Virtual Podcast Hangouts

Love podcasts and or want to find a fun way to socialize virtually? Join or host a podcast hangout! Podcasts are a great way to start stimulating and fun discussions with friends, colleagues, and family.

We’ve also put together a toolkit and podcast library to help you start your own hangouts. Not ready to host? Join a featured hangout hosted by Podyssey and our community members.

How to Start a Virtual Podcast Hangout

We’re excited that you’re interested in hosting your own podcast hangout. To help you get started, we’ve put together tips and best practices for a fun and smooth experience for you and your attendees.


    Determine who the hangout is for

    Is this podcast hangout for you and your podcast-loving friends? Perhaps this is a professional development activity or virtual "watercooler" time with old and new colleagues. Maybe it’s for you to connect with your love ones far away. Or a way for you to keep in touch with communities and organizations you’re a part of. Determining who the podcast hangout is for will help you figure out your group's purpose and what you might listen to.


    Figure out what you’ll be listening to

    Determine who’s curating

    Picking what to listen to is one of the most creative parts of this experience! But first, figure out who’s going to curate the listening selection. Will this a collaborative excerise or will select people lead the curation effort?

    Pick what you’ll be listening to

    You can start with a topic you want to discuss and then curate a playlist of great episodes about that topic. Alternatively, if there are particular podcasts series or episodes you’re excited about, then go with it! We suggest that you pick topics or podcasts that are a little controversial to create stimulating conversation. And of course, we recommend Podyssey's playlist tool to help you curate your listening lists like this:

    Podcast Library

    To help you get started, we provided a library of podcasts playlists in the section below that you can pull from or use as inpiration.


    Pick a meeting time and frequency

    Determine frequency of your hangouts

    How often will you be hosting the hangouts? Is this a one-time event or an ongoing podcast club like a book club? If this is a weekly activity, we recommend curating one or two episodes for up to 2 to 2.5 hours of listening time. For a monthly meeting, we recommend 4 to 6 hours of listening time. The rule of thumb is to remember to give people adequate time to listen to the podcasts.

    Set time of hangout

    For social hangouts with friends, we recommend after work, after dinner or weekends. For professional discussions with colleagues, we recommend around lunch time or happy hour time shortly after work hours.

    Set length of hangout

    A hangout can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours or more depending on the number of attendees, the length or the playlist or content, complexity of topic, and dynamics of your group. If you can't decide, then just start with one hour and then adjust future meeting times accordingly.


    Sort out your meeting tools

    Playlist and notetaking tool

    Podyssey offers playlists to help you round up your episode listening list to send to attendees. We accomodate all podcast players regardless of which ones your attendees use. All they have to do is press "Open in Player" on an episode on Podyssey's website or mobile apps to listen on their preferred player or they can press "play" to listen on Podyssey. Additionally, attendees can save your playlist on their profiles and add notes to each episode to keep track of what they want to bring to the discussion. Here's an example of a playlist with notes:

    Invite and registration tools

    Figure out how you want to collect your RSVPs. We recommend Eventbrite, Facebook Groups, Meetup or good ol’ email.

    Video call tools

    For video calls, we recommend Whereby, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Whereby is great if you don’t want to force people to download an application or fiddle with access codes. It’s free for four or less people. Zoom is the best for realiability and large groups if you want to break out to smaller groups on the same call. However, the free version is only available for meetings no longer than 40 minutes. Google Hangouts is a great in-between solution. It’s free with unlimited meeting durations.

    Tell us about your event

    If your podcast hangout is open to the public, tell us about it! We'd love to feature it and help you get the word out. Submit your event here:


    Start the podcast hangout!

    Choose a facillator

    It’s hangout time! First, determine out who’s going to be the facillator. This is the person who’s going give structure to the meeting, and ask prompting questions to keep the conversation going. If you have a large group over 8, you may want to consider splitting the group into two with separate facillators.

    Break the ice by asking for podcast recommendations

    To break the ice, take a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting to ask people what they’ve been listening too lately that they love. The facillator can take notes and round up the recommendations in a podcast playlist on Podyssey to share with everyone like this here: . You can even create an account for your club to organize the recommendations. Here’s an example of a club account:

    Start the podcast hangout

    Now it’s time to get the discussion going. You can start off with asking attendees what resonated with them in the podcasts or episodes and go from there.

    Conversation tips

    Take time to do a room check to give space for folks who might be shy a chance to speak. Prepare a handful of starter questions to keep the conversation going.


    Follow up with attendees after the hangout

    Send a follow-up email

    After the meeting, promptly send a follow-up email with the playlist of podcast recommendations from the attendees. Here's an example: . If this is an ongoing event, let people know when the next meeting is and when to expect the listening list.

    Connect on Podyssey for ongoing podcast recommendations

    Your converation doesn't have to end after your meetup! Attendees can sign up for a Podyssey account to share and discuss their favorite podcasts and episodes with each other and Podyssey's larger community of podcast lovers. Join at

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Podcast Library

We've compiled a library of podcasts and podcast playlists that you can use for your podcast hangouts or for inspiration.


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