Kiplyn Davis

46:22 | Mar 26th, 2018

In 1995, one of our listeners from Kentucky was high school pen pals with girl named Kiplyn Davis from Spanish Fork, Utah, when one day the Spanish Fork Police called looking for answers. Kiplyn had gone missing. Kiplyn's story takes over 16 years to...Show More
16: MURDERED: The Longo Family

38:29 | Mar 19th, 2018

What makes a seemingly normal family man snap, murder his entire family, and assume a new identity in Mexico? Christian Longo was a husband, and father of three kids, who moved his family to Oregon to escape legal and money trouble he had accrued bac...Show More
15: MISSING: Katelin Akens

35:51 | Mar 12th, 2018

In December of 2015, Katelin was to board a plane from VA to AZ. She texted her mom that she made it to the airport and her phone was dying, so she would text later. But Katelin never made it on that flight and she has never been seen since. The inve...Show More
14: SERIAL KILLER: Herb Baumeister

44:02 | Mar 5th, 2018

In the late 90s, Indianapolis was rocked when it was found out that a local business man was murdering gay men and burying them on his 15 acre estate called Fox Hollow Farms.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
11: MURDERED: Tent Girl

31:05 | Feb 19th, 2018

On May 17, 1968, a woman was found in the woods, murdered and wrapped in tent fabric. For over 30 years she remained unidentified in a Kentucky grave with a donated headstone that bore the name "Tent Girl". But 90s internet and a superhero named Todd...Show More
10: WANTED: Killer on the High Bridge

54:07 | Feb 12th, 2018

On February 13th, 2017, Abby Williams and Libby German went for a hike near the Monon High Bridge, in Delphi, Indiana. After Libby posted a Snapchat photo of Abby at 2:07 pm, the girls were never seen alive again. Searchers found their bodies near a ...Show More
9: MURDERED: Amy Weidner

33:56 | Feb 5th, 2018

A teenage mother stays home from school one day with her daughter because she isn't feeling well. Just a few hours after her family leaves the house she is brutally attacked. Surely it had to be someone she knew. Did they know she would be home that ...Show More
8: MISSING: Bryce Laspisa

35:09 | Jan 29th, 2018

Bryce Laspisa started acting strangely on August 27, 2013\. Just a couple of days into his sophomore year, friends started to become concerned about his unusual behavior. He planned atrip home to visit his parents and what should have been a 7 hour j...Show More
7: SERIAL KILLER: Shawn Grate

37:24 | Jan 22nd, 2018

Shawn Grate is currently awaiting trial in Ohio for two counts of murder but his admitted body count is much more. From 2005 - 2016 he terrorized vulnerable women of Ohio but police had no idea. Shawn Grate murdered woman police didn't even consider ...Show More
6: MURDERED: Karina Holmer

37:00 | Jan 15th, 2018

In 1996, Boston saw one of the most brutal, and now notorious, murders of their city. Over 20 years later, not many people outside of Boston know the name of the Swedish nanny who was brutally murdered, dismembered and thrown away with the garbage on...Show More
5: WANTED: Robert Fisher

48:18 | Jan 8th, 2018

Robert William Fisher is an American fugitive wanted for the murder of his wife and two children. Their home in Scottsdale, Arizona was blown up on April 10, 2001 in an attempt to cover up the crimes. However, no one has seen or heard from Robert sin...Show More
4: SERIAL KILLER: The West Mesa Serial Killer

38:22 | Jan 1st, 2018

Happy New Year! For our first episode of 2018, we outline the still-unsolved murders of the West Mesa Serial Killer **FYI: We've marked this episode as explicit because there are a couple of f-bombs. Sorry! We'll do better next time, I promise!Learn ...Show More
1: MISSING: Niqui McCown

33:54 | Dec 18th, 2017

The story of an Indiana woman who disappears from a laundry mat only weeks before her wedding.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
MISSING: Kimberly McAndrew

32:24 | Aug 12th

Today, August 12, 2019, marks the 30th anniversary of Kimberly McAndrew's disappearance. Over the years investigators have tried using old fashioned police work as well as psychics to solve the case but so many years later no one has found Kimberly. ...Show More
CAPTURED: Lloyd Lee Welch

49:32 | Aug 5th

During spring break of 1975 Shelia & Kate Lyon went missing from a shopping center near their home and for almost 40 years no one knew what happened to them. Over the years horrible men would come into focus as suspects. Men who took the lives of 10 ...Show More
90: SERIAL KILLER: Charlie Brandt

47:49 | Jul 22nd

In 2004 a seemingly normal man commits an unthinkable crime. Police and friends are left to wonder what caused this man to just snap but his older sister holds the key and reveals a dark family secret that would completely change the investigation. L...Show More
30: UPDATE: Katelin Akens

25:50 | Jun 8th, 2018

In this update episode, Ashley gets the chance to talk to Lisa, Katelin's mom, about Katelin's case, and like, you all asked... What about Katelin's step-father?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
22: MURDERED: Kenia Monge

39:50 | Apr 23rd, 2018

19-year-old Kenia Monge went missing in downtown Denver on April 1, 2011\. When Kenia's step dad finds an eerie text message from a stranger on her phone, it leads him and police right to her killer. However, without Kenia's body and no clue where sh...Show More
19: UPDATE: Monster in Fort Wayne, Indiana

34:32 | Apr 5th, 2018

In this bonus episode, we get the opportunity to talk with April Tinsley’s mom, Janet, about the investigation into her daughter’s murder and the torment April's killer has put her family, and the city of Fort Wayne through. Be sure to listen to epis...Show More
13: UPDATE: Niqui McCown

34:16 | Mar 1st, 2018

In this bonus episode we get the opportunity to talk with Niqui McCown’s daughter, Payton, and get all our left over questions from episode one answered!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
12: CONSPIRACY: Bardstown, Kentucky

52:25 | Feb 26th, 2018

A 35 year old woman named Crystal Rogers went missing from Bardstown, KY back in 2015\. Her car was found on the side of a busy parkway with a flat tire, keys, wallet and phone still inside. Just 16 months later, while searching for answers, Crystal'...Show More
Introducing: Crime Junkie

02:49 | Dec 6th, 2017

Ashley Flowers gives you the low down on what you can expect from Crime Junkie, a podcast dedicated to giving you a weekly true crime fix
SERIAL KILLER: The Hillside Strangler

54:30 | Aug 19th

Between October of 1977 and February of 1978, a serial killer terrorized women in Southern California. Originally preying upon sex workers in Los Angeles, this offender began to target young women irregardless of race or background, before simply van...Show More
MURDERED: Kara, Kelsey, & Jessica

54:14 | Jul 29th

Three cases over ten years. Each one brining a killer a little closer to justice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
89: MISSING: Brandy Hall

37:22 | Jul 15th

In 2006 Brady Hall vanished after leaving her post at the volunteer fire station early. It would take many years, 3 clues found in three different bodies of water and a lost tip, before anyone would have an idea of what might have happened to her tha...Show More
89: INFAMOUS: Alice Crimmins

1:08:05 | Jul 8th

Long before Casey Anthony there was another mother America loved to hate... Alice Crimmins. When her children went missing from their room one summer night, the police and the press were quick to point the finger at the "sex-crazed" mother. At the st...Show More
88: UNIDENTIFIED: Sumter County Does

44:18 | Jul 1st

In August of 1976, the bodies of a young man and woman were found in rural Sumter County, South Carolina. Police would infer a lot from their belongings and the state of their bodies, but more than four decades later, their identities - as well as th...Show More
87: MURDERED: Amanda Cope

47:53 | Jun 24th

In 2001 Amanda Cope was found sexually assaulted and murdered in her own bedroom. A confession early in the investigation makes police think this is case closed but after the man recants and DNA evidence points to another suspect the case gets a lot ...Show More
86: MURDERED: Reyna Marroquin // Michelle Schroader

47:29 | Jun 17th

This week we have two stories of women who were murdered and laid to rest, Reyna and Michelle. It would take decades before Reyna would be able to rest in peace and Michelle and her family are still waiting for their day.Learn more about your ad choi...Show More
85: CONSPIRACY: North Fox Island & The Oakland County Child Killer Part 2

33:25 | Jun 10th

In part 2 we discuss more suspects in the Oakland County Child Killings and how some or all of them might be connected to North Fox Island. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
84: CONSPIRACY: North Fox Island & The Oakland County Child Killer Part 1

35:41 | Jun 3rd

In the 1970s the affluent neighborhoods around Detroit Michigan were terrorized by a child killer but were the four murders connected to a bigger conspiracy across the state and possible across the nation?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megap...Show More
83: MISSING: Patti Adkins

34:09 | May 20th

Patti Adkins had been having a secret relationship with a man from her work. When she went missing in July of 2001, troubling details emerge about their affair and the days leading up to her disappearance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit mega...Show More
82: MURDERED: The Eastburn Family

46:30 | May 13th

In 1985 Katie Eastburn and two of her daughters were brutally murdered while her husband was away. It would take over 20 years and three trials before their killer would be brought to justice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adch...Show More
81: SERIAL KILLER: Israel Keyes

46:02 | May 6th

Israel Keyes is the most terrifying name you have probably never heard of. Officials believe he hunted and killed people all across the US and abroad from as early as 1997 - 2012. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
80: MISSING: Suzanne Lyall

44:24 | Apr 29th

In 1998 a 19 year old college student boarded a bus from her job at the mall to go back to her campus dorm room. She was seen getting off the bus around 9:45 at night but was likely abducted somewhere between her bus stop and her dorm. Many theories ...Show More
79: UPDATE: Killer on the High Bridge

10:14 | Apr 22nd

On April 22, 2019 the Indiana State Police released new information in the unsolved murder case of Abby & Libby in Delphi, Indiana. Here are the updates you absolutely NEED TO KNOW!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
78: MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Kendrick Johnson

55:51 | Apr 22nd

In 2013 a 17-year-old boy's body was found rolled up in a high school gym mat. Local law enforcement was quick to rule it an accident and move on but the family is sure this is a case of murder being covered up. Learn more about your ad choices. Visi...Show More
77: MISSING: Timmothy Pitzen

38:02 | Apr 15th

MISSING: Timmothy PitzenOn April 3, 2019 someone claiming Timmothy Pitzen approached a stranger in KY and told them he had escaped abductors. The news went wild with this information as the public waited for DNA results to come in. We learned that th...Show More
76: MURDERED: Jerry Michael Williams

49:56 | Apr 8th

One day before his anniversary Jerry Michael Williams went for a duck hunting trip on lake Seminole but never returned home. For years people were convinced he had been eaten by alligators but the truth was much more sinister. Learn more about your a...Show More
75: MISSING: Rachel Cooke

32:25 | Apr 1st

17 years ago, college student Rachel Cooke was visiting her family home in Texas for her winter break. She went out for an early morning run on her regular route but never return. No sign of Rachel has been found in all these years but there was a br...Show More
74: MURDERED: Kacie Woody

44:13 | Mar 25th

Kacie was a young girl who trusted easily but in 2002 her trust would be misplaced after meeting two boys online. One of them was not who they seemed to be and he wanted more from Kacie than she could give. In this episode we explore the dangers of t...Show More
73: MURDERED: Kirsten Hatfield

49:58 | Mar 18th

In 1997 Kirsten Hatfield was taken out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night and never seen again. Police tried for years to work and re-work the case as it got passed from detective to detective but it would take a special man to see the ...Show More
72: UPDATE: April Tinsley & The Monster in Ft. Wayne

1:09:44 | Mar 11th

Captain Kevin Smith of the Indiana State Police granted us an interview to discuss the arrest of April Tinsley's killer who was apprehended in July of 2018 using new genealogy methods. He tells us what it was like finally catching John Miller after 3...Show More
71: MISSING: Amy Lynn Bradley

40:46 | Mar 4th

In March of 1998 Amy Lynn Bradley and her family set off and what was to be the trip of a lifetime, a full week long cruise around the Caribbean. But little did they know their dream vacation would turn into a nightmare when Amy goes missing from the...Show More
70: UPDATE: Angela Mischelle Lawless (Interview with Josh Kezer)

1:48:17 | Feb 25th

UPDATE: Josh Kezer, the man who was wrongfully convicted of Angela's murder and then later declared actually innocent, reached out to us to discuss the case. If you are familiar with the case details you can skip to 52:20 just to hear his interview. ...Show More

35:41 | Feb 18th

In 2014 Lynn Messer went missing from her 260-acre farm in the middle of the night. When he remains are found on the far two years later, despite a thorough search, her family and investigators are left wondering if this was a terrible accident or fo...Show More
67: MISSING: Sneha Philip

34:14 | Feb 11th

Sneha Philip was last seen shopping just a couple blocks away from the World Trade Centers on September 11th, 2001. She never returned home that night or after the attacks leaving many to speculate whether she died as a result of the terrorist attack...Show More
66: WANTED: Austin Yogurt Shop Killer

51:24 | Feb 4th

In the early 90's, Austin, TX was turned upside down when four young girls were sexually assaulted, murdered, then set on fire inside an ICBY store. Four men were accused of the crime, but there have always been questions around their guilt. Those qu...Show More
65: MURDERED: Robert Wone

57:56 | Jan 28th

This is probably the strangest case of murder we have ever covered here on Crime Junkie. It's the story of Robert Wone who, while staying in a friend's DC guest room, was brutally attacked. But with a staged crime scene, a timeline that doesn't add u...Show More
63: WANTED: Bradford Bishop // Yaser Said

31:17 | Jan 14th

This week, we have two stories for you of men who are wanted for killing their families. Our first story is about a man named Bradford Bishop, a man who, after not receiving a promotion at work, went home, and methodically killed his entire family. O...Show More
62: MISSING: Asha Degree

43:48 | Jan 7th

In February of 2000, a 9-year-old girl named Asha Degree packed her book bag and tucked it away, waiting for the right time to sneak out of her North Carolina home. To this day, no one knows why she left, or why she was walking along Highway 18 alone...Show More
61: MURDERED: The Watts Family

54:07 | Dec 24th, 2018

The most recent family annihilator case in the U.S. was incredibly heartbreaking and had every American checking their TVs and smart phones regularly for updates. In this week's episode, we give you our take on the case of Chris Watts who murdered hi...Show More
60: MURDERED: Colleen Orsborn

40:07 | Dec 17th, 2018

In March of 1984, 15-year-old Colleen Orsborn skips school for a day on the beach but never returns home. Her case was connected to the infamous serial killer, Christopher Wilder, and it took 27 years for her family to find out that Colleen had been ...Show More
59: SERIAL KILLER: On The Colonial Parkway (Part 2)

43:00 | Dec 10th, 2018

In part two, we tell you about the murders of Cassandra Lee Hailey, Richard Keith Call, Annamaria Phelps, and Daniel Lauer. Could all four of the murders be connected? Or could there be four killers roaming free?Learn more about your ad choices. Visi...Show More
58: SERIAL KILLER: On The Colonial Parkway (Part 1)

37:14 | Dec 3rd, 2018

In 1986, park rangers near Virginia's Colonial Parkway get notified of a possible traffic accident. When rangers arrive, they are confronted with the violent scene. The deaths of Cathleen Thomas and Rebecca Dowski. Though it is brutal and seemingly u...Show More
57: UPDATE: Alissa Turney

47:09 | Nov 27th, 2018

An interview with Alissa's half-sister, Sarah, reveals she no longer thinks her sister ran away. She thinks Alissa was the victim of foul play and she alleges that the perpetrator may be her own father. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megapho...Show More
55: MURDERED: Oklahoma Girl Scouts

41:15 | Nov 19th, 2018

One of Oklahoma's darkest stories. Three young girl scouts are brutally murdered while away at their first night of camp. A Native American man is pinned for the crime but decades later much of the public still wonder if the real culprit eluded captu...Show More
54: MISSING: Zachary Bernhardt

42:35 | Nov 12th, 2018

In September of 2000, Zachary Bernhardt went missing from his mother's bed while she was out for a brief walk. Is his mother hiding something or could Zach have been the victim of local predator? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/a...Show More
53: MURDERED: The Camm Family

47:36 | Nov 5th, 2018

In 2000, David Camm, a former Indiana State Trooper, came home from playing basketball to find his entire family had been murdered in their garage. It was only days before he would be charged with the crime and it would take three trials and thirteen...Show More
PATREON: Elisa Lam Clip

12:39 | Oct 31st, 2018

We get lots of emails from listeners about what actually comes with a Patreon subscription. So in this teaser episode we break it down for you AND give you a 6 minute clip of our 1 hour Halloween Episode on the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. As of 10...Show More
52: INFAMOUS: Lizzie Borden

48:10 | Oct 29th, 2018

Lizzie Borden took an axGave her mother 40 whacksWhen she saw what she had doneShe gave her father 41But did she really? In this episode we tell the story of Lizzie Borden and the other suspects in the case who you've probably never heard of. Learn m...Show More
51: CONSPIRACY: Women in the U.S. Military

30:37 | Oct 22nd, 2018

In 2010, statistics came out that 120 female U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq had died. Half of those deaths were reported to be non-combat related. 30 those non-combat related deaths were ruled suicides, but there is evidence to suggest many of them ...Show More
50: MISSING: Maura Murray (Part 2)

33:54 | Oct 15th, 2018

This week we re-examine everything we thought we knew about Maura and her disappearance. Lying, stealing, cheating... all of this led Maura to leave her dorm room that February 9th. But the more we learn about Maura and her life the more questions we...Show More
49: MISSING: Maura Murray (Part 1)

29:38 | Oct 8th, 2018

In 2004 a 21-year-old UMass student, Maura Murray, sends a message to her professors saying there has been a death in her family and she will be out for the next week. But that's a lie. No one can explain why Maura did this or her strange actions to ...Show More
48: EXPERT ON: Domestic Violence

43:11 | Oct 2nd, 2018

In our last episode, we talked about Susan Powell who was a victim of domestic violence. Many of her friends talked about Josh's strange behavior and the recalled things that should have been warning signs. Today we talk to an expert on the topic, As...Show More
47: MURDERED: The Powell Family

50:05 | Oct 1st, 2018

During a blizzard in December 6, 2009 Josh Powell Claims to have taken his two young sons, ages 2 and 4, camping. When he returned home he finds friends and family frantically searching for them. They're all relieved when he and the boys arrive safel...Show More
46: MURDERED: Angela Savage

35:47 | Sep 24th, 2018

Sometime after dropping off her young daughter at the school bus, Angela Savage and her 6-month-old son were abducted. Angela's body would eventually be found on a dirt path near her home, having been assaulted, tied up and left with no shoes. Despit...Show More
45: SERIAL KILLER: Bible John

37:17 | Sep 17th, 2018

In the late 1960s, three women were murdered after attending the same nightclub. But aside from their location, all three women had something very specific in common. Was this thing they had in common the reason they were killed or was their killer, ...Show More
44: MURDERED: Danielle "Gabby" Akers

33:24 | Sep 10th, 2018

In April of 2016, Danielle "Gabby" Akers's body was found in a creek bed 60 miles from her home. She had no clothes or personal belongings with her and its still unknown how she got so far from home without a vehicle. The family believes that someone...Show More
43: MURDERED: The Coleman Family

46:19 | Sep 3rd, 2018

When head of security for a cutting edge televangelists starts getting threatening emails, no one seems too concerned. But as those threats escalate and eventually come to fruition, law enforcement isn't convinced that everything is as it appears.---...Show More
42: MURDERED: Chandra Levy

51:41 | Aug 27th, 2018

When a political intern goes missing, all eyes turn towards her hometown congressman. But when that lead dries up, and other women are being attacked, who is really to blame?--Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join our Facebook Discus...Show More
41: WANTED: Answers from a Deputy

37:55 | Aug 20th, 2018

When Terrance Williams goes missing, most law enforcement officers consider him a low-priority; He wanted, or needed, to disappear. But when his last know location is with Deputy Steven Calkins, suspicions are raised as to whether or not this is a ra...Show More
40: MISSING: Leah Roberts

35:24 | Aug 13th, 2018

After friends and family can't get ahold of her for days in a row, they decide that college student Leah Roberts is missing. Two weeks later, her car is found, and her love ones are ready to have answers... But will they get the answers they crave?Le...Show More
39: SERIAL KILLER: Todd Kohlhepp

44:54 | Aug 6th, 2018

Our Patreon supports will be happy to note that today, we are covering the multiple murders committed by Todd Kohlhepp. This man lured literally countless people to his property, only to systematically torture and murder them. To find out more about ...Show More
38: IF I GO MISSING: Tanya Rider

51:19 | Jul 30th, 2018

When hard-working Tanya Rider misses two shifts and is late for a third, her husband knows something is wrong. But can he convince the local sheriff's department to take her disappearance seriously?ALSO IN THIS EPISODE:What is an "If I Go Missing" fo...Show More
37: MURDERED: Barbara Nantais & Claire Hough

38:08 | Jul 23rd, 2018

In the dreamy summers of southern California, two murders happen within yards of each other, but a decade apart. Questions echo throughout these cases. Are they connected? Can DNA help solve these cases? Or does it just muddle the facts even more?---...Show More
36: WHITE COLLAR: The Dalkon Shield

43:02 | Jul 16th, 2018

With the permission from the team over at Swindled Podcast, we are covering one of their best True Crime stories. It’s a story of lies.... cover-ups... and murder. But murder that was done out in the open while a company actually profited from women’...Show More
35: CAPTURED: Monster in Fort Wayne

06:06 | Jul 15th, 2018

On July 15, 2018 Police finally made an arrest in the 30-year unsolved murder of April Marie Tinsley. In this breaking clip Ashley calls Brit to tell her the news.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
34: MURDERED: Angela Mischelle Lawless

57:50 | Jul 9th, 2018

In November 1992, Mischelle Lawless was found by passersbys deceased in her car with the headlights on and vehicle still running. Police have spent decades trying to piece together what happened to Mischelle that night. Who would she have pulled over...Show More
MISSING: Ashley and Brit

03:20 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Hey Crime Junkies! Instead of working on a new episode this week, we were working on something you've been asking for for a long time... 
33: CONSPIRACY: The Women of Juarez

50:39 | Jun 25th, 2018

Since 1993, women in Juarez, Mexico have been dying violent deaths. Is this the work of one killer or multiple and why did the State Police work so hard to convince the public that it was the work of a man who was incarcerated, while many of the murd...Show More
32: SERIAL KILLER: The Claremont Killer

46:00 | Jun 18th, 2018

Since 1996, people in Claremont had been looking over their shoulders when they go out for a night on the town. Over the span of a few years, three girls were taken from the same place in nearly identical fashions. Many years later, those crimes woul...Show More
31: MISSING: Sage Smith

31:09 | Jun 11th, 2018

On November 20, 2012, Sage Smith left her home at 5:30 for a date. She was seen alone at 6:30 talking to someone on the phone and then possibly sighted one more time at 7:00 at a cafe, again alone. Her father and friends were advocates and attempted ...Show More
29: MURDERED: Sylvia Likens

30:44 | Jun 4th, 2018

Sylvia was a happy, beautiful 16 year old when her parents left her and her sister in the care of Gertrude Baniszewski while they went on the road for work. But, within a few short months, Sylvia was beaten, humiliated, and ultimately left to die fro...Show More
28: SERIAL KILLER: The Green River Killer

45:36 | May 28th, 2018

Through the 80's & 90's, women in the state of Washington were turning up dead. First, along the Green River, then in other clusters throughout the state and even into Portland, Oregon. Not only had these women been murdered but their killer would re...Show More