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Doug Butdorf


Learner | Listener | Speaker | Doer



Founder of Ecommerce SEO and Growth Marketing agency



👩🏽‍💻 Marketing Brand & Web Designer 📍 Vancouver, Canada 🏡 New Zealand 🎧 Interested in: Design, Self Improvement, Relationships, Marketing, Business, Career Growth, Female Empowerment, Power of Positivity



I write about podcasts and work on some too.

Savannah Locke


Check out my podcast: @wellnowwhatpodcast Vancouver, Canada



Creator. Social justice advocate. Writer. Traveller. Women’s woman. Hungry for more. She/her.

Punyaslok Dutta


I think, Therefore I am.



disrupting reality.

Lin Em Bee


Since working from home I've been listening to podcasts more than ever. Fave topics include mental health, agnostic spirituality, role playing games, humour, writing, feminism, sociology and philosophy.



New podcast listener. Looking to learn and be entertained. Wide variety of interests..avid reader, entrepreneur, and hoping to travel again one day!



Writer for and erratic blogger at Omnivorous listener: interviews, pop culture, history, feminism, parenting, relationship, confessional, storytelling, business, self-improvement, comedy, crime.



🇨🇦🇲🇽 ~ I love listening to podcasts that teach me something new on leadership, entrepreneurship and female empowerment. 🐶 I mostly listen to my podcasts during my daily walks with my chocolate lab Rocky

Shreya Sharma


Empath • Marketer • Storyteller • Listener. I listen to podcasts about quantum physics, metaphysics, literature, Broadway musicals, Greek Myths and Faeries. My dream is to start a classic rock podcast of my own 💜

Olof Lindholm


Swedish. Optimistic. Loves podcasts with all the feels. Twitter @oloflindholm #blm

Andres Marin Solis


Podcaster de ConCiencia Podcast y Sinnergia Random!



Lover of stories about entrepreneurs building businesses, pop culture, languages, innovation, and fashion. Global citizen ✈️ based in the 🇺🇸



Marketing & outreach at Podyssey. Learning stuff via audio. I listen to art & design, true crime, music and interview podcasts.

Joshua Byrd


Listens to podcasts and writes code.



Binger of really really good content



Podcast listener since forever. Love history and stories.

Just Listened


A weekly podcast recommendation newsletter for women curated by @aliceko. We share episodes that improve your wellbeing, inspire your work habits and ignite thought-provoking conversations.



History podcaster and enthusiastic listener! I try to find something new and great every week

Claude Beaupre


Podcast enthusiast 🔊 (and self-proclaimed consultant) since 2016. I can recommend the perfect podcast episode for nearly any moment in your life... except anything sports related. 🥱

Vancouver Podcast Brunch Club


Collection of podcast playlists & member picks from the Vancouver chapter of the Podcast Brunch Club. It’s like a book club, but for podcasts. Vancouver’s chapter is led by @mm & @danny. For PBC members, press “following”.



Podcast listener 🎧 True crime, rise & fall scenarios, fraud/scams, white collar crime, history, natural disaster & medical mysteries are my jam! 🤘🏼

Nicole Richwine


Gimme "news in slow..." stuff. Book, TV, music , and movie podcasts work too