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Davis Walden


Creator of The Viridian Wild and voice of Sebastian. Voice of Mordred on Callsigns. A museum geek with a love for literature, history, science, and mythology (the spookier the better!)

Dallas Wheatley


they/them & e/em/eir VA, singer, podcaster, social justice ranger Showrunner for Fireside Folktales, creator of The Soap Opera Pod, owner of Shire Suds, and player for the Dice Fiends

michelle 🌿


podcast evangelist 🥰 📍san francisco enjoy listening to: non-fiction longform narrative, bipoc voices, diaspora stories, feminism, true crime, libraries, education, death, relationships, & anything that’ll move me. learning + unlearning.

Daniel Mathews


Co-founder of this app. Love learning new things. 🌅 Vancouver, Canada