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I hope I never reach the end of the podcast internet. I like audio fiction, comedy, and having a friend in my ear. But never horror.

Doug Butdorf


Learner | Listener | Speaker | Doer

Thiago ̨Motta Sampaio


Cognitive Scientist and Psycholinguist @ Unicamp Science Podcaster @ Portal Deviante / Scicast Science Blogger @ Unicamp Science Blogs (Science Blogs Brasil) Botafogo and Nintendo Fan!

Lin Em Bee


Since working from home I've been listening to podcasts more than ever. Fave topics include mental health, agnostic spirituality, role playing games, humour, writing, feminism, sociology and philosophy.







25. Barista, writer, and soon-to-be librarian. Been listening to plenty of podcasts since I took up mask making this spring. My go-to podcasts typically focus on true crime, history, or paranormal subjects.



Hey! I’m from Japan 🍜 🍣 👘 Designer 🧑‍🎨 English Learner 📝

Punyaslok Dutta


I think, Therefore I am.



Podcaster and podcast fan, garden visionary, Garden Writer and Small Group Garden Experience Curator. I was a founding farmer for a CSA and now finding joy in container gardening and sharing the love of gardening via coaching.



Looking for something to cheer me up on my days where I don’t feel like myself and to learn things I never knew

The Washington Post


Experience the best of The Post's reporting in our podcasts -- get your daily news, deep dive on politics, or find your next binge-listen.



Podcast marketer & enthusiast.

Kiana Kelly


Pod Enthusiast and pod host of NPK. I enjoy giving all podcasts a listen to review. Working on becoming a podcast critic and own a podcast production network. I also love cats and my favorite sport is drag racing.



🇨🇦🇲🇽 ~ I love listening to podcasts that teach me something new on leadership, entrepreneurship and female empowerment. 🐶 I mostly listen to my podcasts during my daily walks with my chocolate lab Rocky



Writer for and erratic blogger at Omnivorous listener: interviews, pop culture, history, feminism, parenting, relationship, confessional, storytelling, business, self-improvement, comedy, crime.



Sharee Eve


I drink a lot of coffee and listen to a lot of podcasts revolving around interviews with directors, writers, artists etc. I like podcasts that cover civil rights and black experiences, as well as LGBTQ and non binary topics.



Lover of pods, frequent traveler and pods keep me sane. Love myths/legends, true crime, politics, news, health, music, history...all told with humor and through non-traditional lenses.

Michael Wichmann


A sucker for well produced stories. Storytelling all the way. Here is a link to a huge selection of some of my favorite stories: