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rosa πŸ₯‘


just hear to learn via audio

Shadell And Lauren


Join in the conversation as Shadell & Lauren discuss their relationship & give their advice as a soon to be married couple and discussing the recent current events.



I listen to a lot of podcasts. Co-founder of this app. Will binge on white collar true crime, investigative journalism, and musical podcasts. Also tech, business, journalism, and democracy podcasts.

Zach Kahn


Lead Podcast Marketing at Vox Media, home to shows you love from Vox, Recode, The Verge, SB Nation, Eater, Cubed, and Polygon.



Deals come across the line effortlessly with notes that activate your playbook + automate your Salesforce updates! Book your demo or request a πŸ†“ trial at

Imran Jameel


ty @michelle_ebooks for introducing me to the best podcasts πŸ₯°



part time writer, full time spyro the dragon enthusiast

S.H.E Summit


Standing for SHE, HE & the Equity of All People. S.H.E. Summit is on a mission to create a more thriving and equal humanity by connecting, educating and activating a new generation of leaders. Founded by Claudia Chan.

michelle ✨


podcast evangelist πŸ₯° i listen to way too many podcasts, so please recommend me more! learning and unlearning, always looking for things that move me.

Lighthouse Labs


Whether it's bootcamp or a part-time program, Lighthouse Labs offers coding education from newbie to developer. With support from mentors and instructors, you'll be ready to translate concepts, break down problems, and continue learning on the job.

Samantha Hodder


Producer and writer of podcasts. Drawn to long form narrative styles. Host of This is Our Time podcast.



Technical writer who loves a good story.