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Podyssey Picks (July 26): Top Community Recommendations

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Here are this week’s top podcasts and playlist recommendations! Also, check out our newest Deep Dive on learning about Big Tech monopolies vs. antitrust laws and revisit our special interview with Wondery’s “Dying for Sex”host Nikki Boyer.

50% of Americans will refuse the Coronavirus vaccine even if it’s available tomorrow.

And it’s not because they’re anti-vaxxers. Get the lowdown on why:

sjlinquist recommended:Jul 21st

WOW. This is big. Episode starts by quoting a survey done in late May by the Associated Press: “Fifty percent of Americans were either hesitant or absolutely would not take the vaccine.” Scariest takeaway was: how the COVID-19 vaccine is received will affect the very future of public health.

The Vaccine Trust Problem

by The Daily

Learn this necessary skill to survive quarantine: Being alone.

olivier recommended:Jul 21st

The stories this week were heartwarming and exactly new perspectives I wanted to listen to in these strange lonely times we live in. The last story about the hermit uncle, and how he learnt to deal with loneliness was my favorite.

711: How to Be Alone

by This American Life

“Who should we protect? A) White men or B) Black children?” If your answer is A) White men, Facebook says you’re right!

Go behind the scenes on how Facebook determines their moderation rules.

yveehops recommended:Jul 12th

A revisit episode about social media and the people who are in charge is screening questionable content and the decisions behind what stays online and what gets taken down.

Post No Evil Redux

by Radiolab

Learn more about the hard job, tough calls and sometimes wacky rules that keeps our internet safe and sane:

Inside Tech Content Moderation

8 episodes

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Need a smile? Hear this delightful viral story about making a wedding tuxedo for a llama.

Being mediocre is okay.

Find joy in being “good enough”.

carl-philipperousse recommended:Jul 21st

Very counterintuitive – worth a listen!

The Joy of Mediocrity

by Ideas from CBC Radio (Highlights)

What’s your tissue box thinking? This hilarious improv interview with a tissue box will have you crying in laughter.

basicallydan recommended:Jul 22nd

One of the most beautiful and hilarious episodes that Ian has released in a while (not that they aren’t all excellent). Two interviews! How generous! Seriously, this is brilliant.

Maria and Joel

by Everything is Alive

White supremacists like flying Mississippi’s flag, because it contains the Confederate symbol. But not for any longer.

Dive deep into the origins and controversy of the flag and the changing state it symbolizes with this podcast series:

Flags are important symbols of people and places. Learn more about flags with this playlist:

All About Flags

4 episodes

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Big Tobacco’s dirty secrets are being exposed in this new investigative series.

drewb recommended:Jul 19th

I'm excited for this season, the story of Big Tobacco and their dirty tricks should be more widely know.

Big Tobacco - Smoking Guns | 1

by American Scandal

Feeling nostalgic about home? Hear one man’s love story to LA.

This podcast could be the audio journal of the year.

fiercefab recommended:Jul 22nd

This one got me, for real. I recognized all the themes. The nostalgia for the neighborhood and how it was growing up. The opportunity cost and Latinx brand of survivor’s guilt. I’m even the same age and in the same industry as this guy, damn. This is a bittersweet love letter to a changing city, and...Show More


by California Love

Legendary comedic actor Robin Williams’ birthday was last week. His legacy lives on in podcast form.

Knowing: Robin Williams

Macmillan Podcasts


Don’t forget to listen to Forgotten, a chart-topping true crime series about a mysterious femicide at the US-Mexico border.

maureen recommended:Jul 23rd

Really enjoyed this! Very well done! Sad so this happened to these young women and nobody held accountable... corruption at its best.

1. A Cross-Border Killer?

by Forgotten: Women of Juárez

Want more great true crime pods? Here are the best ones from the iHeartRadio Podcast network:

Best True Crime Podcasts from iHeartRadio

15 podcasts

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