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Hi. Fairly new to podcasts. Love true crime mostly and sleep podcasts. I’m looking forward to finding new great podcasts and sharing my favs. Follow me here and on Twitter @darlainky

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darlainky recommended:Feb 10th

As a Kentuckian of course I had to listen to this. I laughed out loud several times while being shocked and horrified too. Well done TCGuys!

I thought this episode was:

😂 Funny
💯 A must listen

Freeloader Series#10: The Kentucky Cannibal

by True Crime Guys

darlainky recommended:Feb 10th

This is one of my favorite podcast episode(s) in the world! I’ve literally told it to family and friends. Well done TCG!

I thought this episode was:

💎 A Hidden Gem
💯 A must listen
🤔 Thought-provoking

Liko Kenney /// Part 1 /// 388

by True Crime Garage

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