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Criminal is a podcast about crime. Not so much the "if it bleeds, it leads," kind of crime. Something a little more complex. Stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. We're a proud member of Radi...Show More

20:24 | Jul 21st, 2017

Amber Dawn was 20 when she moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Enumclaw, Washington. On her very first night, she began to notice strange sounds. And they didn't stop.    Criminal is a proud membe...Show More

loopaleep recommended:

Great story.

33:49 | Mar 29th, 2019

"My first instinct, to be honest, was they shot this guy and now there’s a coverup." —Liz Riley, Special Assistant Public Defender, Monroe County Public Defender's Office Criminal is a proud member ...Show More
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28:09 | Sep 23rd, 2016

When Axton Betz-Hamilton was 11 years old, her parents' identities were stolen. At that time, in the early 90s, consumer protection services for identity theft victims were basically non-existent. So ...Show More

maryva recommended:

I SO did not see this coming!

18:05 | Jan 30th, 2015

Dan Stevenson has lived in Oakland's Eastlake neighborhood for 40 years. He says crime has been an issue for as long as he can remember, but he isn't one to call the police on drug dealers or sex work...Show More

maryva recommended:

Just listen. It will warm your heart.

21:00 | Jan 29th, 2014

In 2001, a woman was found dead in a pool of her own blood. Her husband was convicted of her murder. But a curious neighbor had a different theory... one that brings new meaning to man vs. beast.

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Who honestly believes the owl theory?? I do think the microscopic owl feathers are strange but she was out side perhaps somehow in the wind ...Show More

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