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Michelle Price


Interested in everything..just about... and constantly trying to find the most effective way to get great podcasts to me..this hive mind app is looking good so far..

Eric Hunt


Eric is a writer, comedian and host and creator of Eric & Gord: What If We're Right? The award-nominated podcast that has been called the second-funnies thing that's ever come out of Canada.

CurtCo Media


A new podcast network dedicated to creating, distributing and hosting inspirational, authoritative, and sometimes humorous content. Come join in!

Jeremy McClain


Accordionist-composer. Botanist-storyteller. Socio-cultural caricaturist and connoisseur of bullsh*t. Lyme warrior and advocate for the forgotten.

Thomas Leblanc


Podcast host, producer and comedian! I co-founded CBC Podcast's LGBTQ+ talk-show Chosen Family with my comedy partner, Tranna Wintour.

Jen Sungshine


Jen Sungshine speaks for a living, but lives for breathing art into spaces, places, cases. She is a queer Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, BC, and the Co-Creative Director and founder of Love Intersections.

Florence Yee


Artist, educator and organizer based in Tkaronto/Toronto; Co-Director of Tea Base.

Alan Wong


College English professor in Montreal, semi-retired queer community organizer of colour, father to infant boy (the joy of my life), film buff, foodie, travel nut, shoegazing Gen-X-er

Sheelagh Caygill


I'm a podcaster, writer, and poet based in Toronto. I host The Communicate Influence Podcast. My interests include journalism, politics, psychology, poetry, health, and film. I'm planning to work on a new, personal podcast and blog about abandonment.



I'm from Madrid, Spain. I have become as we said in Spanish "la loca de los podcasts", podcasts' crazy lady. Everyday I spent at least two or three hours listening to podcasts and I keep a diary of everything I listen to. I work on television.

Basia Cummings


Editor at Tortoise, trying to build a different, wiser newsroom. Also host of Tortoise’s slow news podcast.

Susan Vollenweider


Writer, speaker, procrastinator, awkward extrovert; adore good storytellers, cheer for women hosts, and content is always queen. Co-Host: The History Chicks, The Recappery



Hey there! First time caller, long time podcast listener! I'm Lauren. I love podcasts.

Taruna Goel (TG)


Learning & Performance Specialist, Vancouver BC Canada My podcast selection tends to favour topics such as learning, technology and human behaviour/behavioural economics. I listen to learn.

Jared Ordis


I am the founder Of Ordis Studios, and the host of Talking Trash with Ordis Podcast: We have interviews, true crime, comedy, paranormal, & creepy pasta under one channel!