Followers for @cbcpodcasts

Russ More


I create audio fiction/actual play podcasts for Dumb Dragons Productions. Member of the Fable and Folly Network.

Joshua Byrd


Listens to podcasts and writes code.

Amber Johnson


Bring me your non-fiction investigative journalism serialized podcasts



Marketing at Podyssey Learning stuff via audio 🦾 I listen to art & design, mystery, music and interview podcasts

🌺Lisa at the Shy, Candid, Creative Podcast


🧠Lover of learning who sucks at school. Host of the Shy, Candid, Creative podcast. 🎶I’ll listen to: self-help, healthcare, science, history, stories, business, spirituality, culture, & honestly so many more topics! 💕

Andrea Klassen


I make audio drama for the Procyon Podcast Network. Love a thriller, romance or weird fiction podcast especially if it’s 🏳️‍🌈



Binger of really really good content