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The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions, proving that the worst monsters are very real. We c...Show More

1:26:32 | Jan 21st, 2018

So many leaves... It doesn't happen often, but the intersection of Psychosis and Psychopathy is a scary place.  A place where all things that are good, break down and all that's left is pure darkness. Matthew Hoffman lived in such a place...

1:38:06 | Mar 17th, 2018

Part 2 of the Natalie Bollinger Murder...
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1:00:03 | Dec 17th, 2016

When you dial those three numbers on your phone, you expect that someone will help you. However, as with all matters involving humans, sometimes things can go wrong. In this season-finale episode, we speak with 13-year emergency dispatch veteran Ric...Show More

54:26 | Jan 29th, 2014

Imagine a criminal conspiracy and cover-up so so massive in scale, involving the highest levels of government and industry, that it threatens the very fabric of the American system. Now imagine that the crimes of this criminal syndicate are so horri...Show More

58:17 | Mar 4th, 2018

A teenage girl is stalked by a homeless man and suddenly goes missing two weeks later.

1:07:22 | Feb 18th, 2018

When Jane Bashara was found strangled to death in the back of her SUV nobody knew what to make of it.  Things like this simply didn't happen in  Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, a wealthy community of million-dollar homes.   The Bashara's, now empty ne...Show More

1:20:37 | Feb 4th, 2018

The human mind can go to such depths of depravity that, for the average well-adjusted person, it’s hard to even imagine. Kevin Ray Underwood’s mind was so far gone that his sexual fantasies started to include cannibalism. When 10-year-old Jamie Rose...Show More

53:36 | Jan 22nd, 2014

On Friday, October 5th 2012, 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway disappeared on her way to school. This is the story of what happened to her and how the suburban city of Westminster coped with the aftermath, including the perpetrator's chilling confession. ...Show More

56:24 | Jan 1st, 2014

In this debut episode of Sword and Scale, author Janice Holly Booth tells the story of Bruce Blackman's slip into the dark depths of schizophrenia and the horrible result it caused to him and his family. This tale is based on the true events that occ...Show More

1:03:33 | Jun 4th, 2018

On Sunday, October 4th 2009, Milford Police Sgt. Kevin Furlong was dispatched by 911 to 4 Trow Road in Mont Vernon. There had been a home invasion. Inside he found Jaimie Cates with multiple stab wounds and injuries and the body of her mom Kimberly...Show More

1:01:14 | Apr 1st, 2018

What exactly is "God's Plan?"  Do you know?  Some people think they do.   Jonathan Hearn and Sabrina Limon thought "God's Plan" included having an illicit affair and killing Sabrina's husband.
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

08:53 | Jan 4th, 2018

A point we’ve made here on Sword and Scale, over and over again, is that the stories we think we’ve heard, the people we think we know are never quite what we think they are - nothing is ever as it initially appears. The worst monsters are real, and...Show More

1:18:47 | Dec 10th, 2017

CENTAUR... you have awoken. Don't let them kill you. Final episode of 2017 and Season 4. Enjoy...

1:03:50 | Nov 27th, 2017

Love is often expressed with gifts such as flowers and chocolates, but those same gifts can be used to manipulate, control and threaten in the hands of a stalker. That is a lesson that Alice Ruggles learned the hard way from her obsessed ex-boyfrien...Show More

1:01:32 | Nov 12th, 2017

Nothing quite says fear like a machete. In this episode we bring you to distinct stories of some of the most barbaric and utterly inexplicable attacks with a blade to poor souls who did nothing to deserve such brutality. The first story comes from A...Show More

1:10:16 | Oct 30th, 2017

The death of a little girl named Jodi Parrack send a small town into a spiral of shock and disbelief. Everyone goes looking, but when a reserve police officer named Raymond McCann suggests looking in the cemetery all eyes turn on him as the primary s...Show More

1:05:54 | Oct 15th, 2017

We conclude with Part 2 of the Scrivo Murder Case, a story which deals with elements of mental illness, grief and the relationship between a mother and a son.

51:45 | Oct 1st, 2017

For our landmark hundredth episode we cover a story that has all the elements our listeners love to hear. A graphic and gory case of body parts being found scattered across a roadway, and the unbelievable tale of how the case then unfolds from there...Show More

1:17:28 | Sep 16th, 2017

Underreported and underdiscussed, male sexual child abuse is a topic that is often brushed under the rug due to social norms and the child's fears of being labelled a homosexual or future perpetrator. Data from various studies indicates that the prob...Show More

1:02:36 | Sep 3rd, 2017

"We lock our doors at night to keep the outside world, to keep evil out, right? ...but what happens when evil has a key?" Those were the words spoken by Nation Hahn, a man who knows first hand how evil can deceptively find its way into your home with...Show More

1:00:02 | Aug 20th, 2017

Becoming a parent can be one of the most joy-filled experiences in one's life. It has been a long-standing tradition for friends, family and neighbors to all gather to celebrate this special experience with a baby shower. In the last decade or so, a ...Show More

1:01:49 | Aug 6th, 2017

There's a lot that can go wrong in this organ we call the human brain, which we don't fully understand.  It's important for all of us to be much more aware of the red flags so that we can prevent tragedies like this one from happening. We examine th...Show More

58:46 | Jul 3rd, 2016

Sword and Scale isn't just a podcast. We also have a website ( where we post daily stories of dark deeds done by the most evil and devious amongst us. To highlight this point, we've chosen two stories that we've previously covered...Show More

54:15 | Nov 1st, 2015

The topic of abortion is a highly controversial one, with emotionally-charged opinions on either side. Regardless of how you feel about the topic, this story about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell illustrates the workings of a man who has lost his hum...Show More

51:34 | Jun 12th, 2014

Ronald William Brown was a ventriloquist puppeteer on a television program called Joy Junction, a variety show on the Christian Television Network. Last year he received a 20-year sentence for child pornography charges, but the real story is much mor...Show More

1:11:20 | Feb 12th, 2014

"White House Boy" Roger Dean Kiser tells us the story of his personal hell. To him, this world which anyone would consider a living hell was just normal everyday life. The way he describes this upbringing is so brutally honest and matter-of-fact, tha...Show More

1:01:29 | Feb 5th, 2014

This is the conclusion to a two part saga involving the organized abduction and abuse of children and ritualistic murders by satanic cults allegedly headed by the top levels of government at a mysterious all-male retreat known as Bohemian Grove. We ...Show More

1:01:01 | Jan 15th, 2014

It's really true that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This week we examine the fascinating topic of female serial killers, including the tale of Belle Gunness - a woman who makes Ted Bundy look like an amateur. Although the town of La Porte...Show More

1:08:11 | Jan 8th, 2014

Psychopaths are all around us. Who are they? What are they? What makes them feel no empathy for other human beings, seeing them only as objects to manipulate and control? In Episode 2 of Sword and Scale, we examine these questions and hear from one o...Show More

51:19 | Dec 9th, 2018

9-year old Omaree Varela’s lifeless, bruised, and tattered body was recovered at the base of toy bouncy horse just two days after Christmas in 2013.  His mother and stepfather claimed his death was the result of a freak accident while playing with hi...Show More

1:15:39 | Sep 16th, 2018

51-year-old Ruth Pyne is found beaten and stabbed to death in the garage of her home in Highland Township, Michigan. Her immediate family members become the focus of the investigation, and one of them has a questionable alibi.  Indirect evidence beg...Show More

1:09:42 | Sep 2nd, 2018

On July 21st, 2006, an entire family seemingly disappeared from their home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. When police searched the residence, there were no signs of a break-in. Nothing was disturbed, and nothing of value appeared to be missing. But th...Show More

58:46 | Aug 19th, 2018

Everyone loves the idea of having the perfect family and keeping everyone close together. Go to work, come home, play with the kids, eat dinner together. Unfortunately, that isn’t always how things go. In 2015, the Bever family was the perfect exampl...Show More

1:05:45 | Aug 5th, 2018

We all love to talk about all of the things we’re going to do to better ourselves… all of the changes we want to make. Maybe we’d like to focus more on our families, start a business, or go back to school. Whatever the case, these aspirations often r...Show More

1:16:56 | Jul 22nd, 2018

When you have a problem, you hire someone to fix it.  That's what you do.  Sometimes you don't have the benefit of Yelp reviews though...

1:06:18 | Jun 17th, 2018

During the early morning hours of September 22nd, 2010, 13-year-old Alexis Mitchell awoke to the sight of her father looming over her and wearing a Halloween mask. His hands were around her neck, but he let up after she elbowed and bit him. Either ha...Show More

1:15:48 | May 20th, 2018

31-year-old Nicole VanderHeyden was substitute teacher and mother of three. She lived with her boyfriend and father of her infant son, Doug Detrie, in Bellevue, Brown County, WI. The Green Bay metro area. Her body was found naked and strangled in a f...Show More

1:00:57 | May 12th, 2018

Some crimes are so extreme that they defy the laws of nature. Ending the life of your very own mother, for example, is so unfathomable to most that it may be the most vile crime imaginable. The story we tell you here goes well beyond that. Strap in..

1:14:39 | Apr 29th, 2018

This will be, BY FAR, the most frustrating podcast you listen to (perhaps ever).  We here, at Sword and Scale, have had some pretty frustrating interactions with emergency operators, but nothing can prepare you for this audio gem. We also tangential...Show More

1:07:28 | Apr 14th, 2018

Some tales of human depravity are just unimaginable. Are they the actions of a monster, or simply a monstrous act? Sometimes the lines are not quite so clear, and perhaps monsters are not only real, but existing all around us, and hidden in plain sit...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

09:22 | Mar 13th, 2018

To support our troops, you first have to understand their stories. From Wondery and Incongruity Media, introducing THIS IS WAR. Select your favorite podcast player and hit "subscribe". Premieres March 13th... - Apple Podcasts - More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

04:20 | Dec 29th, 2017

A point we’ve made here on Sword and Scale, over and over again, is that the stories we think we’ve heard, the people we think we know are never quite what we think they are - nothing is ever as it initially appears. The worst monsters are real, and...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

1:05:28 | Dec 10th, 2017

In this very special end-of-year/end-of-season episode of Sword and Scale Rewind, Lynette and Stefanie break down the latest episode of Austin Harrouff, the Centaur from Florida. Special guests include creator and host of Sword and Scale Mike Boudet...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

09:30 | Nov 17th, 2017

Mike chats with Tracy Pattin of Young Charlie about their favorite episodes on each other podcasts. Feast on these shows @ Sword & Scale Binge: Mysterious Universe Radiolab The Vanished Dirty John  The Joe Rogan...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

42:22 | Oct 21st, 2017

A volatile wannabe gangster, a rural farm and four missing young men... the events that lead investigators to a 12½-foot-deep makeshift grave in Bucks County, Pennsylvania are so bizarre that they hardly make any sense.
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

03:54 | Oct 2nd, 2017

Today I have a special presentation for you, and a question. We hear horror stories from real-life monsters on our show all the time, which I’m sure leaves you wondering - who can I trust? Who are you closest to? It’s supposed to be your significant ...Show More

1:00:06 | Jul 23rd, 2017

Escapism is something most of us are guilty of. We retire to our TV shows, video games, podcasts... One would not assume that even the most esoteric escapes could be dangerous, but for two gay men in the mid 80's living in rural Northern Georgia, tha...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

16:00 | Jul 11th, 2017

What does it feel like in the split second you realize you're about to be locked up in a foreign country - possibly for life? In Locked Up Abroad, host Jim Clemente (Real Crime Profile) brings you first hand accounts from people who lived this nightm...Show More

59:54 | Jul 9th, 2017

Randy Stair secretly identified as a female for years. She ditched her given name for the pseudonym Andrew Blaze and also ditched the YouTube channel she had worked on for a large part of her life to pursue animation. The cartoons she created were da...Show More

55:35 | Jul 2nd, 2017

The highly polarized political climate we're living in colors our view of the world in one way or another. Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture and true underlying human tragedy when we're too busy judging the beliefs of others.  This is a sto...Show More

1:05:37 | Jun 19th, 2017

The love of a mother is something many of us take for granted, but when it's not present during the early formative years the results can be disastrous. This is what Edmund Kemper suggests happened to him. A serial killer who enjoyed murdering coeds ...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

05:20 | Jun 14th, 2017

Sword and Scale Rewind launches today. Preview this episode and subscribe to Sword and Scale Rewind to get the first 3 episodes today. Subscribe here:

1:05:12 | Jun 4th, 2017

We kick off this week's episode with some much needed updates about what's been going on behind the scenes, fist of which is Sword and Scale Rewind, hosted by Lynette Carolla and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, which launches on June 14th. It's the after-sho...Show More

57:49 | May 21st, 2017

When Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Claudia Rowe, author of The Spider and The Fly, decided to write to a serial killer, she wasn't prepared for how it would change her life. In her quest to understand the nature of cruelty, she ended up discove...Show More

1:09:54 | May 7th, 2017

Matthew Hahn is bright, eloquent, friendly and just generally the kind of person you like immediately. He's the kind of person that will tell you everything about his life within seconds of meeting him, but only if you ask. He's an open book which is...Show More

55:16 | Apr 24th, 2017

When a 14 year old boy named Philip Chism goes missing in the middle of a school day, his mother thinks the worst and calls 911. Little does she know, that her son isn't the only missing person from Danvers High School that day. A 24-year-old math te...Show More

59:25 | Apr 8th, 2017

Over the course of a normal school day, a mystery unravels. At first there is chaos, confusion and much worry, but soon all of that anxiety melts into a river of loss and agony as friends and family members find out the truth. This first part of a tw...Show More

52:13 | Mar 26th, 2017

The 20 year anniversary of one of the strangest tales in modern American religious history is quickly approaching. On March 26th, March 26, 1997 Marshall Herff Applewhite led a group of 39 devoted followers to their final destination. In their minds ...Show More

1:05:25 | Mar 12th, 2017

There are few things more horrifying than the idea that your children can be taken from their beds, from their own home, while there's an adult sleeping inside, yet that's exactly what happened on the morning of Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 in Fort Wayne, I...Show More

1:13:01 | Feb 26th, 2017

There is a place that humanity has created where the rules of society mean nothing. This place is a void of laws and social norms. The scariest thing, is that there is a doorway to this dark place in every home, in some cases we carry this doorway wi...Show More

52:05 | Feb 13th, 2017

Love can be a wonderful thing. It can make the world around you seem like a magical place. But sometimes, love can go wrong. Very wrong. In this season opener we examine several cases where love failed and darkness took over culminating in variou...Show More

56:54 | Dec 1st, 2016

This is the PARTAY episode! People love parties. Some people love parties so much that they're willing to do just about anything to have one. Tyler Hadley loved parties this much.

1:03:24 | Nov 20th, 2016

The stories we like to tell the most here are those of serial killers and homicidal maniacs. Those archetypes can be somewhat predictable, if not downright boring. We like to focus instead on everyday people, just like you and me, who find themselv...Show More

57:04 | Nov 5th, 2016

You've been pulled over by a bevy of police cars and taken to an interrogation room. What happens next? In this two-part story, we'll first examine what it's like to be in the shoes of someone who has gotten themselves mixed up with the wrong end of ...Show More

1:01:34 | Oct 23rd, 2016

Halloween is a fun time of the year when we dress up like ghosts and goblins and attempt to scare each other with haunted houses and horror films. However the scariest things don't come with candy in plastic pumpkin containers. instead, the scaries...Show More

1:01:44 | Oct 9th, 2016

The idea of leaving the hustle and bustle behind, and disappearing into the woods to live off the land, can be appealing. Yet few of us would actually attempt to give this idea any more than a fleeting thought. In this episode we examine three case...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

22:29 | Oct 3rd, 2016

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are releasing this latest Sword and Scale PLUS Episode, which deals specifically with the topic of domestic violence, to the public. If you enjoy the show, please consider donating at More

1:05:12 | Sep 25th, 2016

Finally, an update episode! This one fills in the details of what has happened with the Justin Ross-Harris, Holly Bobo and Aaron Hernandez cases, with special guest Cathy Ruson from We also get schooled by a listener on crucial pi...Show More

58:43 | Sep 12th, 2016

This is a bizarre tale. Part gruesome murder tale, part love story. Yes, you read that right.. None of of the Gainesville Ripper story makes much sense, but it made an entire university of 30,000+ students panic and leave their studies and futures...Show More

57:23 | Aug 28th, 2016

The border town of Brownsville, Texas is one of the poorest places in the continental United States. Wracked by crime in the form of drug-use and prostitution, this small town, in the middle of nowhere, is also the home of many historical structures....Show More

1:05:40 | Aug 14th, 2016

A subset of our audience really has an issue with episodes that feature any crimes being done to children. That's understandable, since they are the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. But there are cases, however rare, where the "m...Show More

1:03:08 | Aug 1st, 2016

A recurring question in the criminal justice system is whether the death penalty is moral, right or just. Everyone seems to have a fairly strong opinion regarding it, but almost no one has any any first-hand experience with the process. The idea th...Show More

55:31 | Jul 17th, 2016

Have you ever wondered why most violent crimes are committed by men? Apparently so have several criminologists, who have conducted several studies to examine this phenomenon. Today’s show is the exception to the rule: two stories of women committin...Show More

1:01:32 | Jun 19th, 2016

As a Florida resident and native, I am disgusted by the events of the past weekend in Orlando. Thus, I decided to cover the two senseless shootings and also throw in a third recent and horrifying story that proves Florida really is a terrible place t...Show More

56:25 | Jun 5th, 2016

Cara Marie Holley from Roanoke Virginia was just 18 years old when she went missing from her home on July 7, 2010. Two days later her body was found in shallow grave several miles away. The killer was arrested almost immediately because he was using ...Show More

57:21 | May 22nd, 2016

Something is very wrong when two children can disappear from society for two years and not a single person notices or cares. This is the tale of how violence breeds violence and the most vulnerable among us are the ones who suffer because of it. Th...Show More

1:04:00 | May 8th, 2016

When someone secretly means to do you harm, there's a good chance they will succeed. When you are a celebrity or public figure of some kind, you become much more vulnerable to attack because of the nature of public life. Your whereabouts are often ...Show More

1:16:26 | Apr 23rd, 2016

Sometimes the monsters are not only in our homes, but they are the ones closest to us: our mother or father, brother or sister. To a young child living in an environment where a depraved individual lurks can be terrifying. In this episode we will exp...Show More

1:05:53 | Apr 2nd, 2016

After Michelle Macneill, a healthy 50-year old mother, dies mysteriously of a heart condition in the bathtub of her Pleasant Grove, Utah home, questions begin to emerge. Her husband, Martin Macneill, begins to exhibit strange behavior even on the ve...Show More

50:13 | Mar 27th, 2016

Pleasant Grove, Utah. A picturesque gated community. A perfectly manicured lawn. A lovely brick home. The perfect family. The perfect life. A bathtub. This is the story of Martin Macneill, and his late wife Michelle.

57:52 | Mar 13th, 2016

A 30-year-old woman named Jenelle Potter has spent her entire life sheltered from the world. Not being allowed to get a job, drive a car, date, or even leave the house without the supervision of her mother Barbara, Jenelle turns to the Internet and s...Show More

1:00:06 | Feb 28th, 2016

Every parent's nightmare can happen in an instant. It can happen on a day just like any other in a place you would never expect and, the fact of the matter is, you will never see it coming. Such is what happened to the family of 9-year-old Connor Ve...Show More

56:08 | Feb 14th, 2016

Alternative rock superstar, host of the reality TV-show Ink Master, actor and recent filmmaker Dave Navarro joins us to talk about his film "Mourning Son" which details the events leading up to and surrounding his mother's brutal murder when he was j...Show More

56:49 | Jan 31st, 2016

When many of us think of true-crime, we think of cops and killers, detectives and victims. We even spend a great deal of time examining medical forensics and human decomposition. Rarely do we shift our focus to the paramedics who work tirelessly ever...Show More

54:07 | Jan 17th, 2016

Cathy Ruson from describes Facebook Killer Derek Medina as "an odd duck." That's probably the most accurate way to describe this man, who shot his wife eight times in the kitchen of their South Florida home, while she was preparing b...Show More

57:05 | Jan 4th, 2016

It's one thing to kill someone, it's quite another to publish your handiwork on social media for all your friends and family to see like some sort of macabre trophy. That's exactly what Facebook Killer Derek Medina did after killing his wife Jennifer...Show More

1:24:34 | Nov 15th, 2015

Over the course of the last year we've spoken to many different people from all walks of life. We asked them one simple question: "If there was one thing you could change about the criminal justice system, what would it be." This final episode of Sea...Show More

1:05:54 | Oct 19th, 2015

There's something about the perceived safety of an automobile's cab that makes many of us feel like we are impervious to danger, yet danger is all around us. In this episode, we examine two cases which seemingly began with a road rage incident and en...Show More

1:04:47 | Oct 3rd, 2015

The stories we tell often tend to focus on the criminal act itself, rather than the investigation that follows. In this episode of Sword and Scale we'll show you how the human body often tells the tale of its final living moments in the form of foren...Show More

1:07:31 | Sep 20th, 2015

It's one thing to talk about gun violence, it's quite another to see it up close on live television. In this episode of Sword and Scale we take you back to one of the first examples of a life being lost on live television: the suicide of Budd Dwyer,...Show More

1:11:16 | Sep 6th, 2015

In Episode 47 we told you about the McMartin Preschool case and the Satanic Panic that overtook an entire nation under the fear that our children are not safe. This week we are joined by Keelan Balderson from WideShut to cover a case that is haunting...Show More

1:48:26 | Jul 20th, 2015

On November 18, 1978, in a remote settlement of northwestern Guyana, 909 Americans lost their lives in what is considered to be the largest mass suicide of the twentieth century. This compound, informally known as Jonestown, was established by a char...Show More

1:14:49 | Jul 3rd, 2015

On June 15th, 2015 an ominous message appeared on Facebook which sent friends and family into a panic. Their worst fears were realized when police entered the home of Claudinnea "Dee Dee" Blancharde and her disabled daughter Gypsy, and found the mot...Show More

1:17:08 | Jun 21st, 2015

In Episode 48 we revisit many of the stories we've previously covered on Sword and Scale and fill you in on what has happened with in each case. We start with alleged theater shooter Curtis Reeves who is accused of shooting and killing Chad Oulson a...Show More

1:14:13 | Jun 7th, 2015

The highly technological society in which we live obscures the fact the we are still a very primitive species. One which continues to fall under the spell of magical beliefs and mass hysteria. Although we'd like to think we have evolved, this story w...Show More

1:09:52 | May 24th, 2015

Despite being a grown man, Joseph McEnroe still exhibits the same traits he did when he was just a little boy: He bottles up his frustrations until they explode in fits of violence. He also seems to have a hint of the same Nightingale Syndrome that h...Show More

1:04:29 | May 17th, 2015

In this first part of a two-part story, we examine the Carnation Murders. This slaughtering of an entire family, by a seriously deranged couple, took place in 2007 in Carnation, Washington, a small rural town 25 miles east of Seattle. This story is t...Show More

1:02:45 | May 4th, 2015

We live in a world where pregnant women have to fear going about their daily lives as they normally would because of the very real possibility that the unthinkable could happen to them at any time. It did to Michelle Wilkins, a mom who was trying to ...Show More

1:13:47 | Apr 19th, 2015

When Rodney Reed turned himself in to Bastrop Police, on what he though was a gun charge, little did he know he would be spending the next 17 years on Death Row for a crime he did not commit. However, that seems to be exactly what happened. He was ch...Show More

59:43 | Apr 12th, 2015

The idea of ultimate justice is appealing to those of us who have strong empathy for victims in vicious and unspeakable crimes. However, the cost of implementing such an unyielding and unrepairable finality as taking someone's life, is that from time...Show More

57:58 | Mar 29th, 2015

Luckily there aren't very many examples of the perfect storm occurring in a community where a dysfunctional family, a broken child-protection agency, and a community that makes a series of unlucky decisions end with the death of a beautiful, happy an...Show More

1:29:12 | Mar 15th, 2015

When asked to imagine the perfect place to perform serial murder most imagine something dark and creepy, but the truth of the matter is that the perfect place to kill is actually the same place in which most of us are born and die: a hospital. This ...Show More

1:02:35 | Mar 1st, 2015

Some things are hard to fathom, like why a young boy with his entire life ahead of him would choose to destroy it by an act of unspeakable violence towards the people that love and care for him most in the world: his parents. Yet, time after time, we...Show More

1:00:05 | Feb 14th, 2015

In 2013 an independent documentary began making its way through various film festivals. It was received with harsh criticism, outrage and even death threats by various groups, each of which was repulsed by the subject matter and the way it was presen...Show More

59:53 | Feb 8th, 2015

We finally have the pleasure of speaking to Diane Fanning, author of 13 true crime books and counting. She tells us the tragic story of Wesley and Jocelyn Earnest, a tale that serves as a fable to any young woman who has recently been separated from ...Show More

52:17 | Jan 25th, 2015

Timothy Wesley McCorquodale had a rage in him that was uncontrollable. Like a loose cannon he could go off at any minute, unleashing mayhem an any poor unsuspecting soul that happened to cross him. The horror he would subject 17-year-old Donna Marie ...Show More

1:04:29 | Jan 18th, 2015

What happens when you run out of luck? You lose your job, your marriage, your home, your arms and legs, the respect of your parents, and your will to live, what happens then? If you've ever lived on planet Earth, then the answer is obvious, this is w...Show More

58:26 | Jan 11th, 2015

Probably the most horrific murder publicly accessible though a variety of social media, the death of Lin Jun was a public execution for all to see. The culprit was a narcissistic psychopath named Luka Magnotta, and the terror he would unleash upon th...Show More

1:03:27 | Jan 4th, 2015

One of the more bizarre stories of our lifetime, the story of Luka Magnotta is wrought with remorseful refrains and awkward pauses. This is a man, who was so narcissistic that there would be nothing to stand between him and what he wanted in life... ...Show More

1:06:34 | Dec 8th, 2014

In this season finale of Sword and Scale, we bring back many of the guests we've spoken to over the last year and ask them a fundamental question that relates to the nature of crime: "Is humanity inherently good or evil?" The answer comes from many ...Show More

1:00:36 | Nov 24th, 2014

There are 2.2 million schizophrenics in the United States. You have a one in a hundred chance of encountering one on any given day. Most are non-violent people struggling with what can sometimes be a debilitating disease, but every now and then the v...Show More

1:39:12 | Nov 9th, 2014

The story of Herman Webster Mudgett, otherwise known as H.H. Holmes, has been told numerous times: a brilliant man with so much potential but so inherently evil that his actions would require new words be created to describe the monster that he was. ...Show More

54:40 | Oct 20th, 2014

The term "bluebeard" conveys images of pirates sailing the high seas, but the actual meaning of this term is much darker and there are examples of it all around us. You see, a "bluebeard" is a man that murders his wife. The term is derived from a Fre...Show More

1:20:04 | Sep 29th, 2014

Everyone thought Joshua Gouker was a dangerous criminal. It was easy to convict him of murdering his 14-year-old step son Trey Zwicker, especially after he suddenly changed his plea to guilty and confessed. But why would a hardened criminal mastermin...Show More

1:00:08 | Sep 22nd, 2014

In this special two-parter, the brutal and inexplicable murder of a 14-year-old boy exposes a dysfunctional American family's secrets and lies. This is the story of Trey Zwicker's murder, a young boy who did everything right but never really had a c...Show More

1:13:39 | Aug 29th, 2014

This is one of the most under-reported murders in the history of the North American Continent. A mutilation that took hours and mind that was so disturbed it relished in the extreme violence inflicted on the deceased, this story exposes the obvious d...Show More

1:11:19 | Aug 15th, 2014

Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children. Being one of these children is nightmarish enough, but if your abuser is someone you completely trust, then the event becomes...Show More

58:50 | Aug 2nd, 2014

With just 10,000 residents, the small town of Jennings, Louisiana has one of the highest crime rates per capita of any US town. Any vice you're looking for can be found here, including prostitution, which is just one of the things that linked all 8 ...Show More

1:05:55 | Jul 19th, 2014

What could be more horrifying, terrible, and heart-breaking than a mother intentionally taking the life of her own child. The fact that there's even a word in the English language that describes it it shocking in itself. The word is filicide and, e...Show More

1:20:23 | Jul 3rd, 2014

A family divided, a hungry media looking for answers, and an inept police department looking for answers to explain and more importantly prove the inexplicable actions by a father of two young boys, sets a community in turmoil. Soon, the entire nati...Show More

1:06:00 | Jun 21st, 2014

Historical Crime Detective Jason Morrow joins us once again to tell the tale of a mysterious killer who took on the persona of a secret agent in the Summer of 1930. One of the first documented cases of a narcissistic killer engaging the media to tau...Show More

55:20 | Jun 4th, 2014

Elliot Rodger's privileged background and his family's ties to Hollywood didn't help him get accepted by those around him. Instead his awkward behavior and creepy mannerisms made girls want to ignore him and guys want to bully him. For most of his li...Show More

1:10:49 | May 26th, 2014

How much to you trust your friends? How much do you know your friends? What would they do for you? What would you do for them? In this episode of Sword and Scale we examine a story of betrayal involving new age cults, sound healing, apocalyptic scen...Show More

55:21 | May 19th, 2014

In this episode of Sword and Scale we recap the last month's most bizarre stories in the genre of true crime. Quite a few people in trouble have gotten in trouble with the law lately because of their poor choices and bizarre behavior. Although to the...Show More

1:01:29 | May 12th, 2014

Lauren Giddings had just graduated law school and was getting ready for a new life when she suddenly disappeared from her apartment in Macon, Georgia. As her friends and family desperately tried to find her, they were surprised to see Lauren's reclu...Show More

1:20:56 | May 4th, 2014

A deliberate murder that took 8 years of planning and plenty of hard work to accomplish. It involved a man, his truck, and an underground bunker in the Washington mountains. Peter Keller was described as a survivalist with a distrust of authority by ...Show More

50:50 | Apr 23rd, 2014

Usually we find the stories we want to talk about on Sword and Scale. This week the story found us, in the form of a cry for help from the surviving sister of Kimberly Renea Mabry, whose mutilated body turned up in a Rockford Illinois creek in 1995 ...Show More

1:09:43 | Apr 16th, 2014

This week we're joined by former ex-inmate Glenn Langohr, who spent 10 years behind bars at some of California's toughest level 4 prisons, before reinventing himself as a best-selling author. His latest book, Prison Riot, takes the reader through the...Show More

1:14:06 | Mar 26th, 2014

When 20-year-old Morgan Ingram tragically died in 2011, the family couldn't deal with their grief. What followed was a bizarre and prolonged Internet campaign of hate which has attempted to ruin the lives of at least a dozen people. Sword and Scale f...Show More

58:43 | Mar 19th, 2014

What happens when a family's grief slips into malice and madness, when a mother is so hell-bent on being portrayed as a victim that she begins victimizing everyone who doesn't see her as one? Welcome to the sad story of Morgan Ingram's untimely deat...Show More

1:10:33 | Mar 12th, 2014

Any untimely death is a tragedy, but when the victim is young, beautiful, and an all-around wonderful person, the whole thing seems to be much worse. Unfortunately, there are two high-profile cases in the news this week that fit this too-familiar mol...Show More

51:05 | Feb 26th, 2014

If you had to choose a method of execution for yourself, which would you choose? What if you learned that what is considered the most "humane" method of execution is probably the most painful? We discuss the controversy behind lethal injections, and ...Show More

1:04:46 | Feb 19th, 2014

This week the true-crime media has been abuzz reporting the verdict of the Michael Dunn "Loud Music Murder Trial." On Sword and Scale we do things a little different, so we'll let you get your fill of that case from other media outlets while we brea...Show More

01:11 | Jan 1st, 2014

Subscribe to Sword and Scale Rewind by searching for it on your favorite podcast app: iTunes: Stitcher: Spotify: Google Play: TuneIn: http://bi...Show More

1:13:06 | Sep 8th

Domestic violence happens every day. It happens so often that as a society we’re numb to it. When Brandon Clark stabbed Bianca Devins in the throat it was just another case of domestic violence. But when Brandon posted the gory photo online taunting ...Show More

1:06:33 | Sep 1st

The afternoon of January 13th, 2010, a Conyers Georgia police officer encounters an exasperated 16-year-old Tasmiyah Whitehead approaching his squad car in a gated community. The girl claims she and her identical twin arrived home from school to find...Show More

49:01 | Aug 18th

When ‘Megan Wants A Millionaire’ is suspended from airing after only three episodes, a former Reality TV ‘star’ rises to infamy after a brutal murder, and international manhunt.

52:03 | Aug 4th

Most of the time, accidents are simply just that. Accidents. Sometimes though, collisions are made with precise decision making, with little to no care in terms of the safety of human beings. We’re going to examine a few cases of wrong way drivers th...Show More

53:07 | Jul 21st

On July 17th, 2016, former United State Marine Gavin Long went into Baton Rouge, Louisiana to wage an all out war on the police. Many thought it was in retaliation for the tragic death of Alton Sterling in the weeks prior, but not everything is as it...Show More

1:02:37 | Jul 14th

When 23 year old Bonnie Haim goes missing in January of 1993, abandoning her husband and 3 year old son, all fingers point toward her husband, Michael Haim. With no body, no DNA evidence, and no proof, police couldn’t make an arrest, and couldn’t pro...Show More

1:03:31 | Jul 4th

During the early morning hours of May 5th, 2012, Mark Duenas was awoken by what sounded like a catfight outside of his family home. He got up from his recliner and began checking the outside of the home. Walking down the hallway, he noticed the light...Show More

58:14 | Jun 9th

Andrew Urdiales, a serial killer with military training, attacks and tortures women across three states for ten years. Only one woman lives to the tell her harrowing tale; but with no evidence left behind, how many years will pass until justice is s...Show More

51:43 | May 26th

The process of vetting those we allow into our lives is a precarious one. When young, prospective college student Brandy Rosine met Jade Olmstead online, it seemed to be love at first Skype. Things were going smoothly for the couple, they began livin...Show More

1:02:15 | May 12th

On October 10th, 2008, 38-year-old Johnny Altinger made his way to South Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He had set up a date with a mysterious woman on the website Plenty of Fish. He emailed friends and family about his big date, even forwarding the dire...Show More

52:07 | Apr 21st

Serious psychological issues can develop, fester, and become toxic in the cover of darkness when not addressed and treated properly. None of us are immune to the dangers or pitfalls of mental illness or where dark thoughts could lead us. On March 10t...Show More

45:37 | Apr 7th

16-year-old Emma Walker broke up with her boyfriend, 18-year-old Riley Gaul because she realized it wasn’t a healthy relationship and was tired of his controlling and abusive behavior. But when she needed help after a series of strange and frightenin...Show More

1:24:19 | Mar 23rd

Sticks and stones will break my bones... a child's nursery rhyme which contains a universal truth that is all but lost in today's day and age of safe spaces and mass censorship of "hurtful words." Respect is not only demanded in this brave new world...Show More

1:20:35 | Mar 9th

Three vicious murders in rural Northeastern Maine stun the small city of Amity’s 238 residents.  A missing truck, three innocent victims killed with surgical precision, and a crime scene just a few miles West of the US/Canadian border leave detective...Show More
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09:03 | Mar 7th

59:21 | Feb 25th

On July 17th, 2016, Cara Beckerle went up to the bedroom of her 19-year-old daughter, Aleah, to check on her. When she opened the door, the bed was empty, and Aleah’s wheelchair was sitting next to it. Aleah could not have left of her own free will...Show More
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06:10 | Feb 12th

What happens when a seemingly-perfect marriage ends in a nasty divorce and someone ends up dead. Listen to Over My Dead Body today wherever you’re listening to this or

1:19:46 | Feb 11th

Chris Watts is arrested and charged with murder on August 15th, 2018 in the disappearance of his pregnant wife Shanann and their two children, daughters Bella and Celeste.  The caring father and husband was the envy of those who followed their succes...Show More

1:08:58 | Jan 26th

On August 13th, 2018, expectant mother Shanann Watts and her daughters Bella and Celeste were reported missing from their home in Frederick, Colorado.  As if vanishing into thin air, her vehicle was left locked in the family garage, her purse and wal...Show More
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02:08 | Jan 3rd

Premieres 1.9.19
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00:55 | Jan 2nd

From the creators of Sword and Scale, Dark Topic and The Westside Fairytales, comes the most terrifying audio experience you will ever hear.

1:01:57 | Dec 16th, 2018

All you need, is love.  The lyrics etched on the consciousness of an entire generation.  But what happens when all you need, is lost?  36-year old former child actor Aaron Wulf details nearly thirty years of violent physical and sexual abuse in his n...Show More

55:36 | Nov 25th, 2018

In 2008, Adam Baker and his daughter, Zahra, moved to the United States from Queensland, Australia with the hopes of having the perfect new life. Adam had just married his new bride, Elisa, whom Zahra was quite fond of. What they soon began to learn ...Show More

43:52 | Nov 11th, 2018

On Tuesday September 13th, 2016 a 911 call police responded to 363 Covert Court Ashland, Ohio, an abandoned house near a laundromat.  Minutes earlier, a frantic 911 call had been placed, from this location, by a woman who claimed she was being held c...Show More
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31:25 | Oct 31st, 2018

Behind the scenes preview of the new podcast by the creators of Sword and Scale, Dark Topic, and The Westside Fairytales.

44:17 | Oct 28th, 2018

Chris and Cameron Ervin felt neglected and under-loved. In a life of increasing pressures, they numbed their minds with recreational drugs and shucked all responsibility in spite of being provided every opportunity to lead a successful life. When lif...Show More

51:35 | Oct 13th, 2018

In 1997, Shannon McCrossan moved with her two daughters, 8-year-old Kirsten Hatfield and 3-year-old Faith to a home on Jet Drive in Midwest City, OK. At the time, life seemed to be okay. The neighbors were friendly and there were children for the gir...Show More

1:03:18 | Sep 30th, 2018

In the early morning hours of February 5th, 2015, a man wearing a mask and black tactical gear burst into the bedroom of Lisa Trubnikova. Eventually, he took the mask off to reveal a familiar face. He wanted the women to know who he was and why he wa...Show More
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16:06 | Sep 21st, 2018

Since the founding of the United States, in every generation, in every field of business, politics, sports and society, we’ve watched in shock as corruption, deceit and desire bring down heroes, titans and those we thought we could trust. In the aft...Show More
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12:41 | Sep 4th, 2018

We’re at our most vulnerable when we go to our doctors. We trust the person at the other end of that scalpel. We trust the hospital. We trust the system. Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who radiated confidence. He claimed he was the best in Da...Show More
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27:54 | Jul 2nd, 2018

In this special bonus trailer, welcome Marissa Jones from The Vanished to talk about her show, her craft and her passion for the victims' families she works with. Subscribe to The Vanished on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn or anywhere you listen t...Show More
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07:58 | May 10th, 2018

This is just a preview of the newest podcast from Wondery called American Innovations. You can hear the first 3 episodes right now by searching for American Innovations on Apple Podcasts.
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07:50 | Apr 7th, 2017

Somehow many of our listeners still don't know that Sword and Scale PLUS is a show that we put out, between regular episodes, that we put out exclusively for our Patreon Supporters. To join just visit us on to sign up. For...Show More
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18:51 | Apr 3rd, 2017

I Hate My Boss is a workplace advice show with an element of comedy. Hosts Liz Dolan and Larry Seal will help you make the big decisions, navigate the small stuff and get more fulfillment from your work life. Plus, a comedy segment based at the ficti...Show More