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Podyssey Picks (August 2): Top Community Recommendations

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Here are this week’s top podcasts and playlist recommendations! With the possible TikTok ban in the US, and the recent antitrust hearing with Big Tech, this past week has been a big week for tech and politics. Understand what the drama is about with our updated Deep Dives on those topics.

The team that created Serial just dropped their much anticipated new podcast series—“Nice White Parents”.

What if inequities in the American school system are actually caused by white parents trying to be nice? Dig in.

rmmiller364 recommended:Jul 31st

Wow, this podcast is off to a great start. It seems like the story of people who have good intentions, but are just so blind to other people’s perspectives. Throughout a lot of it, you want to give the white parents the benefit of the doubt. Like, oh they’re just trying to do the best thing, but the...Show More

1: The Book of Statuses

by Nice White Parents

Serial is now part of The New York Times! Listen to the announcement directly from the team:

rmmiller364 recommended:Jul 23rd

Wow! Big news! Just wondering what you all think of this? I’m excited because I’d really like Serial Productions to produce more things and the New York Times has been putting out some amazing podcasts recently (Caliphate, Rabbit Hole, Jungle Prince, the Daily).

Introducing: Nice White Parents

by Serial

Celebrate the merger with this playlist highlighting best of from The New York Times and Serial:

Best Podcasts from The New York Times and Serial Productions

12 podcasts

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A strange app can read your mind and tell you where to go...sometimes leading you to a grisly crime scene.

The Randonauts app uses random, quantum-generated coordinates to take you on real-life bizzare adventures.

forceofbadassery recommended:Jul 26th

This was really interesting! I just downloaded astronautica and am excited to have a little adventure.


by Endless Thread

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a car salesman looks like?

Take a look into the reality of the car sales industry from a top salesman and the adrenaline of the grind with this classic ‘This American Life’ episode:

timevisionaction recommended:Jul 31st

Love the format. The sounds and the flow keep me listening.. keeps me engaged. As someone who used to work in auto sales this episode touched a funny bone.

#513: 129 Cars

by This American Life

Mandarin robocalls have scammed countless Chinese diaspora out of millions of dollars.

Investigate how these scammers utilize the fear of the Chinese government and superstitions to scam marginalized communities in America:

jennx recommended:Jul 26th

This just shows how there are scammers that target just about any group of people. It’s also upsetting to learn that these robocallers play on cultural superstitions to take advantage of vulnerable Chinese senior citizens 😰

Threats From Home: The Chinese Consulate Scam

by The Perfect Scam

A hilarious comedy duo chat about celebrities with fake teeth and fake hair, and how many Krispy Kreme donuts they can eat in one sitting.

For more funny content, check out the best comedy podcasts from iHeartRadio:

Best Comedy Podcasts from iHeartRadio

6 podcasts

A hacker has the coolest job to break into buildings and take over computer systems to test their security.

Hear his stories of ethical hacking to catch predators and an unexpected heart-wrenching story about his mother.

danny recommended:Jul 24th

Some cool stories on ethical hacking.

67: The Big House

by Darknet Diaries

Trans activist and pioneer of LGBTQ+ rights, Marsha P. Johnson was found dead, floating in the Hudson River not long after the 1991 Pride Parade.

How did she end up there? Was this a tragic accident, a suicide or something more sinister? Investigate the unsolved mystery here:

HR alert! With Call Her Daddy’s host, Alex, you’ll never know when a business Zoom meeting can turn into a date.

She travels to LA to meet a guy for a “business dinner.”

For more misadventures in love and relationship, check out this playlist:

Misadventures in dating and romance

7 episodes

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The strange death of a young woman who fell 12 floors down a garbage chute still remains a mystery.

What happened to Phoebe Handsjuk? Was it a suicide? An accident? Or something more sinister?

Trump wants to postpone the elections so people could “properly, securely and safely” vote.

With only less than 100 days to the election, learn how COVID is changing the presidential race.

Canada’s Prime Minister and his family are under fire for a huge scandal over a deal with the WE Charity worth over $900 million student grant money.

Investigate the ethics and conflict of interest over WE and what it means for Trudeau and his party.

mm recommended:Jul 10th

Omg did not realize that WE was asked by Trudeau’s govt to hand out $900m in student grants. How could they not have realized people would interrogate this right away?

What’s the story behind the Liberals’ cancelled WE Charity deal?

by The Big Story

To investigate the WE scandal and Canadian politics even further, check out this playlist: Scandal

WE Scandal

14 episodes

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People like being around others similar to them. But researchers say that’s bad for creativity and progress.

Academics question whether lack of diversity limits creative potential in scientific and business workplaces.

yveehops recommended:Jul 28th

Does creativity come from diversity in teams and relationships? Interesting look at scientific teams and how diversity (or lack thereof) affects them.

Edge Effect

by Hidden Brain